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Security Advantages of Covert Surveillance Equipment

Covert surveillance equipment serves an important role in security. Although a traditional security camera system is the basis of achieving the peace of mind security provides, these systems aren’t always enough or appropriate. There are many scenarios where a conspicuous security camera placement will only deter people from doing inappropriate things in the areas they know they are being monitored.

Covert surveillance equipment, on the other hand, gives businesses the added ability to maintain surveillance inconspicuously. Covert security cameras are hidden from plain view and are often used to supplement traditional security camera systems. The article below will explore some of the advantages covert security cameras provide as well as a few scenarios where hidden cameras are commonly used.

Advantages of Covert Security Cameras

Many traditional security camera systems can be enhanced by adding covert surveillance equipment into the setup. The growing variety of hidden security cameras for sale gives people more options beyond simply installing a standalone covert camera. In fact, many new covert security cameras are actually capable of working within current security camera systems and will continue recording even if other obvious security cameras are tampered with.

Having a security camera that is inconspicuously placed outside of a traditional security camera system is highly beneficial in the event someone attempts to destroy or vandalize the cameras that can be seen. Rather than lose all surveillance feeds and possibly losing the recorded footage if the video recorder is removed, covert surveillance equipment will continue recording the actions of people that believe they are no longer being monitored.

Other scenarios where covert security cameras are useful are if you suspect malicious activities but don’t want to alert the possible suspect of your awareness. Installing a security camera generally deters people from repeating their actions, at least in a careless manner. By contrast, hidden security cameras discreetly monitor activities without tipping others off that their actions have been discovered.

Common Scenarios For Using Covert Surveillance Equipment

Although most people associate hidden security cameras with disturbing actions involving security recordings, the truth is that they are more commonly used for entirely justified purposes. For example, say you are a business owner that suspects an employee has been stealing from your inventory.

Confronting these employees and accusing them of theft without confirming those suspicions can have dire results and create a great deal of distrust. However, covert surveillance equipment makes confirmation possible without falsely accusing anyone.

Another example would be if criminals break into a small business that has a security camera system. Most savvy criminals will see they are being recorded and try to either destroy or divert the recording devices so they can’t capture any video evidence of the burglary.

Then, they might try to destroy or take the video recorders with them. Having a hidden security camera at this location would prevent the likelihood of losing all useable surveillance footage while delivering important details that can be used by law enforcement to apprehend any suspects.

Common scenarios for using covert surveillance equipment include each of the following:

  • Discreetly monitoring a nanny or babysitter
  • Capturing evidence of theft by friends, family, or roommates
  • Confirming and preventing employee theft
  • Identifying theft by workers or contractors
  • Confirming suspected drug use
  • Capturing destructive animal behavior
  • Recording acts of vandalism
  • Enhancing current security camera systems

In some events, covert surveillance equipment has even captured malicious actions by law enforcement officers. A few years back, the Santa Ana Police Department raided an unpermitted marijuana dispensary. The police officers proceeded to destroy all security cameras they could find before stealing the video surveillance footage to eliminate the evidence.

Fortunately, the business owner had a few hidden security cameras in-place that appeared to be normal objects. The footage captured from their covert surveillance equipment is what is now being used in court to disavow the actions of the police department and confirms the injustice experienced by the business.

For more information, check out Santa Ana Cops Who Raided Dispensary Now Want To Hide Incriminating Video Here.

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If you’re still wondering how installing covert surveillance equipment on its own or alongside your current security camera system, contact a member of our sales team. We can help you select the perfect hidden camera to meet your surveillance applications as well as help you with any other of your security needs. Don’t get caught off guard ever again. Achieve the peace of mind that you deserve with Security Camera King!

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