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Wholesale Security Systems Benefit A Variety Of Industries

When it comes to commercial surveillance, a company’s needs can often be complex. There are many manufacturers online who mass produce security equipment, but are nowhere to be found when a problem arises or training is needed. When the fate of your business relies on it, depend on Security Camera King to supply and support your security solution. We have wholesale security systems at unbeatable prices that can greatly benefit a variety of industries. 


Retail and Shipping

Retail stores and shipping bays are already on high alert when it comes to preventing product loss. Many employ security guards, cameras, and tag detectors at the entrances. However, theft is still an issue and there are far better security solutions than what is the norm. Security Camera King has a variety of options perfectly suited to improving your commercial goods security system. 


What if your security system could not only survey but also help protect an area? That is possible with an active deterrence surveillance system. Active deterrence cameras use advanced AI analytics to accurately detect motion and monitor within predetermined boundaries. But it does not only detect. These cameras are able to trip alarms and sirens when an intruder breaches your set no-cross lines. You will be able to scare away thieves, vandalists, and trespassers while letting your neighbors know of nearby danger.


It can also be important to have a clear and complete picture of an area after a crime. Being able to make out identifying characteristics can be extremely useful in finding the individual. Previously, nighttime recordings meant a grainy, black and white picture. This leads to important details being missed. Fortunately, a better solution made its way to the market. Starlight cameras use precise technology to provide full-color video, even in low light situations. This gives you the best chance of recovering stolen goods and bringing the criminal to justice. 


Unfortunately, a criminal threat does not always come from outside sources. It is equally important to monitor your property for misdeeds by customers and employees. A thorough security system will help you catch instances of negligence, internal theft, and protect you from false allegations. 


Cannabis Compliance

Security outfitting for the cannabis industry is much more complex than the average job. It requires in-depth knowledge of both CCTV technologies and cannabis security regulations. Laws vary from state to state, making it nearly impossible to find universally compatible plug and play wholesale security systems. Security Camera King goes far beyond just supplying surveillance equipment to the cannabis industry. We provide complimentary assessments and layout design services. Cannabis businesses around the country, from grow houses to dispensaries, have turned to Security Camera King for even the most complex security needs. Here are a few reasons why we lead the pack in this field:


We Know The Industry

SCK has worked with marijuana businesses since the earliest days of legalization. We have taken the time to educate ourselves as a company and as individual representatives to thoroughly understand the laws of each cannabis-friendly state. You will have help from start to finish, and not be left guessing if you are choosing compliant equipment. Our free layout planning means that you not only get the best equipment, you also get the most efficient design possible. Depending on your local regulations, we have both IP systems and more budget-friendly HD over Coax systems. 

“I wanted to thank Security Camera King for getting me the right cameras and assuring me they would pass. My LCB field agent was happy to see everything was operating properly and I had a flawless inspection.”- NW Chronicles LLC 

“I went with because they were the only ones who knew what they were talking about. They know i-502 and had spoken with inspectors during final inspections and could give me the complex configuration I wanted. I have and do recommend them for your I-502 and other video needs.” – Ike’s Pot Shop


Ongoing Tech Support

We stand behind our quality equipment 100%, but we know that sometimes technical issues will arise. That is why we provide industry-leading warranties and tech support for the life of your products. In the cannabis industry, a malfunction in your security system can be more than an inconvenience. It can actually be against the law if you do not repair it within a reasonable time frame. SCK knows this and provides priority tech support status to all of our cannabis industry customers. 

“They were upbeat and friendly and always available to help. Working with them was a pleasure. I am happy with my equipment and tech support has been a great help. The whole team was really great to work with.” – L Town Enterprises LLC


Gated Communities

The residents of a gated community trust their managing body implicity to keep them safe. Security Camera King has a variety of wholesale security systems to help them make good on that promise. One of these is our license plate camera. While gate guards will usually only check the identity of a car’s driver, it is useful to keep detailed records of the cars that drive through your gate. This can help in the unfortunate event of a crime. Our 4-megapixel camera is low light optimized for night vision over 300 feet. It also has an audio connection for communities in states that allow audio recording. 


Another helpful service we offer is access control. Many communities need separate pedestrian gates at the entrances. There are also often amenity areas to secure. We have access control options with a variety of verification types including pin number, passcode, FOB, and key card. You can ensure that only employees, residents, and guests have access to your community, resident’s homes, and the many leisure areas inside. 


For your business, you would only want to hire the best and brightest in their field. The same should go for the contractors you choose to work with. Security Camera King is not just a supplier and manufacturer. We are a team of dedicated workers and security enthusiasts. Contact us today to find your business’s optimal surveillance system. 

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