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Megapixel Camera Settings Introduction

Megapixel IP Network Security Camera Settings Introduction

In this video I will show you some of the settings that you will find in our brand new megapixel cameras.  As I’ve said before in previous videos, these megapixel cameras have the same interface as our DVRs and it is very intuitive and very easy to use.

I’m gong to login to one of our cameras by entering the IP. This camera in particular is a box camera.  You will be presented with the Web Service interface. I have to make sure I am using compatibility mode for my browser.  The user name is “admin” and the password is “admin” as well, lower case:

click “Enter” and here is the interface of the megapixel camera.

As you see it is exactly the same and looks very similar to our DVRs.  All of the features like search,

alarm, and all that are pretty much the same.

It is very easy to use and very intuitive.  Here for example in search you will be able to find footage that you are recording at the camera if you have an SD card inserted.  These megapixel cameras are able to record at the camera, it has an SD card that can go up to 32 gigs (for the box camera) for the dome camera it uses a micro SD and you will be able to record at the camera like it was at the DVR.

So you put your search, your time for searching and all of that and it will find the footage.   In this case I don’t have any cards inserted so I won’t find anything there.  For example the “Config” pretty much you can configure everything here

such as the Encode portion:

Which is very important, the resolution of this camera is set up by default at 1080p you can configure 3 mega pixels which is the maximum resolution showing the crisp, biggest and best quality picture.

And this portion over here for the extra stream is for you to configure and view it over your smartphone.  If you have one of these you can use our Techpro Access software and view the cameras from the phone.  You have to make sure that this option is checked:

Because by default it is not so you have to make sure this option is checked if you want to watch the cameras using your smartphone.

Another feature it has is the schedule, if you have an SD card plugging you can set the camera based on motion, you can send a snapshot, you have the options for your network, here you can change the IP of the megapixel camera; by default is as the default.  Here you can change the TCP, the UDP, and the Http port and it’s pretty much the same as I said as our DVRs.  If you have one of our DVRs it would be very easy for you to configure.  It supports DNS, Dynamic DNS here you can configure the detect motion, if you want the sensitivity higher or lower, you can send e-mails you can send snapshots, every time that motion happens it will send you a picture once you configure the e-mail portion as well.

Here you have your hard drive management in this case it will be the SD card and your record portion and you know your accounts you add, remove accounts change passwords, etc.  All that you do on a regular basis on your DVR you can do it here.

This is an important portion, its the “Config” portion, here you can configure the exposure of the camera you can configure color or night vision automatically and there are different menus here that you can play with.  It is very easy to use it a crisp picture, a gorgeous picture and I hope you like it.   I hope this has been informative for you and I would like to thank you for viewing.


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