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How to Add a Sibell Recorder to Smartphone via Sibell Mobile App

Today we are going to be adding our Sibell recorder to our smartphone for the purpose of remote viewing. Now, I want to point out that this guide will cover both P2P or Port Forwarding setups. 

With that being said, this also requires you to have set up either P2P or port forwarding with your recorder. If you haven’t yet, check out our Video Vault for more tutorials on how to set those up. 

We recommend that you give P2P a shot first as it is super easy to do and takes almost no time at all. You’re also going to want to turn the wifi off on your smartphone and make sure you are connected to 4G as this will give you a better idea of whether or not the remote viewing is working properly. 

How to Add a Sibell Recorder to Smartphone via Sibell Mobile App

Setup Checklist

Ok, so let’s talk a bit about what we need to get started with our setup checklist.

  1. For either P2P or Port forwarding, you’re going to want to just double-check that your recorder is powered on, and you can see your cameras on the local display.
  2. You will need to download and install Sibell Mobile which can be found on the Play Store for Android or the App Store for Apple.
  3. For P2P setups, you’re going to want to make sure that you have accessed your recorder locally and navigate to the NAT menu, which can be found under network, under the main settings menu. Leave the recorder on this screen.
  4. For port forwarding setups you will need your WAN IP and the HTTP port of the unit. Your WAN IP can be found by visiting from any computer connected to the same network as the recorder. For the HTTP Port, you can use the recorder and navigate to the PORT submenu found under the Network Menu, under Settings. Write down the WAN IP from and HTTP Port from the PORT page in the recorder. You’re also going to need to know the username and password for your recorder.

Ok, let’s get started.

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Adding a Recorder to the Sibell Mobile App

Adding a recorder to the Sibell Mobile app is going to be almost the same in either P2P or Port Forwarding, so just follow along and we will explain as we go.

  1. First, let’s open the app! Now if it is your first time opening the app you will be greeted by some feature description info. We’re just gonna skip over these feature splash screens, tap Skip in the upper right-hand corner here and then just tap Start at the bottom right here.
  2. So the next page is just a typical Privacy Statement. Feel free to read through it if you wish and when you’re ready just tap “Agree” in the bottom right corner. After that, the app should automatically put us on the Add Device Page. 
  3. Now, if you’ve already opened the app once before, and gone through skipping all those splash screens, it may put you into a blank live view. If this happens, you’ll have to manually navigate to the Add Device page. In order to get there from the blank live view, you will need to tap the 3-Line menu icon in the top left corner and then tap “Server List”. You’ll see a + sign in the upper right-hand corner. Go ahead and tap the + sign.
  4. On the “Add Device” screen, you’ll notice four fields. The first field is IP/DDNS/SN. In this field, you are going to input one of two things depending on if you are using P2P or Port Forwarding.
  5. If you are using Port Forwarding, you are going to have to manually type into this field. What you want to type is going to be a combination of the WAN IP followed by a colon, and then the HTTP Port (with no spaces). As an example you can see this here, #.#.#.#:##### Alternatively, if you have or use a DDNS, you can enter that instead of the WAN IP, but you will still need a colon, followed by the port number added onto the DDNS address.
  6. If you are using P2P, you can tap where this little box is to open up your phone’s camera to be used as a QR scanner. You can then take that scanner and scan the QR code found on your recorder’s screen on the NAT menu you opened earlier. Once scanned, it should automatically take you back to the Add Device Page but with the data now filled in. Alternatively, if the QR scanner gives you a hard time, you can always tap the text field and simply type in the field the serial number you see listed beneath the QR code on your recorder’s screen.
  7. The next field is Nickname. In this field, you can name the recorder anything you like. Something like “Home Cameras”, or “Office Recorder” to remind you where this unit is will be fine.
  8. The next field is User. In this field, you should input the username of your recorder.
  9. Lastly, there is the Password field. Here you should put the password for your recorder.

Ok, now you should be able to tap Preview and may be taken to another features splash screen. Just tap OK right in the middle to skip this as well. However, after that you should now successfully be able to see your cameras

Thank you for following our tutorial on How to Add a Sibell Recorder to Smartphone via Sibell Mobile App. If you would like to view more Sibell Series products or security cameras, be sure to visit our online security camera store. If you need any further assistance, please contact Security Camera King for additional tech support.

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How to Add a Sibell Recorder to Smartphone via Sibell Mobile App

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