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How to Configure TechPro Security DX Access Control Software

Access control is one of the topics we have seen that has the most questions when it comes to giving access to certain users. Many customers call us for help building and configuring there DX Access Control Software, and in this article I will go over some of the most important aspects of how to install, configure, and upload the database information to the access control board.

Things you will need are:

Computer Running Windows 7. 8.1 or Windows Server 2008 x32 or x64 bit version.

Software Download: Free Access Control Software

Access control Cards (Fobs or Cards): DX Series Credit Card Size 125KHz Access Control Cards or DX Series 125KHz Access Control Key FOB (Blue)

USB Card /Fob Registration Reader (Not Necessary but makes things easier) DX Series USB Card / Key Fob Registration Reader

Installation Process

Download the software and proceed with the installation. After the software is installed, click on the newly created icon named access control.

A login window will appear. The default username is abc and 123 for the password.

Access Control Login1

After logging into the software the following interface will appear:

MAin Interface

At this point you will need to have the Access Control board connected to a switch with a static IP address configured. It is required to use the Web Configuration Tool. Steps are covered here .

Click on “Controllers” button, then click on search to find the controller(s) in the network. The next page will display one or many controllers in the network:

Search Interface

If multiple boards are found, then you can click on “Configure” to change there IP address, subnet and gateway. NOTE: We strongly recommend to leave the default port to 60000. Do not attempt to change this port to something different because it will not work with the software and it will not be able to upload any settings to the access control board. Notice that the serial number on the board and the MAC address is also displaying in this window. When done, click “Add Found To System”.

Double click on the serial number of the board and the following window will appear:


From here you can add a note to identify the location of the board. Click on the “Zone” button to determine the name of the Door Zones to where each of the readers are installed. In this Demo I will be using Techpro Security.

NOTE: In order to rename the Door Names you will need to double click the serial number of the board under the controllers page or click Next to access the extended features of the board. 

Next, click on “Building Room” button to add your departments. This will help you out a lot to determine access rights and privileges of your employees.

Building Room

The next step will be creating your users that will be allowed access or denied access. Click on the “Personnel” button to add users. In here you will  be able to add one or multiple cards at one time if using the Usb Reader for DX series Access Control. Click on Add to add one user at the time. Notice that each employee will have a unique User ID that is required. Type the Name and last Name of the person that will hold the Card. Type the last 8 digits of the card, starting with the first 3 digits before the (,). If the first digits starts with (Zero 0) then you will not need to type it. Also you do not need to type the (,) when entering the number. Select the building room where that user belongs to. You can add a picture if you like or provide more information using the “Others” tab.

USB ReaderAdd Users

Access Privilege is the section where you will assign which users have access to what doors. From the users “Building Room” dropdown, select your group(s). You can add one user at the time or you can add all of them at once by holding down the Shift key on your keyboard. Click on the double arrow button to add all the users or the single arrow to add only the selected users. From the doors “Zones” dropdown, select the door(s) that you want the select room group to have access to. Click on the double arrow button to add all the doors or the single arrow to add only the selected doors. Click on “Allow And Upload” to push the information to the Access Control Board.


Basic Operate – in this section you can see some of the features of the board such as monitor, time adjust, real time monitoring logs, etc. You can also get more features if you enable the extended features. Click on “Tools”, “Extended Functions” and type the following password (5678). Click OK and select the options  (Activate Time Profile) and (Remote Open Door). Other features can be enabled in the extended functions page, but I will recommend to review the manual to know exactly what these features can do.


Time Profile is one of the most important features that needs to be configured properly. It is recommended to enable this feature in the Extended Functions to make sure your employees have only the appropriate access to areas in your facility, and they are restricted to enter those areas after hours. Click on the time profile button and click new. Notice that the software will assigned a time profile ID that you can’t change. Type a description that will reference who will be under this time profile. For example if you have work shift, I will create one that reflect the work period of that shift. If your business has 3 shifts (Equally to 24 Period) then I will call it Shift Period 1 and add the days of the week and Time that the shift will operate. Use the time segment section to set the interval for that shift period. Create new Time Profile shifts  for every other Time period your company might use.

Time Profile

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