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How To Buy Security Cameras for For The Home

As security cameras get more popular and less expensive it is getting much more common to find security cameras installed in residences. A surveillance system in the home can provide much more than peace of mind. It can be used as a tool to watch over your children, your pet, the nanny or a contractor.If you have a baby in the home then a security camera would be a huge benefit to you. When selecting your surveillance system there are many things to consider. I recommend the Elite Mini Series DVR because of its compact size and high end features. This DVR will provide you with realtime recording as well as synced audio. With H.264 compression it uses storage efficiently and can stream over the internet while conserving bandwidth.

Typically, for residential applications I would recommend inexpensive overview cameras that have infrared capability. The OD-LX420IR50 are 420tvl, infrared, indoor/outdoor rated security cameras. These cameras will provide great overviews during the day and nighttime and they can see in complete darkness. Mount these cameras strategically so that you can monitor the entire radius of your home. The cameras will serve as deterrents as well as provide you with an extra layer of security. If you want to capture details of those entering your home, I recommend installing a security camera close to each entrance of your home and position these cameras to capture the face of the individual coming in. Don’t forget the back door.

Next, If you have small children you may want to consider installing a camera in their rooms. Consider also installing a microphone so that you can use your security camera system as a baby monitor. Make sure these are infrared cameras so that you can check on your little one while they are sleeping. You may also want to consider installing an overview camera to monitor your swimming pool. You never know, these cameras may one day save your child’s life.

To monitor the cameras from inside your home, you have several options. You could run a cable from the DVR to various TVs in your house. This would allow you to monitor your cameras from your TVs. The next option is to use any PC or wireless laptop to connect to your security cameras. These days you can buy netbooks for very little money and they can connect to your DVR wirelessly through the network. Lastly, you can use our new Mobile Video Viewer which would allow you to monitor your surveillance system from most smart cell phones and the soon upcoming IPAD. any of these options will work great.


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