How To Install CCTV Camera
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How To Install CCTV Camera Systems

If you have been looking for instruction on how to connect a CCTV surveillance system in your property you are not alone. Thousands of individuals look up information regarding the integration of a security camera for their residential or business property every month. The challenge seems to be in finding a clear and comprehensive guide to follow when approaching the installation yourself. Our team at Security Camera King have extensive knowledge regarding security system technology and can help break down the process of installation. Although today Security Camera King serves the surveillance industry through the provision of high-quality CCTV cameras, recorders, and accessories our primary function before the development of our own technology products was the installation of these systems. Our company inception began as a professional security product and technology integration service provider. As we began to gain more experience regarding the products that we were working with we had the realization that we could develop products that would meet the specific demands of our clients. This idea helped mold our company into the powerful and skilled security product developers and distributors that we serve as today. By focusing on the design and distribution of security products we were able to bring about some of the best security technology products in the industry at highly competitive prices. If you’ve recently purchased a professional security camera system for your home or business from Security Camera King or any other security product provider and are looking for instructions on how to install CCTV camera systems you’ve come to the right place.


The first step in connecting your CCTV is the obtainment of all the necessary equipment and the right CCTV system. Security Camera King can offer our clients a large array of choices when selecting a CCTV security system, and if you need assistance one of security technology product specialist can help identify the right system for your location’s specific needs. The materials you will require for your CCTV installation will include:

  • CCTV Cameras (however many you need)
  • Appropriate CCTV Cables – To connect Cameras to DVR (the most common being the Siamese Cable has RG59 type coaxial cable bonded with 2 strands of 18 gauge wire)
  • DVR/CCTV Recorder
  • Monitor(s)
  • Monitor Cables (such as VGA)
  • LAN Cable (if connecting directly to the internet)
  • Appropriate Power Supply Cables and Source
  • Mouse (if connecting directly to DVR. otherwise you will need a computer to control and configure your system)

The Installation Process

Once you have gathered the appropriate materials you can proceed to connect your CCTV cables to your new system’s security cameras. They will most likely have a two side cable connection, simply attach both ends to the appropriate cables coming from your security cameras. At this point, you can also select the location that your DVR will be placed in and connect it to a power source with the appropriate cable. The next portion of how to install CCTV camera systems involves ensuring that your DVR is properly powered on. From here you can connect your mouse to one of the USB ports on the back of your DVR. At this point, you can also connect your cameras to the BNC port on the back of your DVR with the cable that you have connected to the camera earlier in the process. The next step is connecting your cameras to a proper source of power. The amount of power that your cameras will use will depend on their exact requirements and the needs you expressed when selecting your equipment. Security Camera King can help you determine the exact needs of your property and even help you come up a preferred layout of the placement of your technology. No matter what kind of inquiries you may have regarding how to install CCTV camera systems we are confident that our team of security technology specialists can help answer them. We have a wide of array of products to select from in order to meet the needs of our customers no matter what they may be. Some of the camera styles that we carry at Security Camera King include:

  • Bullet Cameras
  • Indoor Dome Cameras
  • Vandal Dome Cameras
  • Pan Tilt Cameras
  • License Plate Cameras
  • Hidden Cameras

Security Camera King can provide you with state of the art security camera system products, access control panels, access control readers, electronic door strikes, electromagnetic locks, and more. We work to provide our customers with some of the most versatile technology in our industry. Our security camera systems come equipped with free software to enable remote video monitoring capabilities. This means that when you select a system from Security Camera King you will be able to access footage from that system from anywhere that you may be with a stable internet connection via a smartphone, tablet, or computer. We hope that we’ve clarified the main portions of how to install CCTV camera systems. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our security system technology products and we will be happy to clarify any information.

How To Install CCTV Camera

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