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Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Security Cameras

Business security cameras are commonplace in both big corporations and small companies spanning across most (if not all) industries. This is due to the simple fact that there are more reasons to use video surveillance cameras for business security than most people imagine.

Though theft prevention might have been the initial reason that business video monitoring systems began to rise in popularity, it is only one of many. As technologies improved, more and more business owners quickly recognized the benefits of using security cameras extended further than they thought.

Advancing technology, increasing accessibility, and improving affordability have a significant role in this rise as well, giving way to more creative applications. But first, let’s explore some of the common reasons to install video surveillance cameras for business use.
Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Security Cameras
Theft Prevention & Reduction – Preventing shoplifting is the most common reason a business chooses to have security cameras prominently on display. This is proven to be a successful method of reducing acts of theft in stores and it also can be used to identify thieves that were successful. Pictures can be shown to current employees to watch out for, displayed asking for identification tips, or the footage can be handed over to the authorities if asset retrieval is necessary.

Discourage Workplace Harassment & Violence – Employees claiming workplace harassment can quickly turn into a situation that is hard to navigate. Video surveillance cameras for business use can help eliminate the fear of false accusations and even deter the incidents from happening entirely. Additionally, employees are less likely to act out violently during a workplace dispute if they know they are being monitored.

Reduce On-Site Visits –  Business owners that are responsible for multiple locations spend a significant amount of time traveling from one location to the next to see how things are progressing. Remote viewing is a standard feature found in most business security cameras, which allows the user to view each location from wherever they are at.

Employee Monitoring – The idea of monitoring employees is no longer thought of as crazy and controlling. Employee theft actually contributes to almost half of all inventory shortages, which we now know because of employee monitoring. Employee monitoring keeps workers productive, honest, and accountable to the business.

Improving Workplace Productivity – A video monitoring system used for business surveillance can help to identify weak points causing ongoing production problems. Business owners that have access to video monitoring footage are able to review and analyze the various areas of a business. They can then employee an alternative solution that addresses the problem, leading to improving output and higher overall productivity.

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Lower Insurance Rates – Every business owner has to accept a certain level of potential liability and determine an appropriate insurance policy. Video surveillance cameras for business use can not only lower those liability insurance rates, but also help to prevent fraudulent claims against the business, employees, or customers from happening.

Monitor Restricted Access Areas – Almost every type of business has a secure room where the most important things are kept under lock and key with limited accessibility. Things like high-value inventory items, secure safes, petty cash, data servers, and private information should all be monitored by video surveillance cameras for business security purposes. Some even have features capable of sending an alert the moment it detects the restricted area has been accessed and give you the opportunity to review who accesses them.

Customer Assurance – Customers that visit a business with a camera monitoring system understand the business puts value in the importance of their safety and security. This is especially important for businesses under higher levels of threat from robbery attempts.

Improving Customer Experience – Savvy business owners use video surveillance cameras for business monitoring to survey the habits of their visitors. Monitoring customer behavior can provide insight into the ways to improve the layout of the store and produce useful information like where a display should go or what does not seem appealing to customers.

Legal Compliance – Depending on the nature of the industry, some companies require video surveillance cameras for business security to be in regulatory compliance. These standard compliance regulations are generally put in place through local codes, by insurance companies, or other sources and contain strict rules and guidelines.

Each of these reasons is a valid and practical reason to use video surveillance cameras for business security. Combined with the fact that high-performance, yet cheap security cameras are more available than ever thanks to increased access to security cameras online, the choice to implement a business camera monitoring system is easy.

Contact our support team if you would like help finding the best video surveillance cameras for business security purposes suited to your own monitoring needs.

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Video Surveillance Cameras For Business

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