Cameras for Home Security System
Cameras for Home Security System, Outdoor Security Cameras, Surveillance Cameras

Cameras for Home Security System

There are a lot of benefits that come from surveillance cameras for home security system purposes. Especially with the coming holiday season, the threat of package thefts from front porches or doorways is a very common fear that plagues all gift buyers. Online shopping is an increasingly popular method of buying presents for friends and loved ones during the holiday season and it is not always easy to be at home once these packages are dropped off. Although delivery drivers make a valid attempt to put purchased packages in inconspicuous places, the reality is there are very few, if any, ways to hide sizable boxes at home residences. If you are searching for cameras for home security system purposes then allow the surveillance experts at Security Camera King to help you find exactly what you are looking for. For more information about the cameras for home security system purposes discussed in this article, protection advice on how to keep your online deliveries safe and secure, or want to check out our entire collection of security cameras and surveillance equipment then visit our website here: Security Camera King

Uses of Cameras for Home Security System Purposes:

Theft protection is definitely one of the most common reasons people decide to install a home security system. Though the home security system itself cannot completely prevent the unfortunate occurrence of package theft, it has been statistically proven that it helps to alleviate would-be criminals from acting in the first place.

Property crime is another common occurrence that plagues homeowners and residences throughout the country. Whether it be property damage to your residence or complete destruction of property by community nuisances, the protection of a home security system has been shown to deter criminal activity. A visible surveillance system can do much more than a security sign placed in your yard and can actually allow the homeowner to identify any criminal perpetrators. The recordings from a home security system can also be utilized for insurance purposes as a way to show any property damage or crime.

Home break-ins and burglaries are another important subject all homeowners think about. The worries are not unfounded as the country has seen an increase in home break-ins and burglaries during recent years. This is even more true with the ensuing holiday season and is never an event a homeowner wants to endure.

Here are some facts regarding some of the most recent statistics on property crime, burglaries, and home security from a recent study:

Property Crime:

  • Property crime occurs every 3.9 seconds in the US.
  • There are approximately 25 reported property crimes per 1,000 inhabitants.
  • The total amount of property crimes committed total out to about 8 million.
  • The total financial amount of stolen property amounts to more than $12.4 billion.
  • Robberies occur every 1.6 seconds in the US.

Home Burglaries:

  • There are more than 4,300 burglaries occurring daily (1.6 million annually) in the US.
  • Burglaries occur roughly every 20 seconds in the US.
  • About 72% of all burglaries occur on residential properties.
  • The average amount of money lost has increased from $2,120 to $2,316.
  • Burglaries involve forced entry roughly 58% of the time.
  • Police only solve 13% of reported burglaries due to lack of physical evidence or surveillance footage.

Types of Cameras for Home Security System:

  • Bullet Cameras- A weather-resistant design that is also known as a cylinder camera. These are easily mounted and adjusted and some of the easiest to install.
  • Box Security Cameras- These are the original security camera design and come with a variety of different lenses available to optimize clarity in outdoor settings.
  • Indoor Dome Cameras- Made specifically for indoor installation, where the weather is not an important factor.
  • Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras- These cameras can spin around and zoom in and out on specific locations that need protecting through remote access.
  • Vandal Proof Dome Cameras- Impact resistant cameras that are used in areas where vandalism is a real possibility.

Home Security System Video Recorders:

To complement any home security system there are a variety of different video recorders. These video recorders are necessary to retain the surveillance footage necessary for identifying criminals or reclaiming stolen property. This footage is the most important attribute of a home security system after an event occurs and is the biggest help for authorities to detain a subject. It is also a pertinent tool in receiving proper insurance claims in the event of property damage or theft and can be the deciding factor in online stores resending stolen packages to you.

Video recorders come in two different forms: the digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR). Each of these has its own benefits and can be used in different styles of full security systems. Video recorders also come with different memory sizes and hard drives to keep footage for longer amounts of time.

Who We Are:

Security Camera King is an online distributor of wholesale CCTV equipment, security cameras, and associated surveillance accessories. We work with other security partners to completely realize your home security system. Digital Security Guard is a remote security agency that allows you to have 24/7 video monitoring. TechPro Security is a security camera installation team that helps you locate the best places to set up your surveillance systems and install them properly. To find out more about us or to view the extensive catalog of security cameras and associated surveillance accessories we carry visit our website here: Security Camera King. You can also Contact Us if you have any questions and watch reviews and tips on our security products on our YouTube channel.

Cameras for Home Security System

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