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Incorporating EcKey Bluetooth Technology with Colorado’s Amendment 64 Security Alarm System and Lock Standards


Colorado Marijuana Law known as “Amendment 64”

On December 10th 2012 Colorado approved Amendment 64 into their constitution. Article XVII; Section 16 was born so that the cultivation and retail sale of Marijuana was legal statewide. With all the new laws of course there will always be rules and regulations. The one I will be talking about in this article is section R 305. I will also be introducing the Bluetooth Access Control, the ECKey EK6 and EK7.


R-305 Security Alarm Systems and Lock Standards.

A – Security Alarm Systems Minimum Requirements.

One of the requirements when operating a Retail Marijuana Establishment is they must have a Security Alarm System that covers all perimeters, windows and entry points. They also need to have some sort of real time monitoring established. Well here at we have access control hardware and software that allows you to monitor every entry point to your business.



R-305 A-3 States that a Licensee shall maintain up-to-date and current records and existing contracts on the licensed premises that describe the location and operation of each Security Alarm System, at we have the most knowledgeable Sales Representatives on staff to sketch any scheme necessary when purchasing and installing our access control and locking systems.

4field of view2

Video example made by one of our Sales Representatives Dan Millard.

You can keep records of ALL incoming and outgoing traffic, from employees to customers. For personnel with special access you can grant them entry using the ECKEY EK6 (a blue tooth access control reader) configured to an existing alarm system or to one of our access control boards.



The other option if you don’t have an existing alarm system would be the ECKEY EK7 standalone bluetooth reader connected to an electronic door strike or maglock to grant access to employees or customers. This setup would also work great in an indoor or outdoor greenhouse cultivation environment. A benefit with the ECKEY EK7 is that you can use the Vizpin mobile app to control access to the unit.

There is also an EC Key app that is available for all iPhone and Android smartphones. The app allows your Smartphone to set access control and administrate your system the easy way.

Even if don’t own a smartphone, EC Key readers can work and pair with any discoverable Bluetooth device.



EK6 uses a secure 128 bit Bluetooth encryption to convert your device’s ID to wiegand data and send back to your access control system. The EK6 proximity reader solves the hassle of having access cards, fobs, biometrics and keypads that all have to be touched by either typing in an access code, or touching your hand or finger on a scanner. With access cards you never really know who is actually gaining access to places they are not supposed to be in. The EK6 is hands-free using your smartphones Bluetooth technology to gain access through doors, garages, gates and any other place that you want to keep secure. The EK6, when triggered by a user’s Bluetooth signal, will generate a virtual card number and the device sends the Wiegand data to your access panel, and the panel will either see the card user as a valid user and open the door or an invalid user and not open the door.


Installation of the EK6 is simple. The Bluetooth reader can be integrated into any existing reader or access control system. Upgrading from keypads, cards, fobs, and biometrics is easy and affordable. I have been in the security business for many years and I will tell you this Bluetooth reader is brilliant. If I didn’t want certain employees in my office, supply closet, building, liquor room and places where money and inventory is kept, securing these places using hand-free devices like a smartphone would have been PRICELESS back in the day. Everyone knows that just like American Express, “no one leaves home without it” (meaning your cell phone).

4Electronic Door Strike - Lock fail secure






VIZpin Guest/Access Control

EC KEY management software lets you configure and manage your EK7 standalone reader. Once downloaded and connected properly you will be able to access the EC KEY software and adjust the set-up, security pin, time of day, users, audit and the ECKEY information tabs. Your unit will arrive with detailed instructions on how to install and configure you Bluetooth reader, but if you run into any issues or obstacles, please feel free to contact us here at our Technical Support Department. You can always contact us Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm.

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