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I-502 and Amendment 64 – How do I know if I am getting 45 days of recording?

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Monday, May 18th, 2015

I-502, Amendment 64, and everyone else who wants to get X amount of days of continuous recording.


If you have a law that dictates a recording need, or you have a personal requirement, this guide will focus on how you can evaluate your hard drive space.  You cannot specify in your DVR to achieve 45 days of recording, so this is done by having settings that produce this particular result.  There are hard drive calculators out there, but they are only estimates.  So this guide will help you view your actual file sizes so that you know exactly what you are getting.  Our sales department will use a couple pieces of information when evaluating this need.  1)  They will remove 10 percent immediately when they estimate the hard drive.  The reason for this is that a 4 TB hard drive will never be 4 TB when it is formatted or utilized.  Approximately 10 percent of the space will not be available.  2) They will use our CCTV Hard Drive Calculator that is located in our CCTV learning center.  Let’s say you have 32 cameras for the sake of this article.   You would choose 32 cameras at D1 resolution, 10 frames per second, 24 hours per day, and 45 days to find the hard drive requirement.  Since calculators are an estimate, let’s move on to the actual files.

Smart PSS is great for finding your file sizes

Make sure you have Smart PSS installed and configured to view playback from your DVR.  We are going to use it as a tool to find our file sizes.  Your computer needs to be plugged into a router, and your DVR needs to be plugged into the same router, and they need to be on the same network scheme in order to access it through Smart PSS.  When recording full time, every hour is recorded as one file, so everyday should have 24 files per camera to allow for a 24 hour day.

The first thing you need to do from the playback window is select camera 1 and use any date while you click the search button.  You should see a timeline populate with a green line that you can click on to view playback, but for the sake of this article, we care more about the files than the playback.  We are going to click on the Event button, so we can see the actual files listed.   This article is based on all cameras being the same model as well as having the same settings.  Therefore, if you have any differences, you will have to calculate each channel separately.


Now it is time for some math

The DVR on my desk shows 770 MB for each hour, so we can multiply that number times 24 to see how much hard drive space one camera will need per day.  Then we will multiply times 32 cameras to see how much hard drive space all my cameras will need for each day.  Then we can multiply that number times 45 days to see how much hard drive space will be needed.

Data Measurement Chart
Data Measurement Size
Bit Single Binary Digit (1 or 0)
Byte 8 bits
Kilobyte (KB) 1,024 Bytes
Megabyte (MB) 1,024 Kilobytes (KB)
Gigabyte (GB) 1,024 Megabytes (MB)
Terabyte (TB) 1,024 Gigabytes (GB)
Petabyte (PB) 1,024 Terabytes (TB)
Exabyte (EB) 1,024 Petabytes (PB)

Based on my camera file size, we can do the math.  So I will multiply 770 MB times 24 to get 18480 MB, and divide by 1024 to get 18.05 GB.  Next I will multiply 18.05 times 32 to get 577.6 GB to have my daily Hard Drive requirement for 32 cameras.  Next I will multiply times 45 to get 25992, which divided by 1024 is 25.38 TB.  So what I have learned is that 770 MB per hour is way too big of a file size and will require an enormous amount of Hard Drive Space to house 45 days of recording for 32 cameras.  I check my encoding section of my DVR and notice that it is set to 960H with 30 frames per second and a bit rate of 2048 Kb/S.  The calculator on our website seems to be based on a bit rate of about 384 Kbps.   So if I drop my resolution to D1 with 10 frames per second, I can dramatically change my hard drive usage.  Let us see what happens when I do that.

It looks like these new settings are producing a file size of 193.52 MB, which is a huge decrease from the whopping 770 MB that I had with the higher settings.  Now we will multiply that times 24 (hours) to give 4644.48 MB and then divide by 1024 to give 4.53 GB for one day of recording space.  Now we multiply that times 32 (cameras) to get 144.96 GB for all 32 cameras to record one day.  Now we will multiply times 45 (days), and we get 6523.2 GB which is 6.37 TB when divided by 1024.  Now that is a number that we can live with since two 4 TB drives should fit that amount of files safely.

  1. Filesize  x  24 = camera space per day / 1024 = number in Gigabytes
  2. Camera space per day  x  number of cameras = all cameras per day in Gigabytes
  3. All cameras per day  x  45 days = Total space / 1024 = Total space in Terrabytes

In Conclusion

This has becoming an increasingly more important topic with all the new I-502 and Amendment 64 businesses that are launching, and the need for people to know their exact numbers.  I do recommend to anyone that has a strict requirement for hard drive space that they should double up on their hard drives so they can be prepared for the possibility of a hard drive failure.  What happens when your hard drives fail?  If you are calculating your space based on very specific settings, and then you do not have one of your hard drives, you will no longer meet that requirement.  It is important to have redundancy for the most fragile component of your setup.  Hard drives can last a long time without failure, but these larger drives are more complex devices being put through the stress of trying to record 32 channels of video at one time, for example.  It is wise not to run a business where all your faith is placed in Hard Drives lasting through massive amounts of nonstop recording and high demands.  With that said, it is good to meet your requirement, and then double it so that you can have the piece of mind that your business deserves.

Also, you can always call us to do the math for you.


I-502 and Amendment 64 Contingency Planning: Part 2 – Backup! Backup!

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Wednesday, December 31st, 2014


Several months ago I touched on the need for contingency and congruency planning in Part one to this article. In regards to I-502 and Amendment 64 as well as any situation, it is important to have proper planning in place. The truth is, the best contingency plan is having backup solutions.  Backing up your data ensures you always have proof you’ve been in compliance with the state minimums.  Having backup equipment means that even the worst disasters won’t cripple or possibly even slow your business. Having extra cable and connectors means you can add or move cameras without breaking pace. In short, back up everything and have a backup for everything!  Doing so will benefit yourself and your business tremendously!

64 CH Channel NVR

Backing up your data protects you by guaranteeing you always have proof that you have been in compliance with the state minimums. Dealing with a government entity often makes it important to go beyond those state minimums by having such a backup for a multitude of reasons. And when we talk data, the reasons for doing so cannot be under emphasized especially when you have several solutions open to you.  The first and most obvious reason is to avoid possible fines if a part of your system becomes damaged in a major accident.  The second, is if you expand, you have room to store the extra surveillance data you may need to collect to keep in compliance.  The third is having extended backups which ensures you have the ability to look back even further if you discover a cause for loss of product or damaged product. Backing up your system by mirroring the data with our new NVR-ELH-64, for example, can save you much time and money! Another option with this NVR is that the hard drives are hot swappable. This means you can switch out the drives without having to restart the machine! Another alternative is having an external hard drive attached via an E-SATA port that can be found on most of our Full Size, 2U systems. And of course, the simple but effective preparation of stacking extra internal hard drives will also offer increased storage options! With our new 6TB hard drives this is easier than ever!  Even if you are just backing up your files once a week, the potential to save you incident is worth the time invested. And, the peace of mind is priceless.  There is of course one other option that we generally don’t recommend, but is possible if you have a competent tech team. That is an File Transfer Protocol server.  Saving or backing up your data to an FTP can be configured at the DVR and can be an effective way of duplicating your data.

CCTV Hard Drive

Having backup hardware or equipment offers you further protection from even the worst Acts of God, preventing what might be potentially business crippling loss, or possibly even slowing your business down.  We believe so much in this option that any equipment you request beyond what we quote you as necessary to pass inspection we offer an additional discount on!  This can save you hundreds if not thousands on later expansions, express/emergency shipping, not to mention delays in production!   Losing a Digital Video Recorder to fire could seem monstrously crippling, but if you have a backup on hand you can simply swap without having to cut those areas from your production cycle!  This can be invaluable!  From grower to producer to Retail, losing any integral segment of your flow can slow profits and cost you exponentially more than the equipment itself.  Any equipment that is vital or integral to your system should receive the same level of backup planning; your surveillance system is no exception.  Backup equipment is an investment in your business a preparation for your future.

Siamese Cable

Having extra cable and connectors means you can add or move cameras without breaking pace.  In the old days of wired networking, network engineers would pre-run all the cables to all the potential desktop locations. Whether these locations were being utilized or not was irrelevant as they wanted to be able to have the ability to move a system wherever it was needed without having to re-run all the lines or call in for extra man hours to move an existing line.  The same type of method is effective for surveillance systems.  As wireless is still not stable enough for a camera system that must remain running for 45 days without interruption and sending high amounts of image data across the network, surveillance is still limited by cable.  Since it is, it is best to run as much cable in advance of your infrastructure as possible. God forbid you have to dig up a new line through an outdoor grow.  Or turn off a light breaker while running a new line through the wall on an indoor grow.  Doing so in advance allows for growth and other contingencies to transition smoothly and without interrupting your operation.  It is also important to consider a higher quality of cable as a built-in back up.  Our braided shielded cable can provide you with extra protection from interference that can cause distorted or grainy video content.  In the long run this can pay for itself in its loss prevention and more stable connection.  Before we close this topic, a final consideration in regards to cable is surge protection.  At your request we have cable surge protectors that can protect your cameras from damage, securing your investment even further. You can also find third party surge protectors which can provide an extra layer of protection to a variety of your electronics and is more than a worthwhile investment.

Cox Surge Protector for Surveillance Cameras

So now we’ve had the opportunity to go further in depth on our contingency options as well as made some recommendations to you or at least offered you some avenues in which to further secure your investment.  Backing up and having alternative solutions to your data, equipment, and cabling provides you with security from the state and from theft that can cost you thousands over the long run.  Protecting your best interest is in our best interest and in that endeavor we look to offer more service and products as your business grows.


Marijuana Legalization – America and the New Green Rush (or Purple or Red)

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Monday, December 22nd, 2014

Over the past few years Americans who were once having to go to shady parts of town, or deal with some sometimes undesirable people just to get something the Federal Government claims should be illegal, have been able to come out to mainstream.  Well there have been some states whose citizens know that there should be marijuana legalization, and have legalized Marijuana for legal sale and use.  This being said, even with their agreement on the legalization there have been some differing of opinions on the rules and regulations of this new product.  Now that two new states have passed the legalization as well as the District of Columbia, even more wider variances of regulation are going to take place.


The first state to fully pass recreational usage was Washington with their citizens passing Initiative 502 or I-502 as it has become known.  Initiative 502 was then turned into Washington Administrative Code 314-55 or WAC 314-55, when it passed through the State Legislature.  Now with the creation of this industry and regulations, you can clearly see that the people who helped to draft these regulations honestly didn’t know about half of the things they were writing specifications on.  The reason I can say this is from a simple area with regards to section 83 of the code referring to the cameras recording resolution.  Anyone with half of a brain in the industry knows that 640 x 470 is not an actual resolution, it is close to VGA (Video Graphics Array), the blue connector on the back of a computer or the old school computer monitor resolution.  The closed circuit television industry does have some resolutions that are below the 640 x 470, but most systems purchased today have the ability to recorded at D1 (704 x 480 ) resolution.  This being said, not all of these systems can record at the newly inputted 10fps that the law requires.  From my experience with the help of WAC 314-55 applicants, even the inspectors at the beginning for sure, had little knowledge as to what they were even inspecting or looking at with regards to a large chunk of the law.  Now, to their defense, they have done a really good job in learning at a relatively decent pace.  In the beginning there was a ton of confusion, and what would pass with one inspector may not pass with another.  Unfortunately this was primarily due to the fact that this was a brand new industry, legally at least.

One thing that we at have prided ourselves on is that we learn from every applicant and inspector that we come into contact with.  For example, we have found that when Labor and Industry is involved in the electrical inspection, you better have your camera system spot on or they will fail you.  However, if Labor and Industry is not involved you can be more relaxed on the wiring of the system.  Now to the defense of Labor and Industry, they are an electrical inspector and should be a little harder on High Voltage, but they bring that into Low Voltage.  If for some reason you are going to have Labor and Industry at your facility for any reason there are one of two things you are going to want to do.  First, would be try and have the camera system installed after they have passed your High Voltage portion of the build out.  The second, if that is not possible is to make sure whatever power supply you are going to be using for your camera system is UL listed.  This is because unfortunately in the United States of America, we still put too much emphasis on UL listings.  I would personally rather have a RoHS or CE certified unit, as the Europeans still have. The companies as organizations that truly look out for the country and not a For Profit Company that really has no basis on a lot of what may “Pass”. This is my opinion and what I feel is the truth.  The WAC 314-55 has been one of the most in-depth and thorough laws on the books to date, and other countries are even looking at this law to implement into their country.


The second state to legalize the recreational growing, processing, sale, and use of marijuana is Colorado.  Now when it comes to the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, they previously had standards in place for the growing, processing, and sale of Medical Marijuana.  This made a transition to recreational easier, but still a little convoluted.   Once the recreational came, the first group allowed to participate were previously licensed medical facilities.  Now that this is the case, it made it harder to change the existing specifications to the current systems in place.  After the state opened the recreational sale, processing, and growing up to other groups, they have updated some of the specifications.  They have increased the time required to store the footage to 40 days.  One major thing the state hasn’t set forth a specification of is the frames per second required. Anyone who understands video you need to have a minimum of 7fps to be considered video, otherwise it is just a collection of images and things can happen that can’t be seen.  One of the best things the state has required is the fact that the systems are required to have a battery backup to keep the system running for up to 4 hours.  They have lacked tremendously on the requirements for the video resolution and I find this to be a hazard as the way it is worded leaves a significant amount to interpretation.  When you state, “Camera….shall allow for the clear and certain identification of any individual and activities on the Licensed Premises,” this can leave a lot of room for interpretation. I stare at cameras all day everyday and can see details in even the worst recordings that most wont pick out.  So my opinion on what could pass and what a novice would see in the same footage.

All of this being said, until the federal government legalizes marijuana and sets up regulations, we will have major fluctuations with every new state that comes on board.  My hope is that whatever new state comes on board, they will sit down with the proper experts with regards to every detail that they don’t specialize in.  Leave it to a group of experts to come up with the best requirements to fulfill the requirements. For more information about Washington’s WAC 314-55 check out this and many other articles on our website.


Marijuana Consumption in Colorado

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Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Important Information about Colorado’s Amendment 64

marijuana business

At Techpro Security Products we have been really open minded and understanding of the positive side in legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana for personal recreational and medical use. In turn, we have been offering discounts to companies who grow and sell marijuana legally. Whether for medical or recreational use, we try to help all companies understand the legal side of marijuana businesses who are currently getting started in selling marijuana products.

We started by advertising to businesses in Washington and have done so well in helping out those businesses understand what they need, that we decided to start promoting and offering discounts to businesses all over the world in areas where marijuana has been legalized.

As of Jan 15th, 2015 Techpro Security Products will have opened a new location out in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. At the time that this article was being written, we are in the process of opening up our western offices at:

9500 W 49th Ave #D106
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

We will soon begin marketing to all of the grow operations, medical, and recreational marijuana product businesses. If you are a business looking for information on getting started, please give us a call and we can help you plan out the required security camera system needed for your layout. Just let us know that you are an Amendment 64 or i502 Customer and we will gladly offer you a discount for choosing as your surveillance equipment supplier. We have also begun selling Access Control Products, if you’re looking to protect certain areas of your business with magnetic locks or access control key cards.

Since we are planning this big move, Techpro is relocating six of its knowledgeable employees in order to open up this new western office. I will be one of the people moving out West and I can say that I am extremely excited about this move. There are many reasons that I have wanted to get out of Florida and when I was offered with the opportunity to leave, I jumped at the chance.

In order for me to make this move, I had to go out to CO and find a place to live. Upon my arrival, I noticed that things work very different in Colorado. The first thing I noticed is that the real estate industry is booming out there. It’s near impossible to get an agent to show you houses for rent. Most of the places available are going to be apartment complexes and condos for rent, but houses are hard to find. All of the agents I spoke with mentioned that they are trying to sell houses since they don’t make much on renting. I must have contacted hundreds of people and only a select few were able to contact me back while I was out there for a weekend. Unfortunately, I wasn’t even able to see all of the houses I drove by to check out because most real estate agents out there do not work on the weekends. There are so many places still building new houses to accommodate all the new people moving in.

new homes being built in colorado

new homes being built in colorado

I decided to bring my brother out there with me in order to help me. He’s an avid marijuana user and was excited to get the chance to check out the recreational shops out there during our time house hunting. I learned many things while out there that I feel everyone should know.

colorado marijuana shop

colorado marijuana shop

First, there are eight rules that you will want to follow when it comes to using marijuana products in Colorado as a tourist.

  1. You must be over 21 and have a valid form of identification to enter any marijuana storefront unless you have a medical card.My brother is over 21 but he had a license with him that had expired. Some shops out there will not even let you in the door if this is the case. He did, however, have a concealed weapons license which is still valid so the security at the door was nice enough to accept that as a valid form of ID and allowed him to enter the stores. Be sure to get your ID renewed if it has expired before trying to get into one of these places.
  2. It is not legal to consume any marijuana product in public. This includes parks, stores, shops, streets, schools, hotels, vehicles and so on.
  3. There is always a catch. If you come in from out of town, technically, you’re not supposed to buy marijuana or marijuana infused products and consume them anywhere but inside of a home. If you are not inside of your own home, you’re supposed to be at a friend’s home or a home where the owner allows you to openly smoke. There is one place that we found out about called G’Spot, Gary’s Rec Room. I will talk more about that a little later in this article. I did notice that there were people smoking out in public and in their hotel rooms, but this is not something that should be risked. Especially, if you are from out of town. There are still a lot of people against it and it wouldn’t be very nice to blow smoke in their face if they’re walking past you on the street. Smoking in your vehicle could lead to a DUI charge. It’s not much different from having an open container while in your vehicle.

  4. Any marijuana product purchased shall be purchased from a dispensary. You may not purchase any marijuana or marijuana products from someone who is not licensed to sell it.Do not buy marijuana from friends or street dealers. They may give you a little bit of a better price on the product, but it’s going to get you in a lot of unnecessary trouble if you get caught. The whole point of legalizing it for recreational use is so that it’s regulated and taxed by the government. This actually has a lot of benefits that I will also explain below.
  5. No Driving While Under The Influence. You will get a DUI.
  6. Only an ounce at a time may be purchased if you’re a resident of Colorado. Non-Residents may purchase up to 1/4 ounce but anyone, resident or not, may carry up to an ounce on them.
  7. If you’re caught smoking in public you will be facing a civil penalty. It’s usually a ticket you get and can pay off online.
  8. Edibles follow the same rules.
  9. Last but certainly not least, you absolutely may not travel with it across state lines. At least not until all the states legalize it.

In Rule #2 I mentioned a place called Gary’s Rec Room. If you’re ever visiting out in Denver and want a place to smoke, there is a man named Gary who has opened his home to marijuana smokers. You can call him to let him know you’re coming by (make sure it’s open) and you will meet him ahead of time in order to become his “friend”. Once you get to his place, you will notice that this is a very cool hangout spot. He will happily greet you at the door, where you can leave him a $5 donation when walking in. This is a strictly BYO (Bring Your Own) rec room and as long as you bring your own marijuana, you may legally consume it at your new friend’s house. He has two awesome map posters on his walls; one of the US, and one of the rest of the world. When you enter his home, he will hand you a pin and ask that you place it in the spot where you are visiting from. Here is a cool photo I took of one of the posters.

Gary's Rec Room Visitor Poster

You can see that there are many people from all over the country that have visited Gary’s home. He also has an amazing mantle filled with different pieces of glass. Many cool pipes to choose from that previous visitors left behind because they couldn’t take it with them when traveling back home. Here is a photo of his contact information if you’re interested in stopping by:

G'Spot - Gary's Rec Room

One of the coolest things I learned while out there is that South Denver used to pretty much be where the bad ghettos were located. Gary informed me that next door to his house was a biker bar. People got into fights and were stabbed on a regular basis. The streets were broken, there were no streetlights, and there was a lot of crime in the area. Once they allowed the dispensaries to move in, there was enough money to fix many of the streets. Now they are fixing up all of the roads, street lights were put in, Christmas lights light up the trees during the holidays, and better yet, the bikers have shut down the bar and moved on to another area. Allowing marijuana businesses into Colorado has had a huge effect on it’s economy. They actually finally have a surplus amount of funds to fix the cities. Crime has gone down drastically, and people are all around really nice in Colorado from my experience there. Other states should take note and end the prohibition of marijuana because it can definitely lead to great things in this country. Remember, Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean that everyone’s going to do it. It’s definitely not for everyone and there are many people who still will not consume these products just like there are many people who are not into drinking alcohol.

Another thing I learned was that there are many different type of strains and marijuana products. It’s really an amazing plants. There are so many uses. From textiles, to edibles, to marijuana cigarettes. Every single product has a different use and even the marijuana strains will have different effects depending on what you’re looking for. There are indica strains which are more for people who want to relax. It’s the type of strain that will leave you “couch locked” which means it’s great for winding down and getting ready for bed. The indica strains will also have more of the pain healing effects. There are sativa’s which are great for euphoria, creativity, and being energetic. These strains are best for going out to a club, studying for a test, or even going out to do something active. For example, there was one strain called “Fire Stomper” that I really liked, personally. It kept me energetic and alert and did not have the “lazy” effect that smoking some strains give you. There are even hybrids which give you best of both worlds and other forms like dabs which is a newly concentrated form that is much stronger than smoking the bud itself.


fire stomper marijuana

On the other side, there are many other products like edibles, lotions, and salves. There are lip balm products, pain creams, and many more personal care products. As for edibles, there are many products available such as chocolate bars, gummy bears, drinks, and more. All of the products are labeled with information on how to consume it and what the effects are.

420 lip balm

420 edibles

firecracker edibles

420 edible chocolates

weed edible candies

thc gummy bears

As you can see, this business has actually helped America out a lot. There are so many people who are benefiting from it’s use and Colorado is a state that is growing very rapidly because of it. It seems that the realtors out there are doing great at getting people into new homes because so many people are moving out there now. Same thing goes for Washington. The cities in these states are so different from what they were a year ago and I really hope that people begin to see all of the upsides to legalizing marijuana use in all of the other states in America. I have even heard stories of children with really bad epilepsy that have been pretty much cured because marijuana edibles keep the seizures at bay. I have even been around cancer patients that were so sick from chemo and interferon and this drug helped them through treatment by giving them an appetite and helping them through the pain. For those who see this “drug” as one that people only want to use to get high, you’re wrong. There are hundreds of other uses that can help everyone!

If this does go through within the next few years, we will definitely keep our doors open and welcome any marijuana business that wants to purchase our products to protect their investments! We will still be offering to help in any way we can because we believe that the benefits certainly outweigh any downsides presented. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions you may have on the legalities of your business when it comes to any of your security or surveillance needs. We have been studying this for a while now and learning the detailed specifics of every state that legalizes it in order to help you as best we can!


Advantages to Modeling Your Colorado Amendment 64 and I-502 Layout

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Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Amendment 64 Layout

Modeling Advantages for Washington Initiative 502 and Colorado Amendment 64: Introduction

So you’ve created the layout for your facility in order to submit it to the state, but now you are running into the questions like “How many cameras do I need?” or “Where and how do I position my cameras?”  Your first consideration should always be the governing authority’s prerequisites, and you’ll find few who are as informed as we here at Security Camera King. We have specialists in both the Washington Initiative 502 and Colorado Amendment 64’s rules and regulations. One of the reasons our customers are so successful at passing the boards and becoming licensed is precise layouts and camera placement.  One advantage we offer our Amendment 64 and I-502 customers is a 3D model of your facility.  This model can offer you several advantages that you would not otherwise have.  First, modeling your layout will give you an edge with the Washington Liquor Control Board or Colorado Department of Revenue by providing them with a precise example of where and how you are establishing camera coverage and security measures.  Second, designing this model can provide investors, contractors, employees, and coworkers with a professional rendering or rendition of the vision you have for your business.   And finally, modeling will help you with spatial planning by offering you a visual representation of how your grow area will look, work and function including how your surveillance and security systems will fit in.  This gives our customers a definite advantage over their competition!


Modeling Advantages for Initiative 502 and Amendment 64: Application

Modeling your I-502 or Amendment 64 layout allows you to have advantages normal applicants wont have! What do I mean? Let me be more specific. You can outline camera locations to give coverage from positions that may normally look to be obstructed on a traditional 2-dimensional layout. This allows us at Security Camera King to provide our customers with a more accurate camera count.  These counts are also far more precise in their coverage, which as a result allows you to express to the governing authority more directly what areas will be visible to the camera. For example, if you have a warehouse with a 15 foot ceiling and a 10 foot high grow, it would appear on a 2D layout as if the camera isn’t covering the full grow or that the camera’s vision is blocked by the grow itself.  However, on a 3D sketch up, you can clearly see the camera is overlooking the grow, providing coverage of all persons working on your product.  In another example we may find that a camera can cover 2 egress points because of a unique position not normally discernable on a 2d floor plan.  This level of detail gives Colorado’s Department of Revenue for Amendment 64 licensees or Washington’s Liquor Control Board for Initiative 502 applicants, a more precise depiction of your intent, allowing for faster approval of applications and licenses.  The level of detail a 3D rendering rendering is not just useful to the Liquor Control Board and Department of Revenue alone!


Modeling Advantages for Investors, Contractors, Employees and Coworkers

Modeling can also assist in providing an example of your idea to investors, co-workers, employees or even contractors during the construction portion.  Since we create our 3-Dimensional model after your floor plan, even a layout still in the preliminary planning process can be done long before construction of your facility is complete.  Even a pencil drawing with proper measurements included can be converted to a moderately detailed model with relative ease.  This allows us to help you to present your intentions to potential investors and clients. It can include specifics of your surveillance and access control solutions, and additionally your facility’s production, processing, and/or sales floor organization.  On some projects, we can even create short video clips to expressly present you with the products we are quoting you as well as a 3D walk-through of your facility, in addition to the 3-Dimensional model itself.  If you are in a renovation phase, modeling may also help allow you to illustrate where walls will be relocated, rooms portioned, windows paved over, alarm systems placed, and how your layout will change to both contractors and the governing authority.  The more detail you present us with, the larger the detail we can include on your quote and model.


Modeling Advantages for Initiative 502 and Amendment 64: Visual & Spatial Prep

Even if you are as far along as simply completing your order and placing cameras accordingly on an already state approved layout, a model can help you estimate where you will be laying or running cable and what areas you may have that will potentially be more difficult than others.  Modeling will help you with spatial planning and visual preparation, in general, by giving you a more detailed way to estimate cable lengths, in addition to envisioning positions of various other devices and systems.

For example, it may be useful in plotting access control locations and to see just which systems will be most beneficial to add security to your facility. There are a few concerns, however, that should be noted when using modeling as with any layout in that it cannot replace a physical walk-through that is necessary with the installation of any equipment.  That is to say that the engineering infrastructure of the facility needs to be taken into account, as well as any furniture and accessories that may not be visible on the model or layout when it comes to the installation.  Even so, many times these features can be included in the layout or floor plan and even without such features having a 3-Dimensional model is definitely an advantage!

Modeling Advantages for Initiative 502 and Amendment 64 Video

Our knowledgeable team can definitely help you answer the questions of “How many cameras do I need?” and “Where and how do I position these cameras?” We can also revise your layout and create a 3D model to give you a real visual and virtual representation of your facility, even if it hasn’t been constructed yet!  This will allow you to present your facility to the State with sincere confidence with our guarantee.  Not only that, but you now have a 3-Dimensional rendering to present to investors and future clients!  We here at Security Camera King are always looking to provide excellence in service to our clients, and this is just one of the ways we show our support!