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How to Add an ELITE IP Camera to a PRIME Series NVR

In this article, I will go over how to add an ELITE IP camera to a PRIME Series NVR that has built-in POE. For this example, I will be doing this at the local interface. You can also take a look at all of our ELITE IP security cameras and PRIME Series NVR options available on our website.

Okay. Let’s begin the tutorial. First, begin by right-clicking with your mouse on the screen. Then select Menu. Once you have selected Menu, select Camera. This is one way to get to the IP camera screen.


If you want to learn the other route for getting to the IP camera screen, follow these steps. Back out to the beginning screen. Right-click to open up the Main Menu. Then select Add IP Camera.


Once in Add IP Camera, you should see your IP Camera at the top. For this example, I have an ELITE Series IP Camera on the local network. In order to bypass the local POE and use the local IP address, select the Edit icon next to your IP Camera Address.PRIME Series NVR

Once you have selected Edit, locate the drop-down menu next to Adding Method. Since I am using an ELITE IP camera, I will need to make sure it is on Manual. The other choice, Plug-and-Play, is only for PRIME Series IP cameras.PRIME Series NVR

Once it has been set to Manual, click on the box next to IP Camera Address. This is where I will enter my local IP address. After I enter the local IP address, I want to make sure the Protocol is set to ONVIF. The Management Port will be set to 80. The Channel Port will be set to 1. The Transfer Protocol will be set to Auto. Then I will just need to input my Username and Password. Once all of these have been set, I will select Okay.PRIME Series NVR

Once I have selected Okay, I will be able to see a live image up in real time.PRIME Series NVR

And that’s how to add an ELITE IP camera on a PRIME Series NVR. I hope this article has been informative and helpful. Follow along in our video walkthrough below if you are having difficulty understanding any of the steps.

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