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5 Reasons Why Schools Need a Top Notch Security System

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Friday, January 18th, 2013

In today’s world, security is a top priority in all types of places. From government buildings to small businesses to residential areas, more and more security equipment is being put in place on a daily basis in order to keep people and their property as safe as possible. Although security should certainly be taken seriously in any situation, there are few situations when it is more important to keep people safe than in a school setting. Therefore, individuals who are involved in the school system, parents, children and entire communities should realize the importance of having a top notch security system in place in every school.

Unfortunately, many schools leave something to be desired when it comes to security. In many areas, school seem safe, and parents and educators have let their guard down. However, you never know when something could happen, and it is important for every school to be as safe as possible. These are only five good reasons why every school should have a top notch security system, and there are countless more. Therefore, you should do everything in your power to make sure that every school system in your community has the security that it needs. Although it might take a few meetings with school officials, educators, parents from the community and even experts in order to make a difference, putting forth this effort is essential if you want to make certain that every child is as safe as possible when he or she goes to school. Taking proper security precautions can also help keep others who go to the school, such as teachers, parents and guests, as safe as possible from danger and harm.

1. School violence doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

School violence isn’t anything new. There have been countless stabbings, shootings, fights and other types of violence in schools over the years, and a lot of people have been hurt or killed in these incidents.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as if school violence is going anywhere any time soon. Sadly, it seems as if every time that you turn on the news you hear about some new sort of violence that has occurred in a school, and you never know when something could happen in a school in your community. Therefore, it is essential to do everything that you can to make sure that the schools in your area are as safe as possible. Although you surely don’t want to think about anything happening in a local school, putting forth an effort to add a security system that is top notch can help prevent bad things from happening.

Over time, the country as a whole can help reduce school violence by implementing the right security measures in schools all over the country. By installing top notch security systems and following the right procedures to cut down on violence, more and more criminals will be far too frightened to commit their crimes. Even those who are brave enough to commit crimes can be more easily stopped and prosecuted for their wrongdoings, which could eventually cause people to rethink their behaviors and stop committing so many acts of violence against children and faculty members in schools. Although it will take a lot of work and cooperation on the part of school officials, parents, students and communities, making this effort is essential for those who want to keep schools and the children inside of them as safe as possible.

2. Protecting children is a necessity.

If you are a parent, you know that it is essential to do what you can to protect your child, and you also surely realize that it is every parent and adult’s job to work together to keep all children as safe as possible. Since you surely don’t want to feel as if your children aren’t safe while they are in school, it is your responsibility to do what you can to make sure that schools are safe places for parents to send their children every day.

Although it isn’t actually possible to keep every child safe from every type of threat, you can greatly reduce the crimes that are committed against children by working proactively to keep kids safe. This should start at home and school, two places where children should always feel as if they are safe. By installing the best security systems that are available and taking the best possible security measures, you and your community can make a difference in how safe the children in your community are from violence.

3. Children are often scared of going to school due to violence.

Many people don’t realize it, but children often know more about what is going on in the world than people think. It can be incredibly frightening for a child to hear about a school shooting or another type of violence in other schools, even if the school is on the other side of the country.

When children hear about this violence, some of them might worry that similar things can happen at their own schools. Since you obviously want your child and every child in your community to feel safe at school, it is your responsibility to make a difference in the schools in your area.

Fortunately, taking security measures and telling the children about them can make them feel safer about going to school. Along with utilizing security systems to make children feel safer, it is also important to go over important safety rules with them. Every school should also have a plan that will be put into action in the event that a crime is committed on school grounds. If children feel as if their parents and educators have these situations under control, they are sure to feel more comfortable at school, and knowing which steps to take can allow children to follow the right course of action in the event that something happens; this can help keep them safe and feeling less scared than if they don’t know what to do in the event of an emergency.

4. Parents and other adults in the community are concerned about school violence and the bad things that can happen to children in schools.

If you are worried about the safety of the schools in your area, you should know that you aren’t alone. Parents everywhere are beginning to grow more and more panicked about the violence that has been occurring in area schools, and many of these parents don’t know how to handle the situation.

Banding together with other parents, educators and concerned citizens from your community can be a great way to make people feel better about the safety of their children and the community’s schools. Having meetings and talking to others who share your concerns is also a good way to encourage your area lawmakers and school officials to make changes in how safe and secure the schools in your community are, and you might be surprised by all of the change that you can inspire by simply getting out there and talking to other concerned individuals from your area.

5. There are a lot of steps that can be taken to protect children and schools.

As you can see, there are a lot of good reasons to include a top notch security system in every school. Luckily, there are really no good reasons not to take these necessary security precautions. The safety of the children in the school should always be the top priority, and it is important to keep teachers, school staff members, parents and school guests safe as well. Fortunately, there are a lot of different security-related measures that can be taken in order to ensure that the school is as safe as possible for everyone involved.

First of all, it is important for surveillance cameras to be installed in multiple areas of the school. Surveillance cameras provide educators and law enforcement officials with the proof that they need in the event that someone commits a crime on school property, and surveillance footage can also be used in order to take disciplinary measures against any child who misbehaves, gets in a fight or gets caught bullying other students. Another positive advantage of security cameras is the fact that they can be used to prevent crime. A lot of people who would otherwise think about committing a crime on school property might be too scared to try anything due to the surveillance cameras that have been in place, and you never know the crimes that could be prevented just because cameras have been placed in and around the school. When security guards and school officials monitor the cameras during the daytime, they can also look out for suspicious behavior; if they find it by watching the camera, they can often put various situations to a stop before anything bad happens.

Surveillance cameras can be placed in hallways, classrooms, offices, the cafeteria and at all of the entrances and exits to the school; in fact, placing them near the entrances and exits as well as in the parking lot can also allow school officials to keep an eye on everyone who enters the school. Surveillance cameras can also be used on buses; this can help educators and parents ensure that the bus drivers are taking proper care of the children on the bus, and it can help school officials find out about and cut out bullying and other misbehavior. In the long run, a good security camera system can work well in preventing crimes from happening and taking necessary action when rules or laws are broken in and around school property and on the bus.

Along with using surveillance cameras for security-related reasons on school grounds, there are other security precautions that teachers and school officials can take. For instance, they can utilize locks that keep people out of the school during school hours. When combined with surveillance cameras, these locks can make it easier for school officials to keep people who aren’t supposed to be in the school out, and it can help everyone keep an eye on those who do enter the school during the day.

For maximum school security, there are other types of equipment and procedures that can be followed. For instance, having a school resource officer or security guard on campus is never a bad idea, and using metal detectors at the entrances of the school can help prevent anyone from bringing a weapon into the school building. Burglar alarms can also be put in place to help prevent vandalism and theft after school hours.

Having safety rules and regulations in place can also work wonders for school security. Every staff member should know about all of the safety rules that are supposed to be followed on school grounds, and they should also know what type of procedure to follow in the event that something does happen on school property. The children should also be well-aware of what they are expected to do, what rules have been put in place for their safety and what they should do in the event of an emergency. Having a solid plan in place can help everyone feel safer, and it will help ensure that everyone does what they are supposed to in the unfortunate event that school safety is compromised.

Fortunately, a security expert who sells security-related equipment can talk to school officials to come up with a plan for keeping the school, students, staff and everyone else who is in and around the school safe. Different schools require different levels and types of security, but it is imperative for everyone in the school system and surrounding community to take school safety as seriously as possible. Although it might take a considerable amount of money in order to place a top notch security system in a school, the cost of this equipment is truly priceless because it can help keep students and others who enter the school as safe as possible. Contact us to find out which security system is right for your school.


What Is The Best Security System For A School?

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

best security systems for schoolsIf you are a parent or someone who is involved in the school system, you probably worry constantly about the safety of the children in your care. Unfortunately, parents and educators alike have to worry a lot about the children that they care for, and many people simply do not know how to handle these types of situations. Fortunately, however, there are ways that parents and educators can work together in order to keep children, as well as school faculty members and those who visit the school for one reason or another, as safe as possible.

Many people did not realize the importance of security systems in schools in the past, but parents and other individuals in various communities have started paying closer attention to school safety and security in recent years. School shootings and other widespread violence has made its way across the country, and this type of violence affects schools at all different grade levels in both the smallest and largest of towns and cities. Therefore, it pays for everyone to take school security very seriously.

Although a lot of people now realize just how important it is to make sure that schools are as safe and secure as possible, a lot of these concerned individuals do not know what to do and often ask, “What is the best security system for a school?”. More and more parents, school faculty members and individuals from various communities are beginning to wonder just what they can do to make a difference and make the schools in their area as safe as possible from violence and crime.

Unfortunately, there is no one good answer as to, “What is the best security system for a school?”. There is truly no fool-proof and surefire way to ensure that violence will not occur in a school, people won’t get hurt and crimes won’t be committed, but this doesn’t mean that people should give up. Taking proactive steps toward implementing proper security measures and making a school as safe as possible can make a major difference in whether the students, teachers and others who go to a school every day are safe or not.

Therefore, it is important for everyone to work together to make sure that schools are as safe as possible, regardless of the areas where they are located, the ages and grade levels of the children who attend the school or how small or large each school is. In the end, it is imperative for every parent, faculty member and member of the community to take every step possible in order to ensure that those who go to a community school every day can feel as safe as possible, even when other tragedies have hit the United States or other areas of the world.

Fortunately, security systems can make a major difference. In fact, all school boards and administrators should consider implementing as many security measures as possible in order to provide their schools with the best possible safety and security; not only is this important for the children who attend these schools on a daily basis, but it is also essential for faculty members, parents, members of the local community and more.

Involves Human Participation

One of the first and most important steps of ensuring that schools are safe is to ensure that as many people are involved as possible. Unfortunately, it is difficult for a few people to make a difference in how schools are ran, especially if they do not have a lot of supporters. This means that you should do what you can to ensure that everyone in your community understands the importance of school safety against violence and other crimes.

Letting people in your community know about the problem will only do so much, however. Therefore, it is important for school systems to involve as much human participation as possible when they are trying to decide, “What is the best security system for a school?”.

For instance, teachers and faculty members should be up-to-date on all of the school’s current policies; this is especially important when it comes to matters of those who can enter and exit the school, who can pick up each child every day, who can come into the school during school hours and how to handle situations when parents want to enter classrooms that they are not authorized to enter.

Human interaction in this matter also includes talking to your children. Although many children are not old enough to understand all of the tragedies that occur in the world on a daily basis, these young adults and children need to know how to be safe. By teaching safety rules and enforcing them and teaching children about various protocols to follow in the event of an emergency, you can help these children get through scary situations. Not only will this help them make it out of the situation alive and well, but it can also make them feel safer and more comfortable in the event of an emergency because they will know what to do and how to handle the situation.

Guards All Entrances and Exits to the Schoolschool security guards

Keeping an eye on everyone who enters and exits the school during the day is one way to keep children and faculty members alike safe. The best school security systems utilize surveillance cameras as a means of watching these exterior doors, and all doors should be under surveillance, not just the front or main entrances to the school. By making sure that all of these areas are carefully guarded, school officials can help cut down on crime and can hold people accountable for their actions while they are on school property.

Not only should surveillance cameras be used to monitor these entrances and exits, but other safety precautions can be taken as well. For instance, many schools have instituted policies that require that all exterior doors and kept locked during the day while children are in school. This doesn’t mean that no one can gain entrance to the school, however; it simply means that individuals who want to enter the school during the day must gain clearance by a faculty member who is well aware of the rules and regulations of the school and its safety policies. In some cases, a see-through window is used so that school officials can identify the individual before allowing him or her to gain entrance to the school. In other cases, these school employees utilize surveillance cameras and monitors for these purposes. A lot of times, the person who wants to gain entry to the school will have to ring a doorbell to alert school officials that he or she wants to get in; after the faculty member has assessed the situation and potentially asked for identification, he or she can then determine whether or not the person is able to enter the school. This helps cut down on unauthorized people gaining entry to the school, and it makes it easier for school officials to keep track of everyone who has entered the school throughout the day.

Along with using surveillance cameras in order to monitor entrances and exits, it is important to have a solid set of rules and regulations in place in order to keep school entrances secure. For instance, the school should have a policy for how each faculty member should identify visitors to the school, how they keep records of those who have visited and entered the school and other rules. It is also imperative that these rules apply to everyone, even parents who visit the school on a daily basis; this helps ensure that rules are always followed and that no one slips through the cracks.

Utilizes Plenty of Security Cameras

Although you probably now realize how important it is to have security cameras at the entrances and exits of school buildings, there are plenty of other uses for surveillance cameras in an educational setting. Just as surveillance cameras can help keep people and property safe in residential and commercial situations, they can also help ensure that children and schools stay safe when they are utilized correctly.

Along with posting surveillance cameras by the entrances and exits of the school, it is also important for school officials to post them in hallways, parking lots, entrances and exits for the parking lot, playgrounds and more. Although some people feel as if these security cameras can be a bit intrusive for children and school staff members, they can help increase safety in a major way.

For instance, they can help faculty members monitor those who have entered the school to ensure that they do not commit any crimes, harm any children or break any rules or laws. They can also be used to monitor students to make sure that there are no fights, attacks or other violence; in many cases, these cameras can help to cut down on school violence dramatically.

Surveillance cameras have other purposes in schools as well. They can help educators keep a close eye on all of the children who are under their care, and they can also be used to watch for sexual activity, use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or other illicit substances, bullying and general misbehavior. Since it is difficult for educators to keep a close eye on everything that every student does, having these cameras in place can make a drastic difference in how safe these children are while they are in school

Security cameras can also be used to protect school property from theft or vandalism. Along with catching students or faculty members who engage in this type of activity during the school day, surveillance cameras can also be used as evidence in the event that someone breaks into the school or vandalizes an area of the school after it has closed for the day; in fact, this evidence can help administrators and local law enforcement officials to find the culprit and take necessary legal action against him or her in the event that one of these crimes is committed, and it can help ensure that these things to not happen in the first place, since surveillance cameras often work as great deterrents for theft, vandalism and other similar crimes.

Along with using surveillance cameras in and around the school property, it is also a good idea to have surveillance cameras on all of the school buses. Since these vehicles are typically the site of fights and other activity, having cameras in place can help school administrators crack down on this sort of behavior.

Utilizes Metal Detectors

Many people do not realize just how important metal detectors can be in a school setting, and you might not think these devices have a place in the educational system. However, recent school shootings and other violence has made it necessary for school administrators to take as many steps as possible toward keeping violence out of schools, and metal detectors can help.

Not only can metal detectors be used to make sure that students don’t bring guns, knives and other weapons into the school, but they can also be used to check visitors for these weapons. Along with using them on regular school days, it is also a good idea to use metal detectors for graduation ceremonies, PTA meetings, sporting events and other activities; it is truly better to be safe than sorry.


Burglar alarms also have a place inside schools in today’s world. People will burglarize almost anything nowadays, and schools aren’t an exception. Therefore, burglar alarms can help deter people from breaking into a school in order to steal, vandalize the building or commit other types of mischief or crimes. Not only can burglar alarms work as a deterrent, but they can also help local law enforcement officials to find those who have committed these crimes while they are still in the act, making it easier for them to recover stolen property and take necessary legal action against the person who committed the crime. Contact us today if you have any questions about the best answers for school security.


Do Schools Need Better Security Systems?

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

School security optionsIf you have children, you probably worry about them constantly. Many parents find themselves constantly worrying if they are doing everything that they can to keep their children as safe as possible, and a lot of these parents find that there are things that they or those who they trust to care for their children can do to keep these little ones safer. You probably think about things like screening your babysitter to make sure that he or she is the right fit for the job or placing chemicals and other dangerous items out of your children’s reach, but you might not think about some of the other places where your children could be seriously harmed.

For instance, many parents find themselves asking, “Do schools needs better security systems?” In fact, a lot of these parents are afraid to send their children to school due to all of the concerns that they have about the safety and security of schools and public areas in general. If you are worried about your children and the level of security that is provided in their schools, you certainly have a right to be; unfortunately, there are a lot of things that parents should be worried about in today’s day and age. However, there are plenty of great solutions to these problems, and more and more school administrators and parents alike are willing to work together to solve these issues.

Has School Security Increased in the Past Few Years?

In the old days, schools rarely had any type of security at all. Over the years, however, school administrators have been increasing the levels of security that are used among the schools in their regions; part of this has been due to crimes, vandalism and other similar issues, and part of it can be attributed to the increase in violence in various schools across the country and elsewhere in the world.

There are a lot of ways that school systems are changing and utilizing new technology in order to keep children, as well as staff, safe in today’s world. For instance, many schools now lock the doors outside of certain time periods, which allows administrators to keep a close eye on how many people enter and exit the school each day. They also often have surveillance cameras, burglar alarms, metal detectors and more in order to keep everyone who is inside the school as safe as possible from harm and other crimes.

Why Do Schools Need Better Security Systems?

Many people do not realize why schools need tighter security and better, more modern equipment. For instance, those who remember attending school during a time when crime and violence was not prevalent often fondly remember attending a school that didn’t utilize cameras, metal detectors or other equipment at all. Many of these individuals feel as if people who want tighter security are overreacting, but there are a lot of reasons why schools need better security systems.

For instance, crime and violence is a lot more prevalent in schools today than it was many years ago, and it seems as if this trend isn’t going away any time soon. Unfortunately, parents, students and school employees alike all have to worry about the safety of a school in today’s world, and it never hurts to be more careful. Although security camera systems and other security-related equipment cannot get rid of crime completely, it can make a major difference. Therefore, it is something that should be considered for every school and any public building, particularly places where children will spend a lot of their time.

Unfortunately, there have been a lot of school shootings and other heinous attacks in schools in recent years, and no one ever knows when one of these tragedies can strike. These tragedies have occurred on both large and small campuses, and it even seems that no age group is being left out of these horrible trend. Therefore, it is important to utilize certain security measures to help ensure that shootings and other attacks do not happen in schools any more in the future. Although there is no way to completely eliminate these horrible crimes, there are a lot of measures that can be taken that can drastically reduce the chances of these things happening.

School shootings aren’t the only things that people should think about when considered whether or not schools need better security systems. For instance, other crimes often occur; whether it is a fight, a stabbing or some other type of violence, children can be seriously harmed by either children or adults at school. Parents should also always worry about abductions and other crimes; although no one wants to think about these things, realizing the possibility of one of these crimes occurring can help parents and school administrators to be better prepared.

There are other crimes and behaviors that can be monitored with good security systems as well. Drug, alcohol and tobacco use has been prevalent on school campuses across the country for many years, and it can be difficult for busy and understaffed teachers and other school staff to keep a close eye out for this behavior. Good security and a good plan can help cut out this behavior, as well as other crimes, such as theft, vandalism, bullying and other problems.

What Security Measures Should Be Taken in Schools?school security measures

Not only do people question, “Do schools need better security systems?”, but they also often wonder what types of security measures should be taken in order to protect schools. Many people do not have a solid knowledge of different types of security-related equipment, and they often do not know which types of components, systems and security measures should be used in schools.

For best results, it is best to utilize several different types and levels of security. For instance, keeping a close eye on all of the entrances and exits to the school is imperative. This allows school administrators to keep a close eye on the school, and it makes it easier for these individuals to keep people who shouldn’t be inside the school out. There are a few ways of monitoring these entrances and exits; for instance, many schools keep the doors locked during school hours and require school administrators to visually identify each individual that they let into the doors. Keeping security cameras on each of the entrances and exits also helps school officials identify and monitor those who enter and exit the school.

Video surveillance in and around the school is also very important. This allows school officials to keep a close watch on everything that occurs both inside the school and elsewhere on the property. It also provides the authorities with the evidence that they need in the event that a crime or tragedy occurs. Along with providing security for these types of things, surveillance cameras can help cut down on theft and vandalism and can even help school officials keep a close eye on bullying and other misbehavior.

Metal detectors also certainly have their place inside schools. Although it can seem a bit intrusive and frustrating to use a metal detector on everyone who walks into a school, taking these precautions can drastically reduce the number of guns, knives and other dangerous weapons that can make their way into the school; this makes this security precaution worth its while because it can prevent and catch countless items that could have otherwise harmed children inside the school, and it can also intimidate those who would otherwise consider bringing a weapon to school in order to deter and prevent crime.

Along with locked doors, surveillance cameras and metal detectors, burglar alarms and security guards or school resource officers can also help cut down on crime. There are a lot of different measures that can be taken in order to keep a school safe, and there is really no such thing as taking too many precautions or striving too hard to keep the children and faculty as safe as possible.

How Can School Administrators Increase Security in Schools?

Although the vast majority of school administrators out there take school security very seriously and realize the importance of utilizing various security-related equipment and protocols in order to keep everyone inside each school as safe as possible, budget concerns to become an issue. Many school administrators wonder if it is possible to keep the children safe without spending large sums of money on purchasing and installing security equipment or using manpower for various security-related measures. Although this is surely a legitimate concern, it isn’t something that should get in the way of keeping both innocent children and faculty members who are paid to teach, care for and protect these children safe.

Therefore, school administrators who are interested in making a change in their schools should consider talking to a professional about security equipment before assuming that the school’s budget simply can’t afford all of these purchases. Many people are shocked by just how affordable security equipment can be; in fact, in many cases, modern-day security equipment is much more affordable than the dated security equipment from yesterday, and it also provides school officials with a better level of security for their schools.

If you are interested in learning more about the types of security equipment that are available and the costs that are associated with school security, you should consider contacting a professional security equipment company for more information and an accurate price quote.

How Can Parents Help Increase Security in Local Schools?

Parents who are concerned about violence and crimes and who want to make changes in their local schools shouldn’t back down until they get the actions that they are looking for. School administrators often aren’t allowed to make the decision on their own when it comes to installing security-related equipment in schools, but parents and others in the local community can make a difference. There are several ways that parents can work to increase security if they are wondering, “Do schools need better security systems?”

First of all, it is important for you to be active in your child’s school’s PTA group. Many parents do not realize the importance of attending these meetings and discussing concerns with teachers, principals and school administrators, but this is one great way that you can make changes and stay up-to-date on what is going on in your child’s school system. When you attend these meetings, you shouldn’t be afraid to speak up. There many be plenty of other parents in the room who are also wondering if the school needs to tighten up security and work harder to cut down on crimes and improve safety in the school, and they might be too afraid or shy to speak up. If you bring up your concerns in a logical and polite manner, you might be surprised by all of the things that you will be able to achieve.

Also, consider attending other meetings in your community, having a petition signed by other people from your local area and taking other measures to increase security in schools. By working hard to promote security, you can make a difference in how safe your child’s school is. You can even consider speaking to a security expert to learn more about the various types of school-related security products that are available and the measures that can be taken in your child’s school to really make a difference. This professional can give you the information you need in order to approach school administrators correctly, and he or she may even volunteer to speak to the school board about this equipment.

In the end, you shouldn’t back down if you are wondering, “Do schools need better security systems?”. Instead, you should strive hard to make positive changes. Not only can this help you protect your child from danger and crime, but it can make you feel better, and it can make a difference in the lives of many different children in your community. Contact us today for more information on school security measures.


How To Make Schools As Safe As Possible

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Friday, December 28th, 2012

school security camerasMost schools have a safety program in place, but the current program may need to be improved. School security issues should be on the school board’s agenda and reviewed periodically. Children need a safe environment where they can learn, make new friends and grow. School safety is in the headlines and every school district should review their current safety program.

Improving Security Through The School Board

Procedures should be in place that work together with students and staff to create a safer environment. Topics should be placed on the school board’s agenda such as weapons, violence and school security monitoring methods. There should also be a mandatory incident reporting system in place. This information can help improve the safety of schools. A brochure can be developed using crime statistics to keep parents, students and the community informed. School surveillance cameras should be installed in common areas of the school such as cafeterias, parking lots, playgrounds and hallways.

A school security plan should include a plan of action for different types of incidences. Every student and staff member should be familiar with emergency procedures. Entry doors and windows should be secured at all times. A professionally monitored security system would be an ideal situation. If this is not possible on your current school budget, then they should be added to the school board’s agenda for discussion. Though there is no absolute guarantee for school safety, implementing additional security methods can reduce the school’s risk. The school board’s mission should include reviewing security procedures on a regular basis.

Improving Security Through Students

Students should always be a part of the development of security plans and methods. They are the eyes and ears for school staff. Opening the lines of communication between students, parents and the school staff can result in effectively improving the current security system. Schools can develop a system that lets students report crime or violence issues to the staff and remain anonymous. This can be accomplished by developing a suggestion box or hotline for students. Programs that support and develop student responsibility should also be initiated.

Working With Law Enforcement

Many schools have uniformed officers that work on campus. School districts who do not have this security can request their local law enforcement agency to assess district schools and report their findings with school leaders. This can also help the school board recognize the need for additional security measures. Opening the line of communication between law enforcement and students is a good way for students to recognize the importance of local law enforcement. Many law enforcement agencies offer programs to educate students about crime. This can also help students develop respect and trust their local law enforcement team.

Develop A Crisis Response Team

A Crisis Response Team should be developed to respond to potential school emergencies. The plan should be reviewed and practiced on a regular basis. The response team must be able to handle emergencies in a calm manner. A response team that remains calm can help students and faculty members to stay calm. A leader for the response team should be chosen. The leader should also be an effective communicator, make quick decisions and have the ability to convey strength and knowledge to the students and staff. The response team should be large enough to undertake the tasks developed by the team.

School Discipline

Rules and regulations exist to protect students and faculty. Schools should have their school policies available on their website or through a student handbook for students, parents and faculty members to review. Beyond the basics such as arriving to school on time and following the rules, the policies should be reviewed by the school board on a regular basis. It is important that schools enforce every school policy in order for students to learn about consequences. Consistent enforcement of school policies is a good way for students to learn self-discipline.

Developing School Safety Plans

Schools should have procedures in place that monitor school incidences of violence, illegal drugs and other issues that threaten the security of the school. There should be a plan that collects the data on incidence reports and analysis is important. Based on the analysis, changing existing school policies is possible. Data analysis can also help the school board recognize the district’s security needs. A plan to report and prevent student bullying should also be in place. If this data is analyzed on a regular basis, security procedures can be improved. Risk reduction and prevention programs should also be developed. Successful intervention depends on effective security programs. School-wide training drills should be developed and practiced by students and faculty.

Other Ways To Improve School Security

All schools should have a plan for welcoming students, parents and visitors into the school. Requiring each visitor to wear a name badge is a good way for hall monitors to recognize who should be in the building and who should not. Visitors should be directed directly to the office. A security audit should be performed by a professional security company or the local law enforcement agency. Some schools have installed metal detectors to monitor students and visitors. Not all school districts believe this is an effective method for deterring crime. The issue should be on the school board’s agenda for discussion. The school staff should be trained to recognize risk factors associated with violent behavior.

Notification and activation programs should be in place. There is a variety of methods that schools use to notify law enforcement, students and parents of a potential emergency. Some schools use emails, intercom systems and district radio communications to send messages. If there is not a current notification and activation program in place, then this issue should be placed on the school board’s agenda.

Schools should also develop a response that coincides with the particular emergency. For example, threats of violence will have a different response than a weather-related emergency. The security plans must be detailed and include every possible emergency situation and the best response for the emergency. Response protocols should also be developed to include identification of decision makers, student and staff safety and communication procedures. Acts of violence should initiate school lock and notification of local law enforcement. If the situation warrants it, then early dismissal or other procedures should be in place for that particular threat.

Consider developing three special teams of school emergencies. Teams could be called the School Safety Team, School Emergency Response Team and a Post Emergency Response team. This would organize the action that is needed by all team members. Emergency efforts can be organized throughout the county and district. A review team could also be established to review school emergency policies.

School security methods should also include limiting access into the school buildings. This can be accomplished by installing sensors and motion detectors to activate or deactivate the doors and windows. Limited access into the building will improve the security issues a school may face. Not all schools have the budget to include law enforcement offices to work inside and outside of the school buildings. Other methods such as security camera monitoring, alarms and student awareness can also improve school security.

School security is the responsibility of every student, parent and faculty member. Parents should be make sure weapons are not stored unsecured. It is a parents responsibility as a gun owner to make sure they are stored safely away. Many times curious students have brought their parents weapon to school. Schools should make sure that students and parents are aware of the district guidelines and discipline procedures should a student decide to bring a weapon into the classroom. Weapon control is a great start to improving security methods.

Hiring a professional monitoring company to monitor school cameras can also improve school security. Surveillance cameras are an important reminder to students that they are being watched. This can also improve other issues the school may be experiencing. Bullying is a problem in many school districts. Develop a bullying plan that promotes education and communication between students, teachers and parents. Students should be able to report bullying incidents without fear. Many times the students know about particular bullying situations but do not know how to report it.

Bullying has become a serious problem among many schools from elementary to high school. Bullying programs should be developed to protect all students from this. Bullying Awareness Programs are often an effective way to communicate to students and parents that the school will not tolerate it. Make sure the students are clear about discipline actions that will occur for this type of incidence.

Students should be able to learn in a safe environment and not be threatened by other students. Make sure that students can report these incidents without having to give their name. This will ensure that the students can report these issues and improve the security of the entire school. School security should be a number one issue for every school. It requires the cooperation of everyone. Parents, teachers and students must work together to improve school security. Contact us today to find out which system is the perfect fit for you.


Choosing the Right Security Cameras for You

Written By:
Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

by Matt Stetson
In today’s market there are literally thousands of cameras to choose from.  They all have their advantages and disadvantages.  This article is intended to help you make these choices for yourself by passing a base knowledge on to you.  Hopefully after reading this, you’ll be able to quickly assess your needs, and select the solution that works best for your situation.

The first and most obvious decision is housing…  Cameras come in many shapes and sizes.  Some are bullet (or cylinder) styles, some are vandal resistant bubbles or balls, some are big metal or plastic boxes, or even different specialty cameras that are motorized, hidden, or purpose driven mounts.  If camera tampering is a factor, domes are the way to go.  If you want an easy-to-mount camera, cylinders are definitely the easiest.  If you don’t want a camera that is obvious, covert solutions that look like clocks, smoke detectors, exit signs, alarm system sensors, etc etc are also available.  If you need a camera that can move around and/or zoom in, you’ll be looking for a Pan/Tilt Camera (PT or PTZ) camera.  Lastly, if you want a high visual impact, using box cameras can be the best way to deter crime from an area.

Next thing to consider is your lighting.  Lighting can have major bearing on your camera selection.  Will you require a camera that can see in low or no light?  If so choosing a camera with infrared to see in complete darkness, or a low light enhanced camera that can provide color images similar to what you would see (or better) than your bare eye would be necessary.  Also, how big of an area do you need to see in this situation?  If you have a large pitch black yard, a camera with 100’  of infrared light would be wise.  If you have a parking lot with lights, a lowlight standard camera or PTZ might be the right choice.  If you’re inside a small room, a lower intensity 50’ infrared is recommended so that you don’t over intensify the room with glare.  Cameras with adjustable IR intensities are highly recommended for inside and outside areas where the intensity of the camera must be right to provide great imagery.  Another factor is Daylight glare.  If your situation is to place a camera in a dark area shooting towards a bright bay door, front door, or window; glare from the open area can make objects in view of the camera whitened or blackened out.  In these cases, a camera with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) is very highly recommended.  This feature allows the digital iris to overlay information from several expose levels (bright and dark) to give you a usable image from all areas seen by the camera.

It is popular opinion that Television Lines (TVL) is a huge factor to be considered when choosing cameras.  However, I’ve often leant more towards features of a camera over TVL.  The reason is, that a high quality Korean lens will often provide more clarity on a lower TVL camera than a lesser lens on a high TVL cam.  Additionally, the sensor type is important.  CMOS sensors often look great but lack the “vividness” of a CCD sensor.  This is largely due to the way the “scan” of the picture occurs in CMOS technology.  However, CMOS technology is under ongoing development, and the cost of manufacturing the technology is much less.  Additionally, certain features (like WDR) can mean the difference between whether or not you get an image at all.  There will always be exceptions to these rules; the best CMOS sensors are far better than mid-tier CCDs, and vice versa.

Another important consideration is distance, field of view and detail.  Cameras have all sorts of lenses attached to them.  The quality of the lens can have a lot to do with the clarity and sharpness of the image, but how much real estate is going to appear in the camera’s field of view is also important.  If you need a wide overview or to view an area like a gate, dumpster, or other object of interest farther away from the camera are all important factors.  This is also where the recorded resolution becomes very important.  The more detail you need on small or distant objects, or the more the need to “zoom” into and object in a recorded image, the more important resolution is.  On an analogue transmission DVR system, the recorder is what gives that ability to you.  On a digital transmission NVR system, the camera is actually what provides this resolution.  The larger the resolution, the more detail or zoom capability you have.

Something many people don’t consider (which relates back to the type of camera you need) is the location you intend to mount it.  Not all domes can be mounted on a wall for instance.  You could run into Infrared reflection (also called “haloing”) with some cams if you mount/point them the wrong way.  There could be obstructions in the way of what you want to see (facia boards, slanted soffits, etc). Is there clearance and space for the camera to even fit?  The camera you select could have monumental bearing on your intended design.

Lastly, cosmetic appeal can be an important consideration.  Often system designers will choose a covert (hidden camera) solution for use inside of residential homes and buildings.  Hidden cameras will assist in reducing the “uncomfortability” of having cameras.  They can also be used for public areas where comfort is important (waiting rooms, shopping areas, etc).  However, it is advised to post signage that properly denotes the premises are indeed under surveillance and being recorded to avoid any issues that may arise due to the fact.  Additionally color, style, and type of cameras are a personal choice.  What is and is not attractive and whether or not its important will always depend on the end user and what they expect and prefer.

In summary, you should always take camera selection into serious consideration as part of your build plan.  Never assume the basic cameras in a “package deal” will work for you because they did for someone else.  You should always plan in advance your placements, wants and needs.  This will help avoid problems in your install and ensure your satisfaction with your purchase.  Try to work with a company that will allow you to pick and choose the right cameras for you and your unique preferences, requirements, and budget.

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