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Adjusting Network Settings at the Local Interface of an Elite Recorder

In this article, I will provide the reader with four steps for adjusting network settings from the local interface of an Elite recorder. You can read the steps in an easy to understand guide or follow along with our instructional How-To video provided below.

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Tutorial for Adjusting Network Settings on the Local Interface of an Elite Recorder

Alright, let’s begin the step by step guide for adjusting network settings at the local interface of an Elite recorder. To start, first right click and select Main Menu. Then select Network, which is found in the bottom row of the Setting options (not to be confused with Network found under Info in the middle of the page).

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Once you have selected Network, the first page that will come up on your screen is the TCP/IP page. What the TCP/IP provides is the listing for your Static IP, which is set to by default on an Elite recorder.

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This is also where you want to look if you want your router to assign an IP address to the Elite recorder. To do this, select DHCP mode instead of Static and then save by clicking Apply in the bottom right corner.Elite Recorder

Once you have selected Apply, give it a few seconds and go back to the same Network settings. Now you should see the IP address assigned by your router. For this example, our router assigned the IP address of If you can see the new IP address assigned by your router then go ahead and select the Static option again. Then, to lock that new IP address in, select Apply and Save in the bottom right corner. This will make sure that the IP address is locked in and will prevent it from changing again on its own.

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That completes the step by step guide for assigning an IP address using DHCP on an Elite recorder. I hope this article was helpful for anyone having difficulties with this issue. If you have any additional questions or want to watch these steps in action, follow along in our How-To video provided below:

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