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Starlight CCTV Camera

The world in which we now live in is advancing far faster than anyone could have predicted. Things that were thought of as science fiction a mere 10,15, 20 years ago are now an everyday reality. Don’t believe me? Think about the fact that there are now self-driving cars and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has programmed its own computer program. Security camera technology is no different and it has been rapidly advancing just as fast as other technologies like smartphones, computers, and robotics. One of the latest breakthroughs in security camera technology has been the Starlight CCTV Camera. The Starlight CCTV Camera has capabilities that have never been seen before in the security field.  Security Camera King has been a leading innovator, manufacturer, and distributor of security cameras for over the last ten years. To read more information about the products discussed in this article or to find out more about why Security Camera King is known as one of the top distributors of the Starlight CCTV Camera and other associated surveillance equipment then visit our website at the link provided here: Security Camera King.

Security Camera King has continued to push the edges of what is possible with surveillance equipment. Our team is well known for its position as a leading innovator of security cameras. As such, the technology found in the Starlight CCTV Camera is a cutting-edge discovery that allows your surveillance system to see further in little to no light settings than ever before.

Night vision is not a newly developed advancement in security cameras. This technology has been around for years, but the resolution of the surveillance footage retained by security cameras using night vision is known to be grainy and sometimes completely indecipherable. But with the Starlight CCTV Camera, any recorded surveillance footage of your property or residence comes in clearly, unhindered by the lack of available light. This can be especially useful when trying to identify a subject in the event of any criminal activity on your property. It also helps any emergency services apprehend all individuals seen during the time the crime was committed and can be especially useful when you are making an effort to receive compensation from your insurance company.

Security Camera King has created several different versions of the Starlight CCTV Camera to meet every kind of security need and situation. Below is a list of a few different versions of the Starlight CCTV Camera we offer in our extensive collection of surveillance equipment:

  • 3MP 20X Zoom Starlight Sibell PTZ with IR & TVI/AHD Out (IPPTZ-SBS31R20XHD2)
    • This is a great Starlight CCTV Camera from our Sibell line of security cameras.  It has an IR distance of 295 feet and a 360-degree endless pan rotation that ensures a wide monitor radius.  The max resolution for this security camera product is 2048 x 1536 and the lens has a 5.5 – 110 mm zoom.  
  • ELITE 25X 2MP HDCVI Infrared PTZ Security Camera (CVIPTZ-EL2IRL25X-D2)
    • With the 2MP High Definition 1080p max resolution and the ability to preset up to 8 different tours, this Starlight CCTV Camera provides many different security applications for both private and commercial properties.  This Starlight CCTV Camera has the ability to see up to 492 feet in complete darkness, making it excellent for identifying perpetrators in a burglary. 
  • Sibell 2MP Varifocal Starlight IP IR Dome Security Camera (IPOD-SBS2IRV)
    • If you are looking for a high quality rated security camera then look no further than this 2MP dome IP66 rated Starlight CCTV Camera. It uses a 2.8-12mm manual zoom which enables you to control the zoom of your camera and adjust accordingly.  Additionally, even if the camera is not in use, you can still use the LED lights on this Starlight CCTV Camera to see 98 feet in the dark.
  • 30X ELITE 2MP Starlight Infrared Auto Tracker IP PTZ (IPPTZ-ELS2IRL30X-ATI)
    • Part of the new ELITE Series, this Starlight CCTV Camera has many advanced features and benefits. The auto-tracking feature of this camera allows you to follow figures, such as people or animals and has Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) that provides a facial detection feature. Also, the IVS gives you the option to draw a virtual ‘tripwire’ with your computer mouse and any object that moves past that tripwire will automatically be tracked by the camera.  
  • ELITE 2MP 30X IR Network Smart Auto Tracker PTZ (IPPTZ-EL2IR30X-ATUS)
    • Part of the ELITE Series, this Starlight CCTV Camera uses an auto-tracking feature that puts what was once thought of as futuristic technology into action. The feature allows this product to automatically track an object or person in motion, following the person or thing until it is out of frame. It can be setup to only record once the auto-tracking feature has been enabled and has a 30x zoom. This product can be used remotely over any network connection with a smartphone or tablet and contains 5 different patterns and 8 preset built-in tours.
  • 2MP Sibell Varifocal Starlight IP IR Bullet Security Camera (IPOB-SBS2IRV)
    • This high-quality bullet style Starlight CCTV camera is one of the most cost-efficient options available in our entire catalog. The IP66 rating means it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings and is commonly sought after for its weather-resistance design. It delivers a 2MP HD resolution, has a 2.8 – 12mm manual zoom lens, and is ONVIF compliant.
  • ELITE 30X 2MP Infrared Starlight Auto Tracker IP PTZ Camera (IPPTZ-ELS2IR30XD-ATI)
    • This Starlight CCTV Camera has the latest technology found in the ELITE Series. The 2MP IP Network PTZ design includes the auto-tracking and Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) features and can be set up to implement the following features: facial detection, motion detection, tripwire, scene change, intrusion, and abandoned object.

Security Camera King works with other innovative protection companies to cover every facet of the security industry. Digital Security Guard is a remote monitoring service and TechPro Security Products is an installation team highly experienced in the specialized security field. Visit our website for more information about the products discussed in this article and CONTACT US if you have any additional questions.

Starlight CCTV Camera

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