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Personal security systems are devices that are portable and normally carried by the individual to protect them in the event of an attack from another person or animal. Personal security systems are becoming evermore popular since more individuals take public transportation to commute to work. Some states have regulatory laws that apply to certain types of personal security systems that limit their use or prohibit their use entirely so it is important that you check with your state’s regulations before obtaining any device.

There are several types of personal security systems. Some are designed to work at a distance while others may be designed for use when in close contact with an assailant. Security Camera King has a wide selection of personal security system devices available for sale. We’ll take a look at some of these devices, how they work, and what they are designed to do in the following article.

Let’s begin with pepper/mace sprays. This has become a universal tool for self defense around the world and is used by many law enforcement agencies as well as the U.S. Department of Defense.

The use of pepper spray or mace for defense can deter, stop, or at least slow down a potential attacker or assailant to give the victim time enough to break for a get way. These sprays are also used as a riot/crowd control agent and the are useful as a self-defense tool for preventing attacks by animals such as dogs or even bears.

Pepper spray used as a personal security system makes use of the effective ingredient Oleoresin Capsicum or OC. This chemical is a naturally occurring compound found in peppers. Mace on the other hand is a chemical compound that is created from other chemicals. Both OC and Mace cause eye tearing, difficulty breathing, and in some cases temporary but harmless blindness. They irritate the breathing passageways which can cause involuntary sneezing and coughing, disabling an assailant. Check with your state regulations before purchasing these personal security system items as their use may be restricted or prohibited by state regulations.

Other personal security systems include personal alarms. Security Camera King offers a large variety of personal alarm systems. For example the small, compact 130 decibel alarm with door alarm works by simply pulling a pin to release a 130 dB alarm. This unit comes with a special accessory that allows you to use it on doors and windows too.

Security Camera King also offers a non-electric personal security system audio device manufactured by the Mace company.  Not much bigger than a breath freshener, lipstick or similar item the Screecher aerosol alarm easily fits in a purse or your pocket.  When needed, the screecher produces an amazingly loud, ear piercing alarm that will draw attention to you if needed.

If you are a frequent traveler, Security Camera King has the personal security system travel alarm for you. The Mini Travel Alarm with PIR Sensor is an economical but effective motion alarm that can also be treated as a deterrent. One way to activate the alarm is to pull the cord on top of the unit to yield a 15 second long 100 decibel blast. That’s not all; the unit comes with a motion detector that can detect motion up to 9 feet away.  Any sense of motion and the unit sounds the alarm.

Need a little help against “alien” intrusion in your desk drawer at work for example? Try the UFO. This incredibly versatile alarm has several different personal security system operating modes. It can be used as an intrusion alarm, window, door, or drawer alarm, and even a handbag alarm.  In addition the UFO also includes a built in flashlight.

While Security Camera King has far more personal security systems available for purchase than mentioned here, we’ll close with mentioning one more unique personal security device.

Child Guard Panda is a unique but incredibly useful device for keeping track of your child (or children).  The Child Guard Panda is a type of personal security system that allows you to keep track of your child. The wireless proximity unit is a cartoon shaped animal transmitter that is worn on the child’s wrist. It sends a message to the wireless receiver that you carry. You set the distance parameter and the second this area is breached, the receiver emits a loud beep.


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