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SecurityCameraKing is the Amendment 64 Security Camera Authority

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Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

We here at want to ensure you that when it comes to the needs of your surveillance equipment inspections for the Colorado Cannabis Community SecurityCameraKing is the Amendment 64 Security Camera Authority. We have carefully gone over Article XVIII, Section 16, otherwise known as “Amendment 64” and we have helped numerous Marijuana Retail Shops and growers with their security camera requirements. The following is a reference of what you need to be compliant as well as additional information you might need.

The following is a reference of what you need to be compliant as well as additional information you might need.

Analog or High Definition Cameras

While there are no stated minimum requirements for your security camera system needed for your Marijuana Retail establishment, we wanted to show you the difference between what an analog camera will provide versus a High Definition Security Camera. Both formats will get your inspection passed. Both can record on to a security recorder and can be viewed anywhere in the world you have Internet. Both will potentially deter criminals just for the reason that they will see the cameras and go on to the next store.

However, if you do ever have criminal activity, you would want to be sure you have the best recording possible. The difference is in the detail the camera will capture. The video from an analog camera will distort, or pixelate, when trying to zoom in and see detail. Click on the link below for a side by side video comparison. 

Imagine if someone broke into your store and you presented your security camera footage to the authorities. Having High Definition Secuirty Cameras could mean the difference between an arrest, due to a positive ID, versus not being able to see any detail. This is why we suggest going with High Definition Secuirty cameras such as HD-CVI or IP. Sure, you could get along with Analog to get your inspection passed, but in the long run, just how much is your Marijuana investment worth. Besides outside theft, you need to keep an eye on your employees as well as your crops. HD Security Cameras can also be used to monitor the healthiness of your crops (if you are a grower).

40 Days of 24/7 Security Recording

By law, you are required to have a surveillance system that can record and hold 40 days of security footage recording 24 hours per day non-stop. In order to figure out how much disc space you need for your security camera system, we have created an Online Hard Drive Calculator to help you determine that. Below are two examples of how much disc space you would need for 16 cameras. One of the major differences between an Analog Security Camera System and a High Definition Security Camera System, besides the clarity of the video, is how much disc space is needed to hold information for the 40 days.

Hard Drive Space for Analog
Hard Drive Example for an Analog System
Hard Drive Space for High Definition
Hard Drive Example for a 2MP High Definition System
As you can see it is very important to determine how much hard drive memory you need before you make your purchase so you can prove that your security camera system can record footage for 40 days. It is always a good idea to get more than you need to be sure.

Creating a Site Plan

It is very important to develop a site plan for your Marijuana Store in Colorado or for your Marijuana Growing Facility. This way, we can help you determine exactly where your security cameras should be placed. All entrances and exits, sales areas, growing areas, windows, storage areas, etc. need to have 24/7 camera surveillance, and we are experts when it comes to placement and coverage. All you need to do is provide us with a layout (whether it is professionally done or just scratched out on a piece of paper), and we will assist you with what you need to get you surveillance system inspection passed. Having the cameras configured in the site plan will also make it easy for your installation process. If you do not have an installer and do not want to do the installation yourself, we can recommend one. If you are in the Denver area, we can take care of the installation through our install department.

The image below represents a typical site plan. This is not an actual plan as we do not make public our customer’s facilities. This is just an example, and chances are your site plan will be very different.

amendment 64 site plan

Securing Your DVR

According to Amendment 64, your security recorder needs to be secure and in an area where it can not be tampered with. We have the perfect solution for this. Our DVR Lockbox will hold any of our DVRs or NVRs and keep it secure. It locks with a key and has an internal fan to keep your recorder from overheating. You can mount it to a wall or shelf using our optional brackets. Marijuana Inspectors love seeing these units being used. There is no way your DVR can be messed with or stolen, and so the footage will always be available to the authorities if needed.

DVR Lockbox From SecurityCameraKingA DVR Lockbox is the best way to keep your DVR secure

Advantages of Buying Your Amendment 64 Security Camera System from

There are a lot of advantages of making your purchase through

Fast Shipping – We have a location in Colorado so ground shipping will be delivered in 1 business day in most cases. Orders over $500 will be shipped for free.

Colorado Shipping Map
Free US Based Tech Support
Every product we sell comes with Free Tech Support. We have some of the most knowledgeable techs that are fluent in security camera systems. In most cases we can log in remotely and do all the configurations for you.

Our Guarantee
We are so confident that the system we pick out for you will pass your Amendment 64 Security Camera Inspection that we provide a Certificate of Guarantee that states that the system we picked for you has met or exceeded the requirements needed to pass.

I-502 Security Camera Certificate
Free Remote Viewing Software
Using our free software you can view your cameras anywhere you have Internet on your Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Mac and PC, provided your system is connected to your network.

Product Warranties
We have some of the best warranties in the industry. Most of our NVRs and DVRs have a 3 year warranty.

30 day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee
We know you will be happy with our systems. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, there is no need to worry, just return your unused and uninstalled items within 30 days in the original packaging for a complete refund.


How to turn on and off an IP camera using Smart Devices | Getting more of your Smart Devices

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Monday, January 19th, 2015

smart bedroom


Many of you are installing cameras inside and outside of your homes and there are many times where you wish you could turn off your camera (at least the one in your bedroom) with the push of a button. Maybe by just giving a verbal command or simply pulling out your smart phone and using that to turn the camera. With “Smart”  items coming out for your home that are basically interconnected with your network, this is possible. I recently got a customer asking why there were no solutions to do this with his security system and after a brief pause I got a Eureka! moment. I figured that I already have some of these items and I can add them to my system. There are some items that you will need to accomplish this task. We are going to showcase some items that you will need and optional ones that will help you make your Home a Smart Home. Just follow this easy document on “How to turn on and off an IP camera using smart devices”

Items that you will need:

Single port Power Over Ethernet Switch POE-1G



Belkin WeMo Insight Switch


ivee – Sleek Voice-Activated Smart Clock [Optional for voice Command]



The main items would be a Single port PoE Switch POE-1G which will power the camera via an Ethernet cable and that would get connected to a Wemo Insight Switch.

The Belkin WeMo Smart Switch communicates with your  IOS or Android Device to turn the power on any 15 amp 120V AC device on or off. This can be used to to control lamps, Christmas lights or anything that will use a 120VAC power source. We will be connecting the PoE single port switch to this device allowing us to power the device or turn it off, but I always like to push things even further. Why not add a Siri like device to operate not just this but any other Belkin WeMo Switch or Nest Thermostat devices? Well for this we need a device called ivee which doubles as a Smart Clock that connects to any smart device. I found myself needing to change my alarm from time to time and found this smart clock that also allowed me to turn up or down my temperature using my Nest Thermostat as well as turn on of off the lamps or even open or close my front door making my life a little bit easier since in times I forgot if I set my alarm correctly and also if my front door dead bolt was in the locked position, a simple command to the ivee from the comfort of my bed allows me to do this as well as allow me to turn off the camera in my bedroom when I decide I need some privacy.

There are so many things that can be done with this type of device that people do not realize it. For example you can add a command to enable one of these Smart Switches and on this smart switch you can have a relay that will accept any high or low voltage device, lets say you want to turn off a non smart device such as a fan. If you are a techie you can have this device restart a router or any network device that does not have the ability to be accessed or the manufacturer failed to add a shutdown feature to it.


One big project that I will be integrating this would be to add this as Do it Yourself Pet Feeder where I will be ordering one of these and dismantle it and use it to operate a stepper motor that will have an auger drill with a hopper that will have a “V” shape. This will enable me to command Ivee to feed my cats in the morning while I get ready to go to work relieving from doing so as well as giving me the ability to feed them once I get home.


This gentleman here has a Feeder for his fishes, You can see how it works. You have a drill that will be used as an auger and a hopper that will have the feed. You can time the feed for my cats I would say 3 minutes or so for each cat once it has does its thing it should turn off , a simple time that resets itself should do the trick for this now keep in mind that for indoors you need to enclose this device so that any children or pets do not mess with the device since it does power using alternate current. As well as adding fuses to protect the circuit.




Smart Home Devices should not only allow you to enjoy Media but assist you with the smaller tasks that take so much of your time. Having these devices will enable you to view you home from anywhere in the world, open or close your front door when ever you wish to do so, like when you are at work and all of a sudden something breaks in your home there is no longer a need to call in off because you need your washing machine fixed , you can simply have the Handy Man work on the washing machine while you view him or her on your Surveillance system and allow him entry using your Smart Lock. Since I have cameras all over my interior and exterior I can monitor anything that happens in my home as well as allow anyone entry. Another example is if you are renting your Home or Apartment,there are times where landlords do not know they are not allowed into your apartment or home, knowing if your landlord is coming and going at times they are not allowed will help you in a situation where the landlord or any individual has entered without your consent.

So next time you are buying or have an item laying around look at what else you can do not just what the manufacturer designed it for, Keep in mind that these and any hack can lead to voiding your warranty but if you are aware of this and the item is already out of warranty go ahead and learn , Trust me you will enjoy it. One big example is when I helped a Customer use an Auto tracking IP camera to track deer and other wild animals in here property and have the video footage go to her webpage as well as her Youtube account. She was happy with her setup as well as I was happy after I had completed this task. 😉



Home Surveillance Systems

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Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Home Surveillance Systems Many people today think about getting a surveillance system for their homes. It’s becoming an increasingly popular part of home security systems. Some people may feel like placing a bunch of security cameras around their home can become a bit overkill, but there’s a huge reason why you will find that many public buildings of commercial businesses, ATM’s and all government owned property have surveillance cameras installed. Not only do they provide the evidence needed if an event occurs, but they are a huge deterrent. There are many amateur criminals who decide against burglarizing a location that has cameras installed for the fear of getting caught. Once they see the cameras, many will turn away and decide against it. Even though home security cameras may not be for everyone, those who decide to purchase a system will have many levels of security coverage to think about. You’ll have the choice between a few different types of systems which offer a variety of options between the resolution, clarity, and cost of equipment. Here are a few different facts that may help you with choosing the right system for your home.

Standard Wired Security Camera Surveillance Equipment

Purchasing a standard residential wired security camera system is a great choice for those of you who would like to balance between being able to afford the system and having the performance you need. Wired systems will surely require that you drill some holes into the walls of your home but nowadays the equipment has become very affordable in comparison to a few years ago. Once you have everything setup, the system is pretty much good to go without the requirement for regular maintenance. The system’s we sell at are mostly built for indoor and outdoor use, as well as being able to see in the day and night with the use of Infrared LEDs. Many of the older systems would require you to change VHS tapes once they were full, but now the DVRs have been engineered to work with the same hard drives that your computer uses and will automatically overwrite all of the older footage once it becomes full. You’ll also have the option to change that setting and have the DVR notify you once the DVR is full so that you may manually save the footage and reformat it when you deem necessary. Everything is captured digitally, which can be viewed online or over your smartphone even while you are away from the location. A lot of these new systems are also great about conserving energy so you won’t have to worry about your electric bill significantly increasing even with multiple cameras.

Here are a couple examples of some of the most affordable standard wired security systems along with prices and links of where you can purchase them:

Economy DVR Security System

Starting at about $364, this system is one of the most affordable base model packages you’ll find online. It comes with everything you need and there are even 4, 8, and 16 channel DVR options available if you need more than just 4 cameras. You can find out more information about it here:

Home Surveillance Systems by Dro

Ultimate Mini DVR Security System

This system starts at around $535 and you’ll be able to also choose between a 4, 8, and 16 channel system. The benefit of having this one over the economy is that you’ll be able to add 2 hard drives instead of 1, you’ll be able to record at the highest resolution of 704px x 480px (also known as D1 resolution) on all the channels at 30 frames per second on all of the channels. This means that you’ll be able to see fluid motion on the video you capture just as if you were recording on a video camera. Many older systems had a lower frame rate which makes the motion in the video seem very jittery or slow motion-like where someone is on one place of the screen one second, and another area of the screen in the next. To find out more about this type of DVR system, go here:

Full Size Ultimate DVR security System

This DVR not only comes in a 4, 8, and 16 channel option, but there is even a 32 channel option available. All of the cameras that come with these systems can see up to at least 50ft away at night time and can even be installed outdoors. There are people who even put these cameras in areas of Canada and Alaska which have very cold nights and the cameras are still up and doing great. The Ultimate DVR will have 8 SATA ports which means you can put up to 8 Hard Disk Drives. The more hard drives you have an option of installing, the more data you’ll be able to save and the further back you’ll be able to view what’s happening. Check out this awesome system, It starts at about $880 and much more information about it can be found here:

Going Wireless

It seems like most people would rather go wireless when installing systems in their homes so that they don’t have to deal with running a bunch of cable through their attics. Some homes don’t even have access to an attic and don’t want to have ugly wires showing on their walls. This is also a bad idea anyway because someone can just come and cut your wires in order to disable your surveillance system. One of the biggest things that must be noted when looking into these systems is that you’ll be sacrificing performance and reliability by going wireless. There are certainly solutions out there that are completely wireless and easy to install, but you won’t be getting the best quality and there is always a potential of losing signal due to interference of some sort and then your whole system is disabled for that moment which leaves your home vulnerable. Long distances can also affect the quality of the video being captured and increases your chances for losing signals. Most people also do not realize that going wireless means not having a wire for the video capture but you will still need to hard-wire power to each camera. This means that each camera will have to have a power outlet near the area you are installing them. With a wired system you can run all the wires back to one location that will power all of the cameras simultaneously with the use of a power box or power splitter. There are also transmitters and receivers that can be purchased to make a wired system wireless, but I would suggest only using those as a last resort. They can become costly and may not be as effective as you would like them to be in the end. Also, please note that the DVR’s so not come wireless. They do not have a wireless card installed inside of their hardware.

Example of some wireless transmitters:

2.4Ghz Transmitter and Receiver
Starts at around $290 and you would need to purchase one for each camera that you’re trying to make wireless.

Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Access Point/Bridge for IP Cameras and DVRs

These are great if you can afford them, and you’ll more than likely need one for each end. You would have to purchase one as a transmitter and then another as a receiver. They are currently being offered at the price of about $125 and you can find out more information about them here:

Self-Contained and Hidden Security Camera Systems

There are many people who may not want to put up a full surveillance system in their homes. You may simply want to capture the events in one location of your home. It’s becoming popular to have at least a nanny cam in a home to watch the room that gets occupied the most. These systems can come in the form of many different types of hidden security camera systems and will blend in with the other items in your home. These are great for capturing an event that may be happening only when someone thinks they’re not being watched. Some of these cameras come in the form of radios, wall clocks, mirrors, lamps, stuffed animals, motion sensors, smoke detectors, and many more items that you would commonly find in a home. These are usually easier to install since they run on their own without the need for a Digital Video Recorder. They mainly come with an internal flash hard drive where you can pull the data from the device with a USB cable. They may not record for as long as a full security system, but it may be just enough to capture exactly what you need! If you’re looking for a wired hidden camera solution, those are available as well.

Here are some examples of hidden security camera systems:

Wall clock camera

If you’re looking for a camera that looks like a common item in your home, this wall clock security camera may be the right system for your home. There are different ones that you can purchase but here’s one that starts at $471 and includes an 8GB SD card for video storage. If you want to find out more information check out the products’ page here:

Alarm Clock Camera

This alarm clock can be placed a bit lower than the wall clock if needed. This way you’ll be able to place it somewhere like a nightstand or desk in your home. Most people would never think that this is a recording device. This particular alarm clock camera system starts at $492 and also comes with an 8GB SD card for storage. Click on the following link to find out more information about this alarm clock camera:

In conclusion, there are many different choices of security systems when you’re looking for a way to protect your home. I would suggest contacting the company you’re planning on purchasing a system from and they can help guide you in the right direction if you’re still a bit confused about what to purchase. Think about all of the locations of your home that you’d like to cover and the duration of time you’d like to be able to go back and view and that will help you get started in choosing the right system. The type of location you live in also comes into play. For example, if you’re in a home with an attic, it’ll be a lot easier to run a wired system than in an apartment building where you may have some restrictions on the type of surveillance system you are allowed to install. Either way, having a home security system can help deter as well as prove any negative events that may occur to your property.


The Dangers of Not Having a Security System in Your Home

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Thursday, August 1st, 2013

The Dangers of Not Having a Security System in Your HomeIf you have been thinking about purchasing a security system for your home, you have probably tried to weigh out both the pros and the cons to figure out if purchasing and installing one of these systems is right for you and your family. However, if you have decided that you might be better off without one of these systems, you should definitely think again. Although some people do get by just fine for years without a security system in their homes, you can’t assume that the same will happen for you and your family, even if you haven’t dealt with any incidents yet and even if you live in a safe neighborhood. You never know when something might happen to your home and your family, and you don’t want to put any of your loved ones or precious belongings at an unnecessary risk. Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of all of the dangers of not having a security system in your home.

Someone Could Catch You By Surprise

Although a lot of robberies and break-ins do occur when people are not home, you shouldn’t assume that nothing will ever happen while you and your family are at the house. The truth is that some people will rob your home even if there are people inside, and some people might even break into your home with the intent of harming your family. Even if you have weapons in the home, you never know when you could be caught by surprise.

If you have a security system installed in your home, however, there is much less of a chance of you getting caught by surprise. With a burglar alarm system, you can be notified with a loud alarm in the event that someone tries to sneak into your home. If you have surveillance cameras, you can then spot the person on the camera before anything happens. This will give you time to figure out a plan for how to handle the situation instead of leaving you to get caught by surprise.

Your Home Could Be Like a Sitting Duck

Even though you might wish that you could spend all of your time at home in order to protect it, this simply isn’t feasible in today’s world. However, not having a security system turned on while you are away from home is a pretty big risk because it leaves your home sitting there just like a sitting duck.

Even if you have neighbors, you can’t necessarily count on them to keep an eye on your home 24 hours a day for you. They have their own responsibilities as well and have to leave to go to work and to do other things, so chances are good that something could happen at your home while they are away. Even if your neighbors are home while you are going during the day, there is still a pretty good chance that a burglar could sneak right past them and get into your home.

Then, there are a lot of horrible things that could happen, all while you are at work and not even thinking about the tragedy that could be striking your home. For instance, a robber could take all of your most valuable possessions, or he or she could even wait in your home until you and your family members get there. This can obviously be dangerous for your family and could cause you to lose your most valuable, precious and sentimental possessions.

It Could Take Forever for Police Officers to Get There

Even if you do happen to realize that something is amiss or if your neighbors contact local law enforcement officials to let them know that someone is breaking into your home, it could take a while for your local police department to dispatch someone to your home. There is no telling what could happen during this time frame.

You Won’t Have Proof of What Happened

As unfortunate as it is, robberies and other crimes happen on residential properties every day. Although a lot of them do get solved, many of them also do not. This means that the statistics aren’t all that good that the person who breaks into your home will get caught if you don’t have a security system in your home.

Having a security system and surveillance cameras in your home, however, can make a major difference in whether or not the person who committed a crime on your property will get caught. If you have a burglar alarm, it will immediately contact your local police department, meaning that they will be on their way more quickly and will be more likely to catch the perpetrator. If you have surveillance cameras in and around your home, you might be able to use the footage from your cameras in order to help your local district attorneys, prosecutors and police officers to find and convict the person who broke into your home and robbed you or otherwise committed a crime in or around your home. Not only can this make you feel more safe and can even help you get your belongings back, but it can also help to keep the streets and homes in your neighborhood much more safe.

There Won’t Be a Deterrent

When many would-be criminals come across homes and businesses that have security alarm systems and surveillance cameras, they often continue on their merry way because they don’t want to get caught. Unfortunately for you, however, this means that they will continue on until they find a home that doesn’t have these types of security equipment installed.

Security systems and surveillance cameras work as stronger deterrents than many people think. Most people don’t want to go to jail and won’t commit a crime if they think that there is a good chance that they will get caught. This means that the chances of someone breaking into your home when you have this type of equipment installed prominently are much slimmer than if you didn’t have this equipment at all.

You Might Not Get Your Belongings Back

If you are like many, you probably have at least a few possessions in your home that are very important to you. For instance, you might have items that are important for sentimental reasons or jewelry that was very costly. You would probably be devastated if you lost one or all of these items, but this could definitely happen if someone were to break into your home.

Not only can you help deter criminals from taking these items at all if you have surveillance cameras and a security system in place, however, but you can also help increase the chances of getting these items back if someone steals them if you have this equipment in place. For instance, the law could get to your home much more quickly if you have a monitored security system, which could mean that law enforcement officials will retrieve your property and return it to you. Your surveillance cameras could also help ensure that the person is caught, which also means that you could get your belongings back.

Another Disaster Could Happen

Things like fires and high carbon monoxide levels can put your home and family at risk, but it can be difficult to protect yourself and your loved ones from these things. If you have the right security system in your home, however, you can typically opt for detection and monitoring for these things, which can help to keep your family safe.

Your Family May Not Feel Safe

Without having this type of technology in your home, it will be a lot more difficult for your family to feel safe than if you did have surveillance cameras and a security system. Therefore, you can make a serious difference in how safe your family feels by taking this simple and crucial step.

You Can’t Watch Your Home While You Are Away

Many crimes are committed on residential properties when the owners are away from home, such as on a vacation, and you surely don’t want for anything bad to happen while you are supposed to be enjoying yourself on your trip.

Although you can ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your home, and even though you can follow certain tricks to make it look as if your home is inhabited while you are away, leaving your home in the care of a good security system is a far better option. With a security system in place, you can be notified right away if someone attempts to enter your home, and you can feel confident in knowing that the police will also be notified. If you have a good surveillance camera system in place, you can even watch your footage and check in on your home every once in a while with your laptop or other device if you have streaming enabled!


How To Enforce Security Measures During Concerts

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Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

How To Enforce Security Measures During ConcertsIf you own your own concert venue, you probably know just how much fun and profitable it can be to host concerts and welcome guests onto your property. However, it is important for you to keep safety and security as a top priority, and you should understand that there is always a possibility that things can get out of hand when you gather a lot of exciting and possibly intoxicated individuals in one area to watch a concert. Therefore, you have to know how to enforce security measures during concerts in order to keep all of your patrons, staff members and yourself safe during your concerts and to maintain a reputation as a business owner who runs a clean, orderly and safe concert venue. By following these tips, you can help maintain order and enforce security measures during even the biggest of concerts.

Post Your Rules Online Ahead of Time

Letting everyone know about the rules that you have in place before the concert even begins is one good way to let people know that you are serious about maintaining order and security at your venue. Along with posting a list of rules and guidelines on your website, it is also a good idea to post printed copies near the entrances. You can even add a tagline with the most important rules on any flyers or other promotional materials prior to hosting your concerts. Letting everyone know how you expect for things to be done at your venue is only fair, and you might be surprised by just how many people it will deter from trying to break your rules and bring bad things and ideas into your venue.

Hire Security Guards Carefully

Hiring security guards is an essential. No matter how dedicated you are to promoting and maintaining security at your venue, there is no way that you and a small group of staff members can keep things under control when your venue gets busy. Therefore, you have to make sure that you hire security guards to help with these matters so that you can worry about other aspects of running your business during a concert.

You shouldn’t just hire the first security guards that you come across, however. If you do, you might end up with inexperienced individuals who don’t know much about how to keep an orderly concert venue. Instead, look for people who have experience in these matters if at all possible. You can look to hire individual security guards if you prefer, but another great option is to contact a security guard company to find out about hiring a crew to work your venue. If you decide to go this route, you can pay one flat fee to the company, and it will worry about finding and training security guards and providing them with the necessary uniforms and equipment. Then, all you have to worry about is paying for these guards and letting them know where your venue is and when your concert will be held. Although this can be a great option for one-day concerts, hiring your own crew might be preferable if you host a lot of concerts at your venue, and you can actually save money by doing so as well.

Make Sure That You Have Enough Security Guards

Hiring security guards to handle the security at your venue isn’t going to be enough. You also have to make sure that you have a sufficient amount of security guards to handle things; otherwise, the guards who are on duty might not be able to handle everything. Estimating the number of people who will be at your event is one good way to determine how many guards that you need, and you also have to take the size of your venue into consideration. If you are hosting the concert indoors in a relatively small building, for instance, you won’t need as many security guards as you will need if you are hosting a huge outdoor music festival at a very large venue. If you talk to someone from a security guard company and give them estimations of the size of your venue, the type of venue that you are running and the approximate number of people who will be attending your concert, however, someone from the company can probably give you a better idea of how many security guards you will need to hire.

Train Your Security Guards Well

Simply dressing a few large men up in uniforms and telling everyone that they are security guards won’t be sufficient if you really want to keep your concert venue safe and secure. Although it might fool some people into behaving and acting in an orderly fashion, others will want to try these guards out if they know that they aren’t well-trained. Therefore, it is important to send your security guards to training classes; if at all possible, try to send them to a type of training that will cover the bases about handling security at a concert venue. This is another reason why you might decide it is preferential to hire professional security guards from a security guard company. You can also screen any potential security guards to find out if they have experience in handling the security at these types of venues.

Monitor the Doors

One of the best ways to keep bad things out of your concert venue is to do a thorough check of the people who are entering it before they ever make it through the door. Although some people don’t particularly like to go through metal detectors, enforcing this type of security is one of the top ways that you can keep bad things and bad people from getting into your concert venue.

First of all, consider utilizing metal detectors. You can have everyone walk through a large metal detector that goes over everyone’s heads, or you can have your security guards use a wand to check for weapons. If your security guards find weapons, they can choose to either ask the individual to put them in their vehicles before entering the venue or ask them to leave. For small things, like pocket knives, you are probably safe to simply ask them to leave the item in their car. For larger and more serious weapons, however, you might decide that you don’t want their owners to enter your concert venue at all. When security guards are checking for weapons, make sure that they check carefully. Some people try to be clever by hiding weapons in their boots or elsewhere on their person, and it is important to catch these weapons before they ever make it in the door.

Along with using metal detectors to check for weapons, you should consider having your security guards look for other potential problems as well. For instance, you might decide that you don’t want to let overly intoxicated individuals into your venue because of the problems that they can cause and the trouble that you can potentially get into with alcohol enforcement agents. Those who seem to be violent can also pose a problem, and you might want to look for things like gang-related clothing when determining who can or can’t get into your venue.

Keep Watch on the Parking Lot

Along with being cautious about keeping an eye on your venue’s entrances and what is actually going on inside your venue during the concert, you should also consider keeping a close eye on the parking lot. People tend to get in fights and cause other problems in parking areas at concerts, and there is also a chance that people will be drinking or using drugs in their cars. You don’t want this type of behavior to be going on in the parking area of your venue, so consider posting surveillance cameras in the parking lot as well as inside the venue and hiring security guards who are specifically assigned to watch the parking lot. Doing so will not only help cut down on problems, but it can even help prevent car thefts and other similar crimes that sometimes occur outside of these concert venues.

Keep an Eye On Things Yourself With Surveillance Cameras

Hiring security guards is a great way to keep an eye on your venue, but one thing that you shouldn’t pass up is to utilize surveillance cameras in order to keep an eye on what is going on in and around your concert venue. There are lots of surveillance cameras on the market that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, so you shouldn’t have a difficult time finding the equipment that you need.

Installing surveillance cameras at the entrances to your venue will help you help your security guards while they are monitoring the people who enter your venue. It will also allow you to keep tabs on who has gone in and out before, during and after the concert.

Posting surveillance cameras in various areas around your venue can also help you prevent problems. Make sure that you have cameras in both prominent areas and in hidden corners and other places where issues could arise, and make sure that your cameras are high-quality and that they capture good footage of everything that is going on during the concert. Along with helping deter people from committing crimes, breaking rules and causing other security-related issues simply by being there, these cameras can also make it easier for you and your security guards to see what is going on everywhere in the venue and can provide you with valuable physical proof in the event that something happens and you need to contact local law enforcement agents, press charges against someone or simply kick them out of your venue for the rules that they have broken.

Enforce Rules Properly

One of the main things that you can do in order to enforce security measures during concerts is to handle security-related issues right away. If you get a reputation for letting things slide, people will try to get away with a lot more. If you make it known that you have rules in place and that you don’t put up with people breaking them, however, a lot of people will be less likely to break the rules because they won’t want to get kicked out of your venue and because they won’t want to get in trouble with the law. This means that you might sometimes have to be the “bad guy,” but it will be worth it in the long run because you will have a much safer venue; overall, this will help you bring in more concert guests because people will feel safer at your venue and won’t think that things will get out of control, and it will help prevent you from breaking any laws, getting in trouble or getting involved in confrontations.

Don’t Be Afraid to Call the Police

If you have security measures well taken care of and have both high-quality surveillance cameras and well-trained security guards posted around your venue, you probably won’t have to worry about calling the police too often. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to call the police if you need to. If someone is breaking the law in your concert venue or if things seem out of control and you feel as if you will have a difficult time restoring order on your own or with the assistance of your security guards, you should certainly call your local law enforcement officers to see if you can get some assistance. it might even be a good idea to call and let you local police department know about big concerts that will be held at your venue so that they can keep an eye on things and even keep someone around who can help you if things escalate and get out of hand while the concert is going on. By following all of these tips, you can help maintain safety and security at your concert venue, no matter how big your concert might be.