Residential CCTV System
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Residential CCTV System

Residential CCTV System
We can barely keep track of the number of great reasons to own and install a Residential CCTV system at your home. That’s why SCK has put together a great list of some of the best reasons to have security cameras installed at your house. After reading, if you have any questions about a Residential CCTV System, or what hardware we recommend give our sales professionals a call!

Firstly, when you consider having a CCTV system at home, know that even before recording your cameras act as a deterrent! A deterrent is anything that influences someone or someone away from a particular task and/or location. Simply having CCTV at your home can be a great deterrent for thieves and vandals!

Generally, CCTV cameras are installed by professional contractors, who know where to strategically position your cameras on the property and the perimeter. This results not only in the cameras capturing the proper viewpoints for vulnerable areas, and important ones, but it also creates deterrents. This is because the cameras will be positioned in such a way that any criminal approaching the perimeter will be likely to notice the cameras. You want this to happen because it is statistically more likely that a criminal will simply give up and attempt nothing if they know a business is protected by a CCTV system. We even carry cameras that possess audio and visual alarm functions called Active Deterrence Cameras!

Rolling right off of reason # 1, the Safety of you and your loved ones is a clear winner for reason # 2. In order to provide safety, the CCTV system needs to be strategically installed at key points so that it can perform its job as a deterrent as described by reason 1. If your CCTV system is at least partially visible, thieves and vandals are less likely to follow through with the malicious activity. What this means is a higher probability of safety for you and your loved ones, or anyone living on the property or even visiting for that matter.

Insurance and HOA, believe it or not, are also affected often (not always but often) by CCTV installs at the home. This is because many homeowners insurance companies will provide some kind of discount for having CCTV installed on the premises. Since Insurance is a fallback plan for many of the problems that can be solved by having CCTV, such as property damage or theft, simply having this system gives your potential insurance provider more faith that they’ll be less likely to have to pay out, resulting in savings for your business’s policy.

Sometimes, bad things happen even with the best deterrents and there was nothing anyone could truly do to prevent it. In these situations, it is important to have evidence of what occurred, and many would agree that having such evidence is one of the most important reasons to have CCTV at home this can range from, In fact, the recording of evidence is the primary reason to have a CCTV system installed anywhere. This evidence can help in liability circumstances, such as the one mentioned above, but can also aid in the prosecution of a criminal. In fact, this reason also ties in with reason #1 as well. Criminals are aware of the fact that CCTV camera systems are recording video evidence, and this awareness is what makes seeing the cameras on site a deterrent in the first place. Criminals don’t want to get caught, and CCTV catches them!

Last but not least, our 5th reason for having a CCTV system installed is the peace of mind you, your loved ones, and visitors to the home will have. Simply knowing that they are protected by a deterrent provides a level of safety, and emotional security any person deserves to have when at home.

Thanks for joining us today as we discussed the reasons to have CCTV at home!

For more information on our 2MP, 4MP, 8MP IP cameras or any of our amazing Security products, call 561-288-5258 today!

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