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Guide for Formatting a Hard Drive on Elite Recorders via Local Interface

This article will provide you an easy to follow guide to help you format your hard drive on Elite Recorders. I will show you how to format the hard drive from the local interface. If you are looking to purchase a new Elite Series product (NVRs, DVRs, and security cameras) then check out the Elite Series collection here. You can also find more articles covering Elite recorders (such as adjusting the network settings and recovering a lost password) in our Security Articles. And I included a video to follow along with at the bottom, but there are much more available in our Video Vault.

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Guide for Formatting a Hard Drive on Elite Recorders via Local Interface
Okay, let’s begin the guide for how to format a hard drive at the local interface of your Elite Series video recorder. To get started, first, you will want to right-click at the local interface and select Main Menu. Now, select Storage.

Hard Drive on Elite

Once in Storage, select HDD Manage located in the side menu. If you have a hard drive installed in your recorder it will list it right here. Locate the Device Name for your hard drive and check the box next to it. Once you have checked the box, select Format in the bottom row. A box will pop up that says, “Are you sure to format the selected device?”. Select Okay. Then select Apply.

Hard Drive on Elite

After you select Apply, a message will pop up that says, “System needs to restart to activate current setup”. This will reboot the Elite recorder. Go ahead and select Okay. Then, once the system comes back the hard drive on Elite recorder will be formatted.

Hard Drive on Elite

And that is it. I hope this guide was helpful and provided you with the steps necessary to resolve any issue you were having. If you want to follow along, just watch the instruction How To video I have provided below:

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Guide for Formatting a Hard Drive on Elite Recorders via Local Interface

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