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Live Security Cameras

If you need real-time monitoring of a person, room, building or object live security cameras could be your solution. Live security cameras are digital video security and surveillance cameras that provide capture of high-quality color or black and white video images that can be viewed instantly on a corresponding monitor.

The use of the phrase “live security cameras” could be a bit misleading as most digital video cameras today provide live coverage options. Basically, the only digital video cameras that do not provide live coverage are highly specialized cameras designed specifically for playback of the captured video at a later time.

For example, the incredibly small ink pen (Security Camera King’s product # HC-PEN) or wristwatch (our product # HC-WATCH) are specifically designed to capture video covertly. In order to maintain their disguise while being imbedded in small objects, these camera systems are specifically designed to store their video using on board memory chips. The memory chips can be accessed later, using a personal computer and a USB connection.

Typically, a live security camera or live security camera system almost always involve the use of at least one monitor in order for the user to experience live video footage. So does that mean that all standard residential and commercial digital video cameras are live security cameras or live security camera systems?

Not necessarily and here’s why. Many customers choose to purchase a digital video security system for their residential or commercial use without the intent of watching their system continuously. These individuals are more apt to only need to view the video images when a special event occurs (such as movement around a house or during a store robbery). These users may opt to not use a monitor or attach a monitor only after the event has occurred to view/edit the video. In these cases, even though the camera may be capturing live video, it is being stored on a Digital Video Recorder or DVR for later viewing. Therefore, these systems aren’t exactly live security cameras.

Bear in mind that although most digital video security systems require a monitor to initially set the system up, it is not necessary to maintain the use of a monitor connected to the system full time. Also keep in mind that with today’s technology, Internet Protocol (IP) ready cameras can be networked over the Internet. This means that although the digital video camera may be in one location, a user located on the opposite of the earth can monitor the live security cameras.

There are also a few systems that are designed to be live security camera systems only. These are usually highly specialized systems as well, designed specifically for the purpose of live video monitoring. Therefore, these camera systems usually only consist of a digital video camera and a monitor or in the case of wireless systems a camera/transmitter and a receiver/monitor. A good example of this application is a baby monitor. Typically, it’s not necessary to record baby monitor videos because the whole idea of using a baby monitor is to observe what is happening now (an act on it if required) rather than wait until a later time.

Other live security cameras are used for monitoring non-ambulatory medical patients, industrial processes, and 24/7 professional monitoring services. All of these uses may be recorded using a DVR, but the key is that the video captured is available for viewing as the camera records or as the event occurs.

While these applications for using live security cameras may not necessarily include video recording, security monitoring can always be enhanced by recording the video as well. Consider a live security monitoring system that is used for entrance/exit of a building. Although the main concern in this application is protecting the building from unauthorized or unwanted inhabitants, recording the monitoring can be used at a later time as proof of an individual’s attendance. If the DVR contains time/date stamping (most do) then recording can also document the time and date of the entrance/exit.

Live security cameras definitely have their niche in the digital video security camera industry. If you are interested in purchasing a live security camera system or have an additional questions about one, contact our security experts today by clicking on the “Live Chat” button at the top of the page or by calling us at 866-573-8878 Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6 PM EST.


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