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Security Cameras in Retail Stores

Retail security cameras have always been an important component of a retail store’s security plan. Modern security cameras continue to improve and become more and more accessible to consumers with different budgets and security concerns.

Retail stores have unique security requirements when compared to other businesses. Foot traffic in a retail store is almost constant and these locations can be easily targeted by criminals and shoplifters.

Security cameras can give retail businesses an important edge over crime and ensure that merchandise and people remain safe. This is because modern security cameras offer unique features and capabilities that create a proactive security plan.

Despite these advanced features, security cameras have never been more affordable for a retail business to adopt. The following article will highlight the advantages retail stores can expect when installing retail security cameras.

Before delving into these benefits, it is important to understand the differences between older analog security camera systems and their modern network IP counterparts. If you have any more questions or would like assistance with choosing the best security camera system for your retail business, be sure to contact Security Camera King today.

Differences Between Analog And IP Security Cameras

There are essentially two different security camera types that consumers can choose from. The types include the analog systems that have been used in the past and network IP security cameras that utilize modern technology to function.

Understanding the differences will help inform your purchase and you will see why IP security cameras are the best choice. The advantages over analog systems are incredibly apparent. First, we will examine what analog systems are.

Analog security cameras are hard-wired into a security system and are known for their fuzzy images. Every security camera in an analog system must be directly wired into the surveillance system, which can make adding new cameras difficult.

Analog security cameras are also only able to produce images of a certain quality. The video quality of analog systems is notorious for being difficult to view and often misses subtle details.

IP security cameras, by contrast, do not require the same wired connections. This makes mounting them and adding more security cameras a much easier process. These cameras transmit their video data using an internet connection over a secure network.

The footage is sent to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) for storage or can be stored on a cloud-based system. Analog security cameras can only be accessed from a single point.

By contrast, IP retail security cameras can be accessed remotely by authorized users from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other internet enabled device. This creates unique opportunities for retail stores to enhance their overall security plan.

IP cameras are easy to use when compared to their older, analog counterparts. Although individually IP security cameras are a bit more expensive than analog security cameras, the benefits pay for themselves in the long term.

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Advantages Of Retail Security Cameras

Retail security cameras have always remained popular with retail business surveillance due to the number of benefits they provide. New technology and advancements have only added new benefits for consumers. Below, we will examine some of these important benefits and why adding a security camera system to a retail business is a vital investment in peace of mind.
Security Cameras Improve Loss Prevention
Retail store losses are one of the most popular reasons for retail stores to install security cameras. A retail business is vulnerable to theft, particularly shoplifting. Theft can cause a major financial impact on any retail store.

This is doubly so if the retail store operates twenty-four hours, like gas stations and some convenient stores. Just the presence of a security camera system can be used as a powerful theft prevention tool.

Security consultants agree that the presence of a security camera system can deter criminals from targeting a business. Criminals will generally target the most vulnerable businesses.

The presence of security cameras will force shoplifters and others to think twice before targeting your retail business. The high-resolution images produced by modern security cameras can ensure that if there is a theft, the evidence can be used to identify and apprehend the perpetrator.
Security Cameras Provide Constant Peace Of Mind
One of the most useful features of modern IP retail security cameras is their ability to provide constant twenty-four-hour surveillance. These cameras allow retail stores to be monitored at any time during the day or night.

Most retail stores understand that they are generally most vulnerable at night or during closed hours. Even if the retail store is dark, low light and night vision features, like those found in Starlight cameras, allow the security cameras to easily identify would-be burglars before they strike.

This is possible with remote video monitoring, a standard feature in modern surveillance cameras. Remote monitoring allows authorized users to access their security camera feeds from any internet enabled device. This allows retail store owners to keep constant surveillance over their business.
Retail Security Cameras Prevent Employee Theft
Retail stores have to, unfortunately, be vigilant for dishonest employees. Internal theft is a major security concern for any business and can leave them losing thousands.

A statistical study conducted in 2015 showed that employee theft accounts for 35.8% of internal loss for a business. Although background checks are helpful, they often cannot guarantee that a business does not hire a dishonest person.

Retail security cameras can greatly reduce the chances of internal theft for a retail store. The presence of these cameras can deter employees from theft and improve their productivity.

A security camera system can keep your employees accountable and ensure their interactions with customers is satisfactory. This can end up saving a business thousands of dollars and improve the quality of your retail store.
Improve The Layout Of A Retail Store
A well placed retail security cameras system can even help owners improve the layout of their store. Customer traffic can be analyzed to improve displays and place marketing material in the best possible position.

These improvements can give a retail business the data they need to understand improve the consumer’s experience, an important edge over the competition.

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Retail Security Cameras

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