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How to turn on and off an IP camera using Smart Devices | Getting more of your Smart Devices

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Monday, January 19th, 2015

smart bedroom


Many of you are installing cameras inside and outside of your homes and there are many times where you wish you could turn off your camera (at least the one in your bedroom) with the push of a button. Maybe by just giving a verbal command or simply pulling out your smart phone and using that to turn the camera. With “Smart”  items coming out for your home that are basically interconnected with your network, this is possible. I recently got a customer asking why there were no solutions to do this with his security system and after a brief pause I got a Eureka! moment. I figured that I already have some of these items and I can add them to my system. There are some items that you will need to accomplish this task. We are going to showcase some items that you will need and optional ones that will help you make your Home a Smart Home. Just follow this easy document on “How to turn on and off an IP camera using smart devices”

Items that you will need:

Single port Power Over Ethernet Switch POE-1G



Belkin WeMo Insight Switch


ivee – Sleek Voice-Activated Smart Clock [Optional for voice Command]



The main items would be a Single port PoE Switch POE-1G which will power the camera via an Ethernet cable and that would get connected to a Wemo Insight Switch.

The Belkin WeMo Smart Switch communicates with your  IOS or Android Device to turn the power on any 15 amp 120V AC device on or off. This can be used to to control lamps, Christmas lights or anything that will use a 120VAC power source. We will be connecting the PoE single port switch to this device allowing us to power the device or turn it off, but I always like to push things even further. Why not add a Siri like device to operate not just this but any other Belkin WeMo Switch or Nest Thermostat devices? Well for this we need a device called ivee which doubles as a Smart Clock that connects to any smart device. I found myself needing to change my alarm from time to time and found this smart clock that also allowed me to turn up or down my temperature using my Nest Thermostat as well as turn on of off the lamps or even open or close my front door making my life a little bit easier since in times I forgot if I set my alarm correctly and also if my front door dead bolt was in the locked position, a simple command to the ivee from the comfort of my bed allows me to do this as well as allow me to turn off the camera in my bedroom when I decide I need some privacy.

There are so many things that can be done with this type of device that people do not realize it. For example you can add a command to enable one of these Smart Switches and on this smart switch you can have a relay that will accept any high or low voltage device, lets say you want to turn off a non smart device such as a fan. If you are a techie you can have this device restart a router or any network device that does not have the ability to be accessed or the manufacturer failed to add a shutdown feature to it.


One big project that I will be integrating this would be to add this as Do it Yourself Pet Feeder where I will be ordering one of these and dismantle it and use it to operate a stepper motor that will have an auger drill with a hopper that will have a “V” shape. This will enable me to command Ivee to feed my cats in the morning while I get ready to go to work relieving from doing so as well as giving me the ability to feed them once I get home.


This gentleman here has a Feeder for his fishes, You can see how it works. You have a drill that will be used as an auger and a hopper that will have the feed. You can time the feed for my cats I would say 3 minutes or so for each cat once it has does its thing it should turn off , a simple time that resets itself should do the trick for this now keep in mind that for indoors you need to enclose this device so that any children or pets do not mess with the device since it does power using alternate current. As well as adding fuses to protect the circuit.




Smart Home Devices should not only allow you to enjoy Media but assist you with the smaller tasks that take so much of your time. Having these devices will enable you to view you home from anywhere in the world, open or close your front door when ever you wish to do so, like when you are at work and all of a sudden something breaks in your home there is no longer a need to call in off because you need your washing machine fixed , you can simply have the Handy Man work on the washing machine while you view him or her on your Surveillance system and allow him entry using your Smart Lock. Since I have cameras all over my interior and exterior I can monitor anything that happens in my home as well as allow anyone entry. Another example is if you are renting your Home or Apartment,there are times where landlords do not know they are not allowed into your apartment or home, knowing if your landlord is coming and going at times they are not allowed will help you in a situation where the landlord or any individual has entered without your consent.

So next time you are buying or have an item laying around look at what else you can do not just what the manufacturer designed it for, Keep in mind that these and any hack can lead to voiding your warranty but if you are aware of this and the item is already out of warranty go ahead and learn , Trust me you will enjoy it. One big example is when I helped a Customer use an Auto tracking IP camera to track deer and other wild animals in here property and have the video footage go to her webpage as well as her Youtube account. She was happy with her setup as well as I was happy after I had completed this task. 😉



How to Troubleshoot Analog Security Cameras

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Friday, December 6th, 2013

Frustrated Man

Help my camera is dead and I don’t know what to do!!!! Relax the Camera is not going to cause a cascading failure and blow up the whole system or burn the house down. You will need a multi meter to verify voltages and amps.  Depending on where your cameras are located is how you may want to proceed. If the cameras are easy to get to the first thing I would do is break out a ladder if needed and get up to the camera.

If your camera has IR or infrared cup your hand around the camera to trick the sensor so it thinks it is night then see if the IRs do come on.  If they do good, I know the camera is getting power. I would still test power output regardless if IRs comes on.  The infrared does not need much to power up so there could still be an issue.  If this camera is a DC then you should get at or above 12 volts DC. Should the camera be AC the reading should be at or above 24 volts AC.  11.7 volts is close but not enough 23.9 volts is close but not enough. The voltage must be at or above the required amount. It has been my experience that “almost” in voltage needed is not enough. Almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.  The camera may give you a video feed during day but as soon as the Infra-Red led come on the camera will act very strange, or the camera will act strange to begin with.

Now at this point let us say you have less than required or no power at the camera.  You now need to go to your power supply to test it also taking the camera down at this point is advisable. Check the connections on the coax cable. Twist on BNC connectors is convenient but they do get loose if they move or shake for whatever reason they will make the camera have grainy or lines or a waviness to the image produced. BNC Twists are an unreliable connection. I like them for bench testing since they are so convenient. For installation I avoid them if I can. In the early days of computing there was a phenomena called chip creep. Ram chips would get hot and cold and slowly work themselves out of the slot on mother board. It is logical that the same would happen with the twists over time.

Crimp on BNC connectors and compression fittings are the best. Some people will swear by crimp on BNC other people will swear by compression BNC. In either case they typically do not become loose preventing video loss or poor images. For both types of connectors you need the specified tool to install the ends. Pliers will not get the job done they will only create a problem.

Now that we have the camera in question down it is time to go back to the power supply and do some testing. Check output on the channel of the power supply is do you get 12vdc or 24vac. If we get the full output needed at power supply connect camera directly to power supply and DVR. Does the issue go away in day and night mode? If it does then you now know something is going on the cable.  If not we know for sure the camera is not operating correctly. This could be from any number of reasons. To prevent the cameras from going bad a surge protector is always recommended. If you can get a battery backup and conditioner, the conditioner cleans up feedback or interference on the power side that can cause cameras to act very strange.

For cable issues there several ways to go about determining what to do next. First is how long of a cable run do you have? Coax cables have limitations on distance. The common cable RG59 which most people use for CCTV has the highest attenuation or signal loss. It is never recommended to use RG59 above a distance of 1000 feet. Some people do not recommend to use RG59 over 750 feet. Having a cable that has an impedance of 75 ohms is crucial. If the impedance is outside of that you will get more signal loss.  If you are using RG6 this coax cable has lower attenuation so you can get more distance before running into problems. Normally you can get up to 1500 feet. RG6 is recommended for use between 1000 – 1500 feet. As there is a price difference I would not use RG6 unless distance required it. RG11 is the thickest of the cables used. It does have the lowest attenuation of all coax cable. You can get up to 2000 feet on a home run.  With all cable bending and pulling cable can and will damage the cable. Using a lubricant helps in preventing damage from pulling. When it comes to bending any cable you cannot bend, twist, or roll up cable tighter that the radius of the cable itself. If you do, get a new piece of cable because you just damaged that cable. The cable may work but the longer the run the more likely you will have a bad video feed. Once you bend the cable that far you put a kink in the wire and add to the resistance. Another issue I have seen is failure to ensure there are no jagged edges for the cable to get caught on or sliced into. For example running cable in an attic there are old rusty nails and screws everywhere. If a screw gets in contact with cable you can inadvertently add an extra ground the “POOF” no more video or you get static if you’re lucky. Sometimes it just is not possible to measure resistance on a cable run end to end that is why I say take the camera down so we can isolate the issue.

With the steps I have outlined you should be able to troubleshoot your system when issues arise. I can tell you that most issues in CCTV arise from to long of cable runs with the wrong cable type. Power is especially problematic as the thinner the wire the higher the voltage drop at distance.


Best Security Camera System Apps For IOS

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Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Best Security Camera System Apps For IOS Technology advances have made it possible for you to monitor your security system with your smartphone or tablet. The software combines with an iOS device and makes it the first mobile camera security system available in the world. This is a convenient way to keep an eye on your home while you are out of the country or on vacation. The system uses the latest technology to allow images to be viewed from most computer browsers or live video streams from a smartphone.

How To Choose A Security Provider

The first step in developing a good home security system is to determine how you want to view the images. If you want your system monitored by a professional security provider, you should make sure they have good response times. It is critical that the company can provide fast response times in the event your home is burglarized. Some systems can be hooked up directly to your local law enforcement office. Find out about your choices in your community. Choose a security provider that leases security equipment. This way, you won’t have to pay for upfront equipment costs. Most security companies will charge you for installation.

Try to find a security company that offers special deals for new customers. Installing a security system in your home will help protect your valuables and your family. You should contact a home security company to determine which security camera system is best for your home. A home security company can answer all your questions about installation and operating your system. Home security systems have advanced with technology and offer wireless systems. This means you no longer have to install wires throughout the walls of your home in order to have a security system installed. A security system will alert you if someone tries to open your doors while you are at home. If you want your security system professionally monitored, then you will have to use an alarm system company.

These companies offer monitoring services at a low monthly price. No matter what kind of alarm system you need, you should be able to rent the equipment through the monitoring company. When the time comes for you to move, you simply return the equipment back to the monitoring company. This is the most economical way to install an alarm system. If you prefer to own your equipment, you can buy alarm systems online or at your local home security store. The majority of home intrusions happen during the daytime. This is when burglars expect no one to be at home. They may case the neighborhood days before they pick their target.

Potential burglars often knock on doors to see who is at home during the day. This is why many cities have adopted laws regarding solicitation. In many communities across the nation, it is against the law for solicitors to knock on doors. It just depends the laws in your community. Home security also includes other areas of your home besides an intrusion alarm. You should make sure you have good locks on your doors and windows. You can buy sensors that are installed on your doors and windows that will alert you when they are triggered.

Monitoring Your Own Security System

If you decide not to hire a security company, then you will be responsible for monitoring your home. This can be difficult to do, especially if you are at work all day. You can set up security systems that use smartphone technology to text or call you if the system detects a problem. This is a convenient way to monitor your home from anywhere in the country. If you choose a security system with the capability to monitor it from your smartphone, then you can program the system to call or text you. You can set the system up to call several numbers in case you don’t answer. The cameras installed in your home use sensors that detect motion. When the camera senses motion, the security system will send you a message according to your preferences.

Home Security Tips

If you have recently moved into your home, you should change the locks. Many new homeowners forget that previous tenants had the same keys. You never know how many people the old homeowners gave keys. To be safe, you should change all the locks in the home. This includes the garage door opener. Find out how to change the code on your garage door opener. Some garage openers use a technology that changes the code every time you open or close the garage. To be sure, research the manufacturer of your garage door. Garage doors can accidentally open up on their own. Especially if you have a sensitive garage door opener. There are many times that homeowners have been burglaried just because the garage door was wide open.

Don’t give your alarm code or house keys to anyone. This includes cleaning and repair services. Make sure someone is at home to open the door for servicemen. It is simply not worth the risk. If you lose your house keys, change all the locks. The locks on the doors and windows should be secure. You can hire a locksmith to install high-quality locks and deadbolts. Intruders often enter your home through the windows or doors. Another common area is the garage door that leads into your home from the garage. Secure all doors that lead into your home with deadbolts. The doors should be made of quality wood materials that will make it difficult for a burglar to force their way inside.

Make sure the landscaping around your home does not obstruct views. Intruders often use thick landscaping to hide undetected. If there are large tree branches hanging close to your home, you should hire someone to prune them. You must look at your home the same way a burglar does. Walk through your home looking for areas that might make it easy for a thief to break inside your home. Keep big screen televisions and expensive electronics out of sight in front of windows. People who pass by your home can look inside and see what you own. When you do purchase an expensive electronic, don’t throw the box out by the curb. This will be an invitation to a potential thief that you have something that makes it worth breaking into your home. Electronics and jewelry are the number one items thieves are looking for when they enter your home.

When you move into a new area, list your name with your first initial and last name only. This will prevent someone from identifying your gender. Never let anyone in your home to use the phone. Take down the information and offer to make the call for them. You can speak through the door without opening it. Install a peek hole in your front door. You can also install an intercom system to speak to people at the door. If you don’t recognize someone at the door, you should at least speak to them. This way, they don’t think your home is empty and you could become a victim of violence. Most burglars break into homes that are not occupied. Violence can occur if you surprise a burglar. Always speak to anyone who comes to the door through the door. They can hear you and you won’t put yourself in danger.

If you have an alarm system, don’t fail to turn it on. Many people simply forget to arm their security system when they are at home. It is just as important to arm your system when you are at home as it is when you are not home. Sliding glass doors with hinges on the outside make it easy for a burglar to remove the door. Install locking devices made especially for sliding glass doors. You can find them at most home improvement stores. While you are there, look at the latest security devices on the market. You will be surprised at how much technology has improved home security devices. Don’t hide your valuables in common places such as under the mattress, in a bedroom drawer or a jewelry box. Use your jewelry box for costume jewelry instead. Buy a safe that is heavy enough that it can’t be moved. There is no use buying a small safe if it can be carried out your door by a thief.

Some law enforcement agencies offer an encoding service for community residents. The encoding service will mark your valuable electronics with a special code. If the burglar tries to sell your items at a pawn shop, then it can be traced back to you. Pawn shops must report to the local law enforcement agency items that are sold daily. Ask your law enforcement agency if they offer security audits in your neighborhood. This is a great way to have your home inspected for security problems. You should also find out about possible theft problems in your area. This can help you become aware of your surroundings in your neighborhood. If you don’t have a neighborhood crime watch program, you can start one on your own. Knock on your neighbor’s doors and get to know them. This is a great way to ensure your neighborhood stays safe.

Many thieves are looking for copper as well as expensive electronics. If your air conditioning system has copper wires that are visible, consider calling your contractor to hide the wires. There is also copper wiring inside some plumbing fixtures. Thieves sell the copper and make a good profit. You will be left with a system that no longer works. The repair costs will be expensive. Keep your garage cleaned out so you can park your cars in the garage. This will make it harder for thieves to figure out your schedule. This is one way thieves pick their target. They look for people that make it easy for them to predict their schedule. You should also light up the outside of your home at nighttime. You can install low-cost solar lights that will improve the look of your home as well as give you more protection. Motion detecting lights are also a good choice. These lights won’t come on unless they detect motion.

Don’t leave your garage door opener inside your vehicle if you park on the street. This is a great way for a burglar to gain access into your home. Home burglaries usually are not chosen at random. Burglars take the time to study the neighborhood and their victim’s homes. Sometimes they will cruise through a neighborhood just looking for a garage door to be open. If you leave your garage door open, a burglar can jump in and steal your expensive sports equipment. You can buy surveillance cameras that are fake but look just like the real ones. Some of these models even have LED lights that flash making them believable. Burglars often will avoid homes where there are security cameras located on the outside of the home. There are plenty of other homes for them to choose that don’t have security cameras.

Combining a number of security methods can reduce your chance of your home being burglarized. The most common time of day for household theft is during the day when people are at work. The summer season brings more burglaries because it is the vacation season when people are away from home. When you do go on vacation, make sure your home does not look like no one is at home. Cancel newspaper delivery services and hold your mail. This is the number one clue that you are on vacation. You can also install timers for your lights to come on and off at various times of the day. Remember, most thieves watch the homes they target for a few days. If you use timers, then your absence won’t be as noticeable. Following these home security tips can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime. No system is completely fool-proof but you should try to reduce your risks.


Best Uses For Mini Surveillance Cameras

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Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Best Uses for Mini Surveillance Cameras

When you think of surveillance cameras, you probably think about the large-scale surveillance systems that you see in retail stores and large businesses or the large, prominent cameras that you might see outside the homes of others. Even if you have a surveillance camera system in your home that you use for home security, you are probably accustomed to regular-sized systems. However, there are a lot of mini surveillance cameras out there, and you might be surprised by all of the ways that you can utilize mini surveillance cameras as a way of making your life easier, protecting yourself, your family and your home and handling situations that can’t easily be handled with regular surveillance systems.

Different Types of Mini Surveillance Cameras

One thing that is interesting and useful about mini surveillance cameras is the fact that they come in many different forms. Although you might think of miniature versions of traditional surveillance cameras when you think about mini surveillance cameras, you should realize that there are a wide variety of options out there to choose from for those who want to purchase, install and utilize mini surveillance cameras as a means of home security.

Of course, you can always purchase mini surveillance cameras that look a lot like regular surveillance cameras. These cameras are much smaller in stature, however, and they can typically be easily hidden behind picture frames, in the wall or in other places where they won’t be easily detected. These cameras are typically wireless and can often be viewed from your laptop, desktop computer or even a digital video recorder.

These aren’t the only types of mini surveillance cameras that are available, however. In fact, you might be shocked by all of the sneaky cameras that are available. You can choose cameras in different colors and sizes to make it easier to hide them, or you can look for mini surveillance cameras that don’t look like security cameras at all.

For instance, there are alarm clocks, pens and other items that look and work just like the real thing, but these devices include miniature cameras that make it easy for you to survey an area without being detected. In fact, you might be surprised by just how easily these items can fit into your home decor; however, along with serving a very traditional, common and useful purpose, these cameras can also provide you with the surveillance footage that you need.

Mini Surveillance Cameras as Nanny Cams

One reason why mini surveillance cameras are so popular is because people have used them as nanny cameras in the past. In fact, many people were shocked when they found the footage that their miniature surveillance cameras were able to capture while they were monitoring their babysitters and nannies, and a lot of this footage found its way onto the news and Internet.

If you have a child, you are probably more than a little bit concerned about some of the footage that is out there and the things that people have found while spying on their nannies and babysitters with these types of cameras. Although you might be nervous about leaving your little one with a caretaker in the future, you probably have no other choice. Fortunately, however, mini surveillance cameras can help you look out for bad behavior from your babysitter or nanny.

For instance, you can use your mini surveillance camera to make sure that your babysitter or nanny pays proper attention to your little one. Many people are shocked to find that their well-paid caretakers do not take proper care of their children, but a good miniature surveillance camera can help you catch this type of behavior right away.

You can also watch for signs of abuse; although you probably don’t want to think about your babysitter mistreating your child in any way, having a miniature surveillance camera can help you watch out for this type of behavior.

Even if your babysitter takes good care of your child while he or she is in his or her care, a miniature surveillance camera can help you keep an eye out for other behaviors. For instance, you can make sure that your babysitter doesn’t invite friends, boyfriends or girlfriends over while you aren’t home, and you can make sure that he or she isn’t going through your things or stealing from you if you have miniature surveillance cameras in place.

Using Mini Surveillance Cameras to Keep an Eye on Workers in Your Home

Along with keeping an eye on your babysitter, you can also use mini surveillance cameras to make sure that those who work in your home don’t do anything wrong while they are on your property. You can watch out for illicit activity, stealing and slacking off on the job if you have these trusty cameras in place, and you will even have video evidence available in the event that you need it.

How Mini Surveillance Cameras Can Be Used for Home Security

Many people install mini surveillance cameras in their homes for a specific purpose, but you really don’t have to have a good reason in order to do so. Protecting yourself, your home, your family and all of your valuable possessions is one of your top priorities and responsibilities, and you might be surprised by all of the ways that mini surveillance cameras can help you do so. Although you certainly shouldn’t rely on miniature surveillance cameras alone in order to keep your home safe, you can use them in conjunction with larger outdoor surveillance cameras and a burglar alarm as a way of having as much protection as possible. In fact, you never know when your miniature surveillance cameras might provide you with the video evidence that you need in order to convict someone who has burglarized your home or otherwise harmed you, your family or your possessions.

Ways that Mini Surveillance Cameras Can Help You Keep an Eye on Your Kids

Taking good care of your children can be difficult. Children can be very demanding, and it can be hard to watch what your kids are doing at all times. Fortunately, however, miniature surveillance cameras can help you keep an eye on your children in a variety of ways.

•    You can use your miniature surveillance cameras as baby monitors. Purchasing baby monitors can get a little pricey, but it is important to be able to keep an eye on your little one when you aren’t in the same room. Fortunately, miniature surveillance cameras can easily be used for this purpose, and you will then have a useful electronic device that you can use for other purposes when your child has outgrown his or her baby monitor.

•    You can watch for bad behaviors with miniature surveillance cameras. As much as you probably want to think that your little one is well-behaved, you have to be realistic and realize that even the best kids misbehave every now and then. It can be difficult to catch misbehavior, however, but a miniature surveillance camera can help you keep an eye on what your child is up to when you aren’t able to watch him or her from the same room.

•    You can enforce curfews with the help of a miniature surveillance camera. Dealing with teenagers can be difficult enough, and you might not always want to stay awake until your teen comes home from a school football game or dance. Enforcing curfews is important, however, and a miniature surveillance camera can help you do so.

•    Watch out for dangerous activities. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things out there that kids and teens can get into, and monitoring your kids all the time just isn’t practical or realistic. With miniature surveillance cameras, however, you can keep a closer watch on what your children are up to.

Mini Surveillance Cameras Are Great for Spying on Spouses

If you are in a situation where you feel as if your spouse is cheating on your or is up to some other sort of bad behavior, you are probably going through a hard time emotionally. It is never fun to think about your spouse being unfaithful or doing other things that could be harmful to you, your relationship and your family, and you might even feel bad for thinking about these things. If you have a gut feeling that something is going on that you need to know about, however, you shouldn’t ignore this feeling. Instead, you should consider using miniature surveillance cameras as a means of finding out what is going on.

Since you have the right to know if your spouse is cheating on your or is doing something else to compromise your relationship, miniature surveillance cameras might be just what you need in order to get the answers and peace of mind that you deserve. By carefully placing miniature surveillance cameras in your home, you might be able to find out the answers to the questions that you have been asking for years.

Even if you find out that your spouse isn’t up to anything bad, having miniature surveillance cameras isn’t a bad idea. At least you will be able to clear up your suspicions, feel better about your relationship and get rid of the worry and stress that goes along with worrying about what your loved one is up to.

Mini Surveillance Cameras Can Even Be Used in the Workplace

Although there are countless reasons to use a miniature surveillance camera in the home, these useful little devices can also be used in the workplace. Employees often act differently when they know they are being watched on camera, and your regular surveillance cameras in all of your regular places might not be able to give you a clear indication of the behavior of your employees. If you have miniature surveillance cameras in place, however, you can find out this important information without anyone knowing what you are doing; this can help you get more accurate results.

Miniature Surveillance Cameras for Personal Protection

In today’s world, it never hurts to be as careful as possible when it comes ot protecting yourself. Fortunately, there are miniature surveillance cameras out there that are easy to carry around without being detected. You can use ink pens, stuffed animals and even key chains as a means of monitoring others, and you never know when you might need to grab your miniature surveillance camera in order to protect yourself or someone else who is around you.

Should you Buy Mini Surveillance Cameras?

If you are thinking about purchasing a few miniature surveillance cameras, you should consider the many handy uses for having these devices. Whether you are worried about something around your home, would like to check things out at work or would simply feel more safe if you had a miniature surveillance camera with you when you are out and about, you should consider purchasing one of these units. They are surprisingly affordable and easy to purchase, and the possibilities are endless; even when you stop using your miniature surveillance cameras for one use, you will probably think of other handy uses for these units.

Where Can You Purchase Mini Surveillance Cameras?

One great thing about miniature surveillance cameras is the fact that they are very versatile and easy to find. You can often find them in local stores, and an online search for miniature surveillance cameras is sure to bring you plenty of helpful results.

You shouldn’t purchase the first mini surveillance camera that you come across, however; instead, you should look for a unit that offers a clear picture, the features that you need and a price that you can afford. One great way to get a high-quality mini surveillance camera that will take the footage that you need without costing you a lot of money is to get in touch with a professional security-related equipment supplier; you might be surprised by the great deals that you can get, and you can also get helpful, professional advice about the type of miniature surveillance camera that you need. Contact us to learn which mini surveillance cameras are right for you.


Where To Install Surveillance Cameras In A School

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Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Where To Install Surveillance Cameras In A School

Because there has been a lot of violence and other problems in schools across the country in recent years, more and more parents, school administrators and faculty members at schools are beginning to take a more serious look at safety and security. Although no one wants a child to ever get harmed, many people simply have not realized just how many bad things can happen at a school. This is beginning to change, however, and you should consider the importance of school safety on many levels. Nowadays, it is important for schools of all sizes and grade levels to utilize surveillance cameras in order to keep students, faculty and visitors safe, but many people wonder where to install surveillance cameras in a school.

Not only do people wonder where to install surveillance cameras in a school, but they also wonder if surveillance cameras are really necessary and if they can really make a difference in how safe a school really is. However, there are a lot of reasons to consider installing surveillance cameras in school.

For instance, surveillance cameras can help cut down on shootings, stabbings, fights and other violence in schools. Although many people do not want to think about violence in schools, the truth is that it is more prevalent than most people want to admit. Not only have a lot of major shootings and other large-scale violent crimes happened in schools in recent years, but fights and bullying happen on a daily basis in schools across the country. With surveillance cameras, this activity can be slowed down or even halted.

Violence isn’t the only thing that surveillance cameras can help administrators and faculty look out for, however. Tobacco, alcohol and drug use is more common around teens and pre-teens than many people would like to admit, and a lot of children attempt to use these substances on school property. It can be difficult for teachers and other staff members to keep a constant eye on every child, but surveillance cameras can help. Surveillance cameras can also help prevent children from bullying one another, misbehaving and breaking the rules or skipping class.

Other crimes can be prevented or slowed down due to surveillance camera systems in schools as well. For instance, abductions can and do happen in schools every now and then, and parents should be worried about these types of crimes. Surveillance cameras can help faculty members keep an eye out for this type of criminal activity, however, and they can also help cut down on vandalism, theft and other issues that can become a problem for schools.

It isn’t really possible for school administrators to install surveillance cameras in every part of a school, however, so it is important for these individuals to determine where to install surveillance cameras in a school. It is important for these professionals to install them in areas that will help them keep the closest eye on activity in and around the school and to place them where they will do the most good. Although every school is different and has different needs, these are a few places where surveillance cameras should be installed in most schools in order to keep children, parents, teachers, staff members and guests as safe as possible.

Entrances and Exits to the Parking Lot

When people think about protecting a school with surveillance cameras, they typically think about installing cameras inside the school and on the outside perimeter of the property, yet in a close proximity to the building. It is important to look beyond these areas in order to keep a school as safe as possible, however. For instance, all entrances and exits to the parking lot should be carefully guarded and surveyed for the best possible protection.

There are a few reasons for keeping a close eye on these areas. First of all, the vast majority of people who will enter a school will come in through one of the driveways, and keeping a close watch on these areas will help ensure that school officials know everyone who has entered and exited the school throughout the day. This allows these professionals to have a clear understanding of those who have not only entered the school building itself, but also those who have come onto school property at all. Not only can this help cut down on violence, abductions and other crimes, but it can also allow administrators and local law enforcement officers to determine the culprit in the event that a crime happens on school property after the school has been closed for the day. Although having cameras at these entrances and exits isn’t a fool-proof way of seeing everyone who comes onto school property, it can certainly work as a great start.

In the Parking Lot

Parking lots of all sorts can be incredibly dangerous. In fact, you might be surprised by all of the crimes that occur in the parking lots of seemingly safe and surprisingly busy retail stores and other areas, and you probably don’t think about the potential for danger in the parking lot of a school. There are a lot of reasons to keep an eye on any school parking lots with the help of surveillance cameras, however.

For instance, monitoring the parking lot with surveillance cameras can help school officials keep an eye on who has been hanging around the school a lot, regardless of whether they enter the building or not. It can also allow these professionals to keep an eye on who each child leaves with after school every day; this information can be invaluable in the event that a tragic crime occurs.

Other behaviors can be watched out for with parking lot surveillance cameras as well. For instance, drug or alcohol use could take place in the parking lot, or those who park in the parking lot may go elsewhere on the property with the intention of committing a crime. With these surveillance cameras, school officials and parents can have a clearer idea of what is going on in and around the school, and surprisingly useful evidence can also come from this surveillance footage.

Lastly, parking lot surveillance cameras can also contribute a feeling of safety for parents and children alike. This can be especially useful in the event that people are at the school in the evening for a meeting, sporting event or other purpose.

Entrances and Exits to Each School Building

Along with keeping close surveillance on those who enter and exit the school’s parking lot during the day, it is also incredibly important to monitor each individual who enters and exits the school building, regardless of the time of day. This can really help contribute to safety in many cases.

For instance, using these cameras can help ensure that no one who isn’t supposed to be in the school enters the premises during the school day. Faculty members who know who is supposed to be in the school and who isn’t can use these cameras to keep a close watch in order to ensure that visitors aren’t doing things that they shouldn’t. Even if no one seems to notice someone entering or exiting the school at the time, surveillance footage can be very helpful in the event that something does happen.

Some schools have taken this level of security even further, which can be a great idea for many school systems. Instead of allowing people to come and go through the doors throughout the day with the hopes that they will head to the office in order to sign in and get a visitor’s pass, many schools require that these individuals ring a doorbell or buzzer before they are allowed entry into the school, and the surveillance cameras help teachers and other faculty identify everyone who comes to the door. Although this can require a bit of extra manpower in many situations, it can be a great way to keep the school safe.

Along with using surveillance cameras at entrances and exits in order to protect students and staff during the school day, these cameras can also be used in the event that the school gets broken into or vandalized after school hours; in many cases, local law enforcement agents can use this footage as a means of determining who committed the crime. These cameras can also work as a great deterrent; someone who is thinking about robbing the school after hours or committing some sort of other crime might be scared away at the sight of surveillance cameras at all of the entrances and exits.

In the Hallway

When school administrators are in their offices and teachers are in their classrooms, it can be difficult for anyone to keep an eye on what is going on in the hallway. Therefore, these areas can often be the site of crime and more. With the help of surveillance cameras, however, school faculty members can keep a closer eye on activity around the school, and they can also catch visitors who aren’t supposed to be in the school at all.

On the Playground

Although it is certainly important for children to be able to play and socialize on the playground, outdoor activities can be dangerous. Not only can crimes and other dangerous activities happen on the playground, but children can also get themselves into trouble. Therefore, having surveillance cameras carefully monitoring these areas can help cut down on crime, accidents and general misbehavior, and they also allow administrators to keep a close eye on the exterior of the school property.

Around Outdoor Areas

Outdoor areas, such as in breezeways and in dark corners near the school, can often be the site of bullying, fighting, sexual assault, consensual yet inappropriate sexual behavior, use of drugs and other illicit substances and general violence and misbehavior. It is difficult for faculty members who are inside the school teaching or taking care of other things around the school to monitor these areas on their own, but surveillance cameras can help these individuals see and record what goes on. Not only can this help faculty members and law enforcement agents see and punish this behavior, but it can also work as a deterrent against students who want to get into mischief but don’t want to get in trouble.

On School Buses

Not only is it important for you to think about the safety of children while they are on school property, but it is also important to realize that bad things can happen on school buses as well. Therefore, it is important for there to be surveillance cameras on school buses in order to keep children safe.

There are a few good reasons to install these surveillance cameras on school buses. First of all, they allow bus drives and school officials to watch out for misbehavior; since it is difficult for a bus driver to pay attention to both the road and all of the children on the bus, these cameras can prove invaluable for taking care of bullying, fighting, misbehaving and other problems.

They also serve as video evidence in the event that a crime is committed on the bus or if a child is hurt for one reason or another, and they allow school officials to monitor the driving habits of school bus drivers and the way that they treat their students. Lastly, these cameras can also be used as a means of deterring students and bus drivers alike from doing things that they shouldn’t do.

Although there are some people out there who feel that surveillance cameras aren’t appropriate in schools or on school buses, more and more people are beginning to agree that this level of security is imperative in this day and age. Although there should always be certain areas that are kept private, such as bathroom stalls, it is important for school administrators and communities in general to understand where to install surveillance cameras in a school and why installing these systems is so important. Contact us to learn more about how Security Camera King’s cameras can make schools safer.