Outdoor Camera System
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Outdoor Camera System

An outdoor camera system for surveillance and security purposes is the norm for protecting all manner of locations that are in need of surveillance. Unique to its surroundings, there are a great number of variables that accompany the installation of an outdoor camera system. Security cameras alone have a wide-ranging versatility, each one specializing in certain functions specifically designed for their unique capabilities. At Security Camera King we understand the surveillance and security industry and have been working to help ensure our clients receive the absolute best equipment to suit their surveillance needs and to get the most out of their outdoor camera system. No two clients are alike, and each location has its own personal nuances to address that will allow 100% full protection. No matter what your needs are for an outdoor camera system, Security Camera King can and will deliver the best products, advice, and customer service to leave you feeling fully protected.

Uses For an Outdoor Camera System

All sorts of companies, as well as private individuals, have any number of benefits to gain from implementing a security outdoor camera system. Below are a list of some of the uses putting a surveillance system in place can provide you or your company with:

  • Property Protection
  • Loss Prevention
  • Criminal Activity Prevention
  • 24/7 Video Monitoring

All of these are ways to save your company money, protect your property, and retain an overall peace of mind that allows you to focus more on your business and other things at hand. We have been employed by a variety of companies and individuals to supplement their own visions and maintain a feeling of protection. Whether it be security for a parking lot, warehouse, private residence, government property, or simply business location surveillance, Security Camera King has addressed it and can assist you in finding the best solutions for your outdoor camera system.

Products for an Outdoor Camera System

Security Camera King is a premier security provider and manufactures and distributes all manner of products for your outdoor camera system. We pride ourselves on carrying only the best, high-quality products that we would personally employ for our own security and surveillance purposes. From security cameras to digital or network video recorders and all their accompanying accessories, Security Camera King can help you find the right products to suit your surveillance system. Security Cameras alone come with a wide variety of types that specialize in particular purposes.

  • Bullet Cameras are some of the more weather resistant types and can be some of the easiest for anyone to install.
  • Box Security Cameras are the original security camera design and comes with the possibility to change out lenses to enable maximum clarity for its picture.
  • Dome cameras are made to work with an outdoor camera system if your needs bleed into monitoring indoor areas of your location.
  • Pan Tilt Cameras offers the ability to be adjusted remotely, enabling the user to zoom in and out to focus on a specific area that needs protection.

Video Storage is another part of your outdoor camera system that needs to be implemented to retain all of the CCTV footage acquired through monitoring your premises. These come in a variety of different brands and styles, and Security Camera King carries all of the best digital and network video recorders. Some of the recorders are made to only hold onto a limited amount of surveillance footage that you have obtained, while others are able to store weeks or months of footage, depending on the memory capacity. Every person has a different length of time they are looking for to be stored. For example, Cannabis Business security has a mandatory period asked of them to store footage in order to remain in compliance with their state laws, while a private residence might only call for a 24-48 hour period of stored video. Contact Us at Security Camera King for advice on what timetable best suits your needs so that we may recommend the appropriate DVR/ NVR and accompanying network to meet those needs.

One of the other aspects of an outdoor camera system is the surrounding technology that has also progress to supplement this common technology. Security Camera King works in partnership with the company Digital Security Guard to bring the latest in digital video monitoring to our clients. Digital Video Monitoring, or Remote Video Monitoring, is a way to keep 24/7 surveillance on your property while utilizing an outsourced company that watches over all of the monitors securing your location. Unlike traditional security methods, employing a digital video service can save you money by no longer having to maintain a shift on people that remain on location for the hours you are most concerned about. By working hand in hand with response teams, Digital Security Guard guarantees their ability to keep your surveillance system as proactive rather than reactionary.

Utilizing this technology and the other capabilities behind an outdoor camera system can depend on the accompanying network you decide to implement along with your security camera equipment. We at Security Camera King offer different device software and network connection options to ensure you are getting what you want from your outdoor camera system. Our team of highly trained and experienced security professionals can offer quality support and advice so that you feel comfortable putting all of these moving parts into place.

Security Camera King is a team that is out on a mission to share our knowledge of security and surveillance systems for all clients that are in need of protection. We are a top distributor in the country and offer competitive, wholesale prices since we only work with the top manufacturers of security products in the surveillance industry. Contact Us at the provided link with any questions or concerns that we are able to address and help you with to calm your anxieties surrounding your new outdoor camera system. Visit our website at Security Camera King for a full view of all the products we offer through our online warehouse, and let us at Security Camera King impress you with our top-notch service and advice.

Outdoor Camera System

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