Neighborhood Security Cameras
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Neighborhood Security Cameras

Keep your most valuable asset, your home, safe. Look into a system of neighborhood security cameras from Security Camera King.

In an increasingly volatile world, we like to think of our neighborhood as our safe place. Our neighborhood is where we keep our biggest investment- our homes. It’s where our children play and grow. It’s where they go to school and hang out with their friends on the weekends. It may even be where you work.

These are the things about your town that make you feel secure. They are also the precise reasons why you needs to take extra precautions to secure them. If you are a contractor or gated community manager looking to add that extra level of protection for your residents, highly suggests that you invest in a top of the line system of neighborhood security cameras.

Property crime rates in the country tell a frightening tale. While property crime numbers fell last year, violent crime numbers increased as a national average. Property crime rates have fallen on the whole. However, they are still much higher than the national average in many cities and suburban areas. In both Tampa and Orlando Florida, the local estate crime rates are a whole %10 higher than the %35.14 national mean. Now more than ever, it is important to keep not only your resident’s possessions, but their families safe as well with neighborhood security cameras.

There are a few reasons why neighborhood surveillance cameras are an asset for you and your residents. The first is to be able to prevent future crimes. When a crime does occur, having video footage is an amazing resource for local law enforcement and greatly increases the chance of the perpetrator being caught. No only does this take the offending criminal off of the street, but it will also mark your community as a no fly zone to criminals scouting the area.

Another reason to get a security system is to deter criminals. This is especially true during the holidays. The presence of a quality security system is a big deterrent to property criminals. However, using a set of dummy cameras for appearances is not recommended. Many burglars and robbers make sure to learn the difference and will not be fooled into leaving your property alone. You will also have no protection or proof once a crime is committed. That is why real neighborhood security cameras are the only way to go for a truly effective surveillance solution.

While it is great to prevent future crime in your community, a system can also help stop crimes in thier tracks as they are happening. We have systems that allow you to remotely view your camera footage in real time. A great way to keep a property safe is by setting up motion detection alerts. This will allow you to monitor motion on all channels of a system or on specific cameras. You can setup email alerts so you will always know exactly who is at the door. We even have systems that can enable you to talk through external speakers. Now your residents can leave instructions for a mailman, tell their child where they left the spare key, or tell an unwanted visitor to vacate the property.

If you do not have the time or manpower to live monitor your own neighborhood security cameras, there are companies like Digital Security Guard who can do it for you. Digital Security Guard has licensed security professionals remotely monitoring your property 24/7. They work in tandem with on the ground guards and local law enforcement to investigate suspicious activity and halt criminal action. No matter if you use an outside company or do the monitoring yourself, a system is the best way to stop criminals before they can commit an infraction.

Now that you know all of the benefits of having a neighborhood security system, it’s time to face some tough news: not all neighborhood security cameras are created equal. is one of the largest retail and wholesale sellers and manufacturers of security camera and access control systems. That is because we offer many perks and free services to our customers.

The first and most important reason that should be your choice for neighborhood security systems is the superior selection and quality of our equipment. Every product we sell is tested inside and out to make sure that the software works great and the hardware is built sturdily. The products we offer are manufactured by our company, so we can control the quality, for you. also has hundreds of security products to choose from, which allows you to craft the perfect security solution for your community. We have cameras is dome, bullet, and wedge styles and in a wide variety of megapixel options. There are cameras in both black and white to blend nicely to a variety of building facades and interior decors. When it comes to recorders, we have both Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and Network Video Recorders (NVRs). Both our DVRs and NVRs come in 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, and 128 channel sizes. We also sell all of the accessories you may need such as hard drives, baluns, and lock boxes. We also have an extensive stock of cables from HDMI to siamese in a variety of lengths.

Neighborhood Security CamerasHere at, we also pride ourselves on providing user friendly equipment for all levels of familiarity with neighborhood security cameras. Our newest line is Sibell by eLine Technologies. Sibell cameras and recorders have a user friendly interface that utilizes clear, graphical navigation. Our Sibell IP network cameras provide the best HD quality without an outrageous price tag. The greatest benefit of a Sibell system though, is its HD Over Coax capabilities. HD over Coax allows a seamless integration of analog and digital equipment. Our Quadbrid cameras cameras provide TVI, CVI, AHD, and Analog outputs all in one camera. We also offer the free software and app for remote viewing with every Sibell purchase. All of this, along with the sleek and sturdy look of each Sibell item, makes it the perfect option for your security needs.

No matter where you live and work, safety is always a top concern. If you are looking into neighborhood security cameras, there is no better place to shop than!

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Neighborhood Security Cameras

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