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What are the Most Beneficial Surveillance Camera System Features?
August 14, 2017
How To Install CCTV Camera
How To Install CCTV Camera Systems
August 21, 2017

There’s a medley of reasons to opt for a wireless IP security camera system when considering integrating a high-quality surveillance system in your home or business property. Wireless IP security camera technology is constantly being improved upon and has become one of the most demanded types of cameras in the security industry today because of the extensive benefits that they can provide users with. Security Camera King is one of the top developers and distributors of high-end CCTV and surveillance camera system technology. Our team is made up of a group of dedicated technology connoisseurs. At Security Camera King we work with high standards of operation toward product development and customer service. Our company’s mission is to provide our clients with the best feature equipped security camera system technology at the lowest prices for technology in their class.

About SCK

Security Camera King served primarily as a technology integration service provider when we first began business operation. However, as we began to gain more experience working with security camera system technology we took notice in the fact that we could develop and improve upon the CCTV systems that we were installing onto our clients residential and business properties ourselves. We already had a team of knowledgeable technicians who understood the inner workings of the technology we were working with. By moving the development portion of the security camera systems that we were working with in-house we were able to save a substantial amount of money in the obtainment of the desired products. Because of this, we were also able to begin offering our customers better more versatile surveillance systems and security technology at lower prices than ever before.

We partnered with some of the world’s top technology manufacturers in order to move our CCTV product designs into production. Through our company’s dedicated efforts we have come to be known as one of the best security camera manufacturers and distributors in the industry today. Our team of security product specialists can help pair you with the appropriate products for your needs If you have been looking to purchase a wireless IP security camera system for your property. Some of the benefits that come with a professional wireless IP security camera system can include:

  • Increased property value and saved capital
  • Virtual remote monitoring capabilities
  • Integration to an existing home automation system

How Do Motion Detection IP Security Camera Systems work?

Most of today’s IP security cameras apply the use of PIR, or passive infrared, technology in order to detect movement in a specific area. Infrared technology works by detecting changes in temperature in the areas being monitored. This differs from traditional motion detection technology which would try to determine movement through an algorithm that would calculate changes in the video frame. Passive infrared has helped create more accurate and cost efficient motion-detection enabled security camera technology. PIR is especially useful for detecting unwanted activity in dark conditions because even though the naked human eye may not be able to detect this activity infrared technology will easily pick up on this movement.

Installation Tips for Infrared Wireless IP Security Camera Systems

The installation of wireless IP security camera technology has the obvious efficiency factor of not requiring wires. When looking to integrate passive infrared security cameras in your home or business it is important to consider the fact that the placement of your infrared sensor wireless IP security cameras can make a big difference in the performance and effectiveness of your newly installed system. An important factor to remember when tackling the installation portion of your security system integration is to keep your IR sensor away from outlets like AC ventilation ducts, humidifier outlets, and any other temperature sensitive opening in order to avoid triggering false alarms. Sun shine and bright light can also trigger unwanted alerts for your IR system, therefore it is important to install your infrared sensor facing away from direct sources of light. It’s also not recommended to have your passive infrared sensor facing a mirror as the reflective surface can impair the effectiveness of your system. If you keep these facts in mind during the installation of your infrared enabled wireless IP security camera system you will reap the most benefits from your new surveillance technology. Some of the IR equipped wireless IP security cameras that we carry at SCK include:

  • IPPTD-EL1IRE-W – 1MP Elite Wifi Pan Tilt Dome Network IP Camera
  • IPOB-EL2IREAW – 2MP Elite Network IP Wifi Wireless Night Vision Cube Security Camera
  • IPOB-EL3IREW – 3MP Elite Network IP Wifi Wireless IR Bullet Security Camera
  • IPIC-PR4IRAW – 4MP Prime Series Cube Wifi Wireless IP Network Camera with IR


One of the best things about selecting a wireless IP security camera system for your home or business is the ease you’ll have in changing your system’s location if you ever need to do so. Because you don’t need to have your wireless IP security camera system hardwired to your home or business property in order for it to work it is much more easy to move than traditional surveillance camera systems. The truth of the matter is that it is nearly impossible to relocate equipment which has been specifically fixed onto specific areas in a residential or commercial building without tearing out the wiring originally used and performing a clean reinstall in the new location after running new wiring. This process can be time-consuming, fairly daunting, and costly, but with a wireless IP security Camera you can dodge these endeavors and move your system whenever you need to with minimal effort.

Security Camera King is a premium provider of high-quality CCTV technology and wireless IP security camera systems. If you have been considering the integration of a wireless IP security camera system for your home or business we can help create a system specifically tailored to your needs. Contact us today with any questions regarding our wireless IP security camera technology or other security system products.

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