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Understanding the PTZ Security Camera

One of the fastest-growing security cameras is the PTZ camera because of its versatility and reliability. In the past, PTZ security cameras were not well known outside of the security and surveillance industry.

Despite their innovative ability to pan, tilt, and zoom, they were very bulky and unaffordable for most consumers. In recent years, this has changed. Whether it is a parking garage, retail storefront, large business, or commercial property, PTZ security cameras can provide extensive security and reach.

The PTZ camera has come a long way since its invention. As video security becomes much more widespread, PTZ cameras have become popular with a large variety of consumers. 

Security cameras have long been used to deter crime, monitor property, and keep people accountable. PTZ security cameras are here to stay and understanding how they work can help you save money and implement a highly effective video surveillance system.

The following article will detail what a PTZ camera is, how it works, and some of the advantages consumers can expect. If you have any more questions or would like to browse security cameras for sale, visit our online security camera store today. 

What Are Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras?

Modern pan-tilt-zoom security cameras are compact, all-in-one devices that feature high-definition video, motorized zoom lenses, and high-speed motors that can position the camera up to 360 degrees in under a second. In combination, these features can provide extensive monitoring and can save you money.

A single PTZ camera can replace up to four standard fixed devices, such as bullet security cameras. Traditionally, PTZ security cameras were used by large organizations that could pay for a team of personnel to monitor and operate the cameras.

Properties that would use these cameras included stadiums, casinos, and similar places. Security personnel could easily view a large area while maintaining clear, detailed views of all activity. 

The modern PTZ camera can still be used in the same way with additional features. For example, PTZ security cameras can be programmed to automatically monitor areas of the property. This ability eliminates the need for a large team of security personnel to control the camera’s movements. 

Features of PTZ Security Cameras

The features PTZ security cameras are capable of have made them extremely popular with consumers. Modern video surveillance systems are designed with intelligent processors that provide incredible abilities.

The intelligent processors are known as video analytics devices. In combination, a PTZ camera and video analytic device can automatically identify suspicious activity. When suspicious activity, such as trespassing and loitering, is detected, the camera can automatically track individuals and vehicles.

Some PTZ security cameras have analytics already built-in on IP versions. Ethernet connectivity and PTZ interfaces are standard in many recorders as well. IP network security cameras allow users to view video feeds remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Similar to traditional dome security cameras, PTZ security cameras can be flush or surface mounted. Users can choose indoor and outdoor housings in order to fit their security needs. Additionally, infrared illumination is available.  

Additional Equipment For a PTZ Camera

A common question about implementing a PTZ camera is, “what additional equipment is needed”? PTZ security cameras are similar to traditional security cameras in that they need power and video cables.

In the case of analog PTZ CCTV cameras, users will also need a data cable to connect to the PTZ controller. A common CAT5 network cable can be used. IP PTZ security cameras will only need a network and power cable.

If the PTZ security camera will be actively monitored, a higher-end controller is highly recommended. Although it will cost a bit more, it will allow for much easier manipulation and can handle precise movements. 

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Benefits of PTZ Surveillance Cameras For Businesses

Large businesses were some of the first adopters of PTZ security cameras to monitor their property and assets. The multitude of advantages that these innovative security cameras provide for commercial properties cannot be understated.

Safety and security have become a major concern for businesses of all sizes like never before. Fortunately, PTZ security cameras can provide businesses of all sizes with comprehensive security.

Additionally, these innovative cameras can provide little-known benefits that can improve business productivity and more. Below are some of the most common benefits business owners can expect when they install PTZ surveillance cameras. 

Monitor Large Open Areas

Warehouses, department stores, and parking lots are just some properties that in the past have been difficult to monitor. This is primarily because of how large these properties are. Monitoring every area with clear detail is key to ensuring the safety and security of the property, its employees, and visitors. 

A single PTZ camera can monitor large areas such as these while providing high-resolution video of all activities. In a parking lot, suspicious activity can be quickly detected despite the large, open area. Protecting areas such as these will provide visitors with peace of mind and have them returning back to the business. 

Improve Productivity

Ensuring that day to day operations continue to flow without issue is essential to the continued success of any business. Sometimes, productivity could be exponentially improved if only underlying issues are identified. Monitoring a business with a PTZ camera can help to identify productivity issues and address them. 

For example, some employee duties may be redundant or unnecessary. Monitoring for these redundancies can help the business save money and improve productivity. The placement of PTZ security cameras can also keep employees accountable for the duties they are being paid to perform. 

Improve Business Layout

The layout of a business is directly tied to how quickly customers can find products and discover new ones. PTZ security cameras allow business owners to monitor customer traffic inside of the business. Many businesses will use this information to improve store layout, product placement, and marketing material. 

If you would like to browse PTZ security cameras for your business or property, be sure to browse Security Camera King today. Contact us to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable team member that can answer any questions that you may have. 

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