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As electronic technology and microchip design advances, so too do security alarm systems security equipment. These systems can be purchased with features to accommodate a variety of different alarm and alert requirements for both residential and commercial applications, including auto dialing several different telephone numbers upon activation. Thanks to compact electronics and their simple design, these systems can easily be self-installed, set-up, and operated.

Most security alarms systems security equipment these days are component based systems. This means that each component can be made by a different manufacturer or differ in type and application yet work together as one unit to provide optimum security alarms and alert notifications.

Although alarms systems are designed to accommodate different situations based on each application, there are some common features for most systems. Two of the most common security alarms systems security equipment are the control panel and the sensor. Additional equipment may include keychain wireless transmitters, back-up batteries, and automatic dialers.

A security alarm system works by using sensors at various locations around the room, building, or property that is being protected. These sensors are connected in some manner to the master control panel, and are often referred to in the security alarm industry as “points” on the control panel. For example, an eight point master control panel has connections for up to eight different sensors. Depending on the system design, these sensors are connected to the control panel via a wire run from each sensor to the panel or wirelessly via a radio signal.

If the security alarm systems security equipment is the wireless type, each sensor will contain its own sensor, power supply, and transmitter. The power supply for these units is usually a small lithium ion battery (that may be rechargeable) with a long life (some units boast up to a two year battery longevity period). The transmitter is a small radio signal transmitter set to a specific frequency with a limited range.

Security alarm systems security equipment sensors are too numerous in type to list them all here, but there are two types that are used the most often. This includes a door/window magnetic switch sensor and a motion detector.

Door/window magnetic switch sensors are mounted on the edge of doors and window frames with a small, fixed magnet mounted on the edge of the door or window. As long as the magnet and magnetic switch remain within the magnetic field of each other, as when the door or window is in the closed position, the master control panel does not initiate an alarm response. However, if the magnet and magnetic switch are separated from each other outside the magnetic field, the sensor is “triggered” and the master control panel initiates whatever response it is capable of producing (alarm, alert, auto dialing or a combination of the three) based on the pre-programming conducted during the set-up of the system.

The motion detector is usually a Passive InfraRed or PIR sensor. This sensor can detect sudden changes in infrared radiation, such as when an object moves in front of another. When the PIR sensor detects this infrared radiation difference, it assumes that it was created by an object in motion (burglar, vandal, or some other object) and it triggers the master control panel to initiate a response.

Simple do-it-yourself alarm installations may contain as little as two window/door sensors and a motion detector. For example, an apartment with one door and one window could be configured with a sensor on each and a motion detector could be placed in a central location to the apartment rooms (such as a common hall). The window/door sensors provide protection from unauthorized entry and the motion detector would provide coverage from any other method of unauthorized entry.

In addition to these sensors security alarm systems security equipment sensors may also include:
• Water detectors (flooding);
• Temperature and/or humidity;
• Pool entry;
• Safe entry;
• Individual room or area (often called “zones”) encroachment;
• Gas detection (such as carbon monoxide); and,
• Smoke and fire detection.

Security Camera King offers a wide variety of security alarm systems security equipment and professional 24/7 monitoring. This includes digital video security cameras in addition to the alarm sensors so the system can not only alarm or notify for a programmed event, but can also document the event in progress and provide positive identification of the intruder(s). Contact our security experts for more information or to purchase yours today.


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