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How to Add Users and Assign Privileges on a Sibell Recorder

This article will provide the user with a tutorial on how to add users and assign privileges at the local interface of a Sibell recorder. To purchase or view more information on the key features and specifications of a Sibell recorder, visit our entire Sibell Series Collection. In addition to a Sibell recorder, you can also find some of our most popular security cameras and related surveillance equipment to complete your surveillance system. You can read more related articles on Sibell equipment on our website (like how to set up Sibell Mobile on a mobile device). And be sure to follow along in the video provided below if you are having trouble.

Let’s begin. Here are the simple steps for adding users and privileges at the local interface of a Sibell Recorder. First, select the Start icon in the bottom left-hand corner. Once the Start icon is selected, click Settings.Sibell Recorder

Once the Settings menu comes up, select Account and Authority. (For most options you will need to select that title and not the options underneath. However, in this case, you could select Edit Permission Group, as well.)Sibell Recorder

Now, select Edit Permission Group under Account found on the upper-left corner. Next, locate and select the Plus (+) icon in the upper-right corner. Once this is selected, enter the Group Name at the top. Then, select the settings which you wish to enable or disable for the group. These settings offer you a number of different options, such as Remote Login and Local Camera Management. Additionally, you have your cameras and the option to modify Preview, Playback, Backup, and PTZ Control. You can turn any of these on or off for multiple cameras at the Local or Remote displays. Once you have made the selections you want, select Add to save them.Sibell Recorder

Once the custom group is saved, you can now add a user. Select Add User at the top-left corner, found under Account. This is to name the custom group you just created so that you can use it as a custom template. Simply enter a Username, create a Password, and then confirm the password. Then, next to Group, select Custom.Sibell Recorder

Once you have selected Custom, make sure you select Add to save it. And that’s it. That is how to add a user to your Sibell recorder at the local interface. I hope this article has been helpful and answered any questions you might have had.

To follow along with our How-To Video Tutorial, watch the video below:

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