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Implementing A Home Camera Security System

In recent years, the popularity of using a home camera security system to keep a residence safe and secure has skyrocketed. For most Americans, their home will be the single largest financial investment they make in their lives. Some families consider their home a generational investment that will provide peace and security for their descendants. 

For the past few decades, burglar alarms were considered sufficient in protecting most families and their assets. Advances in the security and surveillance industries have revolutionized residential security. Many homeowners have taken advantage of these innovations to provide an even greater level of security for their home and family. 

Knowing how to choose a security camera system gives homeowners a greater degree of security by offering various levels of security that a traditional burglar alarm is unable to provide. Implementing a residential security camera system requires some consideration and research before deciding on what your home needs. 

By taking the time to learn the benefits, types, and features of home video surveillance systems, you can ensure you purchase what you need and save money in the process. The safety, security, and peace of mind of your family should never be taken lightly.

Continue reading to learn more about implementing a home camera security system and the benefits you and your family can expect. If you would like to learn more or browse quality security cameras online, please contact Security Camera King today. 

Security Camera Benefits 

Traditional burglar alarms used by most homeowners are considered part of a reactive security system. A reactive system can only react after an event. In many cases, a reactive system such as a burglar alarm is also prone to false alarms.

In today’s ever-changing society, most professional security consultants agree that a proactive security system is the best choice for home security. A home camera security system provides a proactive security solution by offering a wider range of security options.

The biggest advantage of residential video surveillance is the potential to identify and stop intruders because of an available video record. Installing a home video surveillance system can also improve the safety of the neighborhood. 

There has been a multitude of cases in which home or business camera systems have inadvertently helped neighbors who have encountered a dangerous situation. The ability to capture a wider area allows a home camera system to identify incidents that occur within its range.

Neighborhood watch security cameras not only keep families safe but can keep the entire community safe. 

Best in Class IP Cameras

Receive Notifications Anywhere

One of the features of most motion-based camera systems is their ability to immediately notify users whenever unauthorized motion is detected. The alert can be set to notify you when someone approaches your home to visit.

This adds to the level of proactivity of home security camera systems when used in residential settings. Some systems allow for you to receive notifications directly to your smartphone. Modern innovations in security camera systems have greatly improved their convenience and ease-of-use. 

Types Of Home Surveillance Systems

When considering what to add to your home security camera system, you must factor in the types of cameras (by shape and function) and what kinds of systems. Although there are many camera types and systems, the most common remains a hard wired camera system.

In a hard wired camera system, a coax cable is used to transfer the video data between the security camera and digital video recorder (DVR). In a hard wired camera system, you can purchase a coaxial cable and transmit the video data and the power through a single cable.

Another popular type of camera is known as IP network security cameras. These cameras offer a complete digital solution for recording all your surveillance video. Network or IP cameras send a live video signal over an ethernet cable.

They are known for providing high-resolution video that exceeds traditional HD security cameras. When it comes to a home security camera system, the most commonly used camera type is the bullet camera.

This security camera type can be easily mounted, can use various scopes, comes with infrared options, and can be placed indoors or outdoors. An effective indoor camera type is the dome camera. Considered more discreet than bullet security cameras, indoor dome cameras can be mounted to walls or ceilings for enhanced room security. 

Home Camera Security System Features

In addition to the camera types that will comprise your home camera security system, you will also need to determine what functional features you need. Modern home security camera systems offer a great degree of flexibility when it comes to functions and features.

Most modern home camera systems will include some of the following options:

  • Mobile Alerts: There are many home camera systems that can be set to alert you by email or a cell phone alert when unauthorized motion is detected by the system. 
  • Night Vision: Most home security camera systems offer some night vision capabilities that can enhance nighttime visibility, including during storms. 
  • Automatic Recycling: This feature allows the system to record over the oldest available segments. This greatly minimizes your video storage needs. 
  • Compact Recording: A home camera security system that offers compact recording will only record when motion is detected. By doing so, video storage needs are reduced and only tracks when there is motion. 
  • Remote View: This feature uses the internet to allow you to view footage from your system from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you are at work or thousands of miles away on vacation, you can use a laptop or even a smartphone to view your home. 

Assistance Choosing Your Home Camera Security System

The number of features, camera types, and functions can be overwhelming to most people without a surveillance background. It is always recommended that you consult with a reputable security camera company.

They can offer you expert advice and recommendations that can help you save money while implementing the most effective home camera security system for your home. Please contact Security Camera King to learn how our security camera experts can provide your home and family twenty-four-hour peace of mind. 

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Home Camera Security System

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