Legalization of Cannabis in Florida
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Legalization of Cannabis in Florida

The recent changes for the legalization of cannabis in Florida have opened up opportunities everywhere for believers in this revolution. The laws surrounding the legalization of cannabis in Florida are still going through the legislative process but have been voted for nonetheless. The marijuana business is a highly regulated industry that includes doctors, dispensaries, and medical patients. There are a growing number of citizens that see the value in the legalization of cannabis in Florida, both financially and personally. It has been proven by other states that first endorsed and legalized marijuana for personal and medical use that the economic benefits are great. And though the federal stance on medical marijuana still hasn’t changed, each state carries its own laws that surround the security of medical marijuana dispensaries and doctors and have created an avenue for security companies to assist in this revolutionary change. In this article, I will discuss the legal changes surrounding the legalization of cannabis in Florida and lay out a variety of different uses for security cameras for those involved in this respective area. For more information regarding any of the information discussed in this article or to view any of the security cameras described visit our website here: Security Camera King

Legalization of Cannabis in Florida

The Florida state government calls for very strict protocols for the businesses involved in dispensing marijuana. The previous laws only allow low THC products to be prescribed by medical doctors and heavily constricted the ability to obtain a legal medical marijuana card. With the recent changes to the legalization of cannabis in Florida have opened up opportunities for patients with existing medical conditions to obtain a medical marijuana card and heavily expanded on the list of conditions that qualify patients to be prescribed cannabis. The legal changes have also opened up the opportunities for doctors to be able to prescribe medical cannabis while remaining in compliance with their medical license.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are becoming more common throughout the state, with the first one opening up in Palm Beach County as recently as a month ago. This is a positive sign that the state of Florida is heading in a positive, green direction, however, there is still virtually no change to the written legislation that surrounds marijuana dispensaries. This has prevented the quick growth offered to similar businesses in states undergoing the same changes.

One of the primary factors involved in any marijuana dispensary or facility is security compliance and retained footage. The need for marijuana security is only growing and our team at Security Camera King has been involved in this process since we first saw these legal changes in marijuana on the West Coast. Since then we have opened up a facility in Wheat Ridge, CO to keep up with this growing industry and have assisted in opening a number of different marijuana dispensaries and grow houses throughout all of the states that have since legalized cannabis. Florida is, however, our home state, and we are equally excited to extend this experience to our local communities. If you are in need of help from a security company that knows the cannabis industry and are looking for assistance in properly setting up and operating a marijuana dispensary then contact us and utilize our experience.Legalization of Cannabis in Florida

Colorado was one of the first states that have since led the way for us to understand how many benefits surround the legalization of cannabis in Florida. With an ongoing opioid epidemic that has greatly affected our entire country, we have enjoyed witnessing the statistics drop in states that have legalized the use of cannabis for recreational or medical purposes. However, it is a lengthy process to obtain full legislation for cannabis and we know as well as anyone that patience does eventually pay off. The primary step of voting for this revolutionary change was the first big step in the legal process and now we all can only wait for the next stage of the legal process. As of now, these are the laws surrounding the legalization of cannabis in Florida and their associations with security:

  • Florida Statute 381.986, Section 6– Overall, the Chapter 381.986 statute is the original laws associated with Florida medical cannabis. They once called for a low THC content but have since been updated to allow all marijuana to be included in any prescription for Florida medical cannabis. Broken down, this legal statute also addresses finer security details in the Florida medical cannabis industry:
    • (d) To ensure the safety and security of its premises and any off-site storage facilities, and to maintain adequate controls against the diversion, theft, and loss of low-THC cannabis, medical cannabis, or cannabis delivery devices, a dispensing organization shall:
      • 1.a. Maintain a fully operational security alarm system that secures all entry points and perimeter windows and is equipped with motion detectors; pressure switches; and duress, panic, and hold-up alarms; or
    • (b). Maintain a video surveillance system that records continuously 24 hours each day and meets at least one of the following criteria:
        • (I) Cameras are fixed in a place that allows for the clear identification of persons and activities in controlled areas of the premises. Controlled areas include grow rooms, processing rooms, storage rooms, disposal rooms or areas, and point-of-sale rooms;
        • (II) Cameras are fixed in entrances and exits to the premises, which shall record from both indoor and outdoor, or ingress and egress, vantage points;
        • (III) Recorded images must clearly and accurately display the time and date; or

      (IV) Retain video surveillance recordings for a minimum of 45 days or longer upon the request of a law enforcement agency.

If you are thinking about opening a dispensary, want to be updated as the new legislation for the legalization of cannabis in Florida is released, or need help from security experts already involved in the cannabis industry Contact Us at the provided link. You can also visit our website and read about all of our other marijuana-related articles here: Security Camera King. You can find us on Facebook at Security Camera King.
Legalization of Cannabis in Florida

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