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Smoke Alarm Security Camera

Need to keep an eye on someone or something without them knowing? Try using a smoke alarm security camera, a hidden camera device that may or may not be wireless that can capture high quality digital video images. Security Camera King has two basic types available which are the “down view” smoke detector and the “down view” carbon monoxide detector.


Computer, electronic, and digital video camera technology has improved dramatically in the past view years, all benefiting the digital video security camera domain. Because of this, digital video security cameras can be built to be incredibly small and still offer high quality digital video capturing. Ultimately, this allows the camera to be concealed or disguised as another common place device, undetected by most individuals. There are times when covert monitoring is necessary and this camera is an excellent choice for such an application.

Both detector type hidden cameras mentioned above contain a high quality digital video camera and are designed to capture digital video images in the “down view.” The “down view” means the cameras are normally mounted on the ceiling or a surface directly above the target area for recording, with the camera pointed directly down ward.

The smoke alarm security camera and the carbon monoxide security camera can be purchased in black and white recording or color recording models. In addition, both the smoke alarm security camera and the carbon monoxide security camera transmit their video transmission data wirelessly using 2.5 GHz technology. The color model for each detector also comes with a free receiver.

Many people have asked Security Camera King’s security experts how the smoke alarm security camera (or carbon monoxide security camera) work. In the following paragraphs will provide a description of these cameras and how they actually function.

A digital video camera security system consists of one to many cameras, a Digital Video Recorder or DVR, and an optional monitor. The digital video camera captures video images and sends them to the DVR unit for processing. The camera and DVR unit’s Digital Signal Processor (DSP) creates a digital video file that can be viewed on a monitor and/or stored on the DVR for later use.

Our smoke alarm security cameras are component cameras for this type of system. In other words, they are a fully functioning high quality digital video camera; they are not a standalone system with their own recording device. They must be connected to a DVR to record their video.

Our cameras utilize a 1/4 inch CCD sensor with a 3.7 mm wide angle lens. Digital cameras use sensors to convert light images into electrical energy that can be measured and ultimately used to create digital video images. There are two type of sensors; both produce the same result but go about doing it in a slightly different way. The Charged Coupled Device or CCD is utilized in our smoke alarm security cameras. Another type of sensor, called a Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor or CMOS can also be used in digital video cameras.

Electronic technological advancements have yielded smaller sensors over time so that currently most digital cameras use sensor chips of 1/4″ or 1/3″ up to 1 inch in size. This incredibly small sensor coupled with the small 3.7 mm wide angle lens contributes to the ability to disguise or hide cameras in other objects for covert recording. This is further enhanced by micro Integrated Circuit (IC) chip technology.

Contained within the smoke alarm security camera are all of the makings of the camera, an analog to digital processor, and a radio transmitter to send the signal wirelessly to a corresponding receiver. There are many types of radio signal technology that are used for digital video security cameras and our cameras use the 2.4 GHz technology. This is the same strong, nearly interference-free technology used in land line based wireless telephones.

All you need to do to install the camera is mount the smoke alarm security camera and plug it in to any standard wall socket using standard AC power. To complete the setup, the receiver is normally placed near the DVR unit and a coaxial cable or other type of wire is used to transfer the received video data to the DVR.

If you would like to purchase a smoke alarm security alarm or need more information, please contact one of Security Camera Kings security experts today.


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