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State of the Art Security Systems for Banks

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Thursday, March 21st, 2013

State of the Art Security Systems for BanksSince banks are often seen as one of the most secure places throughout the world, it is important that they have the necessary tools in place to ensure your money is protected. You rely on them to keep your money safe, so it is important that they are able to uphold their end of the commitment. A top of the line security system may be just the answer the banks need to ensure everyone is taken care of on a regular basis. Thanks to all of the amazing innovations in technology, you have ample choices from which you can choose for your business needs.

Different Types of Security Systems

Surveillance systems are meant to help protect businesses and homes from trespassing, burglary, criminal activity or potentially dangerous activity. Even though a security system can have a variety of components, two main categories exist for the cameras to fall into, unmonitored or monitored and wireless or hardwired. All of the various security systems will have their own distinct set of disadvantages and advantages, so it is imperative that you take the time and consider all of your options beforehand.

Monitored Systems

A monitored system functions by letting the call center know when an alarm has been activated. The operator will then make a call to the home or business with the alarm going off to check and ensure everyone inside of the property is safe. If there is an attempted break-in or a burglar is inside of the property, the alarm company will make a call to the appropriate authorities and get help on the way immediately. Based on information provided, two distinct disadvantages exist in employing a monitored system. These systems will generally rely on a phone line that is hardwired, which means that a burglar can simply disconnect or disable the phone line. A major storm could end up knocking out the phone lines as well, which leaves you open for intrusion and burglary. Call centers will never stand a chance in being able to reach the property owner who needs assistance when there are no phone lines in place. Operators take around 30 seconds to call your home or business once the alarm is activated, which provides the perpetrator with ample time to make their way around your property before the authorities arrive.

Unmonitored Systems

An unmonitored system relies entirely on that of loud noises. These systems will trigger a siren or otherwise loud, high-pitched sound when the alarm is activated. The main goal is to help scare the intruder away and alert others of the impending situation. Floodlights and various other forms of lighting may be used in coordination with your security system for the same underlying reasons. One of the benefits to a system that is not monitored is that you will not have to worry about paying an extensive fee every month. On the other hand, you have the sole responsibility of calling the appropriate authorities and getting someone on the way to your property.

Hardwired Systems

A system that is hardwired will rely entirely on the ability to transmit data from the various security devices and sensors to a main control panel. Generally, you will have the control panel installed inside of an area that is hidden out of the way. It will contain a keypad that allows you to activate or deactivate the security system using a number combination. One of the biggest disadvantages to a wired system is that you will need to have a number of wires ran through your walls, ceilings, basements and various other structures to complete the installation process.

Wireless Systems

In today’s society, wireless systems are one of the biggest forms of security systems on the market. You will not have to worry about an extensive amount of wires cluttering the property. Not only are they easy to install, but you will not have to worry about where you can place all of the sensors for your business. Since these units are wireless, you will be able to move them around your business with no complications. If you decide to move business locations, you will be able to take your security system with you in no time. One of the main drawbacks to these units is that they are susceptible to any disruptions from various types of interference. You will also need to place batteries inside all of the components and sensors. Failing to replace the batteries in your unit could mean the difference between catching someone on tape and letting them get away with the crime.

State of the Art Security Systems for BanksBenefits in Installing Surveillance Systems in Banks

Robbery Prevention

Banks are one of the largest stakes for criminals who are in dire need of a large payout. When you have the proper surveillance systems in place, it will help to deter the criminal from trying to rob your establishment. If they still end up acting out their crime, you will have the necessary images to help aid authorities in the apprehension and prosecution of the criminal.

Criminal Investigation

In situations where fraud and robbery present themselves, you will be able to use the recorded images for identifying and tracking down the potential suspects. Not only will the evidence serve as a means to bring the criminal to justice, but also it ensures you have the right person in custody.

Preventing Check Fraud

An IP security system that offers advanced video analytics such as facial recognition are working to help fight the problem of check fraud at a number of banks by being able to record the transaction data and capture the images of potential offenders. This information is helpful in working to identify criminals and protect customer accounts. The last thing a bank wants to deal with is a customer who is working to take advantage of the system and swindle the bank out of hundreds of dollars.

Combating a Phantom Withdrawal from the ATM

Bank customers will often report that there was an ATM withdrawal on their account when they had no knowledge of the incident. Bank cameras are able to record all of the ATM transactions to help provide the customer with the answers they desire. Since a number of different inventions are out on the market today, customers have to be on the lookout for any suspicious transactions to prevent attempted fraud on their accounts.

Coordinating Information from More Than One Location

Thanks to the modern surveillance systems, it allows for footage from more than one branch to be sent to a central monitoring location or through the Internet. This allows the bank personnel to determine what is going on with all of their locations and ensure their establishments are safe and secure.

Integrating with an Alarm System

With all of the modern surveillance systems, a security camera and alarm combination will be able to be integrated into a single network. You will be able to monitor and control everything with one convenient remote location.

Functionality that is Intelligent

An intelligent security system that has video analytics such as facial recognition, motion detection and behavior recognition will help in identifying any abnormal behavior or activity in the bank. Being able to detect the presence of suspicious activity before it strikes is imperative to controlling the situation and getting things back on track.

Digital Storage Media

With all of the digital technology, managing and storing all of your surveillance footage is a lot more convenient, efficient and accessible to business owners everywhere. Using this amazing technology, you will be able to pinpoint any specific activities and incidents that arise to help identify suspects in the crime quickly and easily.

Continual Surveillance

Security systems provide you with continual surveillance in banking facilities, which provides you with protection far beyond that of the traditional workday. When you have this type of technology in place, you won’t have to worry about your ATM machines being left unprotected. Customers are able to access the funds they need when they need them, without having to worry about not being protected by their banking institution.

Data Recognition

A video surveillance system using digital technology is able to provide banks with an advanced level of data recognition that proves to be extremely useful for being able to search through hours of footage to locate a specific bank transaction or image of someone in question. When time is of the essence, this feature can prove to be quite beneficial for banks everywhere.

Enhanced Level of Customer Confidence

When you have a bank that is safe and secure, customers will be confident in their abilities to provide them with the level of services they desire. Effective surveillance systems in banks will help go farther than one might think for the overall security package.

Remote Access Capabilities

An IP surveillance system allows you to monitor your business from a remote location. You will be able to view the footage in real time, as well as retrieve any of the archived footage from a device that is connected to the Internet with network access.

Considerations for Bank Surveillance Systems

To ensure your bank is properly protected, you will want to make sure you have a number of areas covered with a security camera. Entry points, ATM machines, windows and much more need to have a camera monitoring them on a continual basis. Some of the common factors for consideration are outlined below:

•    Do you currently have any security cameras in your bank?

•    Do you have an ATM machine that can be accessed around the clock?

•    Is there a police officer or other security guard on duty when your bank is open?

•    Does your bank have a parking lot attached to it?

•    Are the tellers out in the open or located behind a secure piece of glass?

•    What types of security means are acted upon when the bank is not open to the public?

•    Are there a large amount of instances where the bank struggles to overcome check fraud?

•    Were there a large amount of fraudulent ATM transactions that occurred at the facilities?

•    Have there ever been robberies that occurred at the bank?

State of the Art Security Systems for BanksRisks Associated with a Security System in the Bank


Even though security systems are wonderful when it comes to protecting the assets of the business, customers and employees, you will still want to have other measures in place for protecting the property. The last thing you want is to have one option that you rely upon for keeping your property safe. You need multiple avenues to ensure there is nothing that slips through the cracks in your establishment. Security personnel are imperative to the safety and security of your customers.


Banks are one of the main places that need to have a security system in place, which is where security cameras come into play throughout the institution. Make sure that the cameras are not going to violate the privacy of any customers, employees or other individuals. Bathrooms are one of those areas that you have to leave alone in your business, so remember to keep that in mind when setting up your system.


If you end up with a criminal messing with your security system, you could end up with a delay in your recording. Make sure you have a backup means in place in the event something was to happen to your primary security system. Not being able to identify the perpetrator is only going to make it that much more difficult to help apprehend the criminal.

Regardless of what type of security camera you put into your business, you will want to ensure you have thought about all the potential risks and advantages associated with your device. Since there are a number of different options on the market today, you will want to determine the type of unit you desire and the number of cameras you need in your location. It is always best to have more than enough cameras than to leave something to chance.


The Best Security Systems For Shopping Malls

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Friday, March 15th, 2013

The Best Security Systems For Shopping Malls Shopping malls use a variety of security cameras to monitor shoppers, reduce theft and to improve safety. When there is a large group of people in a shopping mall, it is important that security uses the best security equipment available. Many shopping mall security departments study crime prevention techniques and statistics to improve their security systems.

CCTV Security Cameras

Most shopping malls use CCTV security cameras to monitor common areas of the mall such as food courts, walkways and parking lots. They also employee security guards to monitor the cameras, walk around the mall and patrol parking areas. Crimes in shopping malls follow a typical pattern and includes shoplifting, nuisance behavior involving juveniles and thefts. Malls that are located in affluent areas attract a greater number of car thieves. CCTV security cameras have excellent image quality and offer security departments a clear picture of the mall surroundings.

Bullet and Domed Shaped Security Cameras

Shopping centers use bullet and domed shaped security cameras to keep a watchful eye on the mall. Bullet cameras are easy to see and are used most often in parking lots. Domed shaped security cameras are found within the walkways, stores and the food courts. Domed shaped cameras are not easy to detect unless you look for them. These cameras also make it impossible to tell which way the camera is pointing. Domed shaped cameras feature dark colored glass that prevents the camera to be seen. Cameras with wide angles are used to monitor large areas. The housing on bullet cameras located outdoors are made to withstand severe weather or tampering. Pan, tilt and zoom cameras make it easy for security to change the cameras angle to get a better view of a particular area.

Security Camera Monitoring

Since most shopping malls use security guards to constantly monitor their CCTV security cameras, it is important that employees understand how to recognize criminal behavior while monitoring the live video. The CCTV camera systems must be well placed in order to capture the best video. The presence of these security cameras also deters crime. Security cameras are also used to monitor employees especially when they are working the cash registers. Some shopping malls contract with local professional security companies to monitor their shopping centers. This can save the mall time and money.

Emergency Preparedness

Shootings in shopping malls have occurred in malls across the country. Mall security must prepare for this potential threat. Many mall security departments are reviewing and updating their security plans to prepare for this type of event. Shopping centers should prepare for any kind of emergency, whether it is a shooting, bomb threat or weather emergency. Retail malls are considered soft targets by security experts. That’s because you have a large group of people entering and exiting the building through multiple locations. This kind of environment makes it easy for a gunman to enter and exit the building quickly. This also makes the people who are shopping vulnerable and at risk. Shopping mall security departments must train and prepare for any kind of emergency scenario. They must hire security guards that meet the same standards as any other business with security needs.

The Best Security Systems For Shopping Malls Parking Lot Security Needs

People are often a victim of crime in a shopping mall parking lot. That’s because large shopping centers bring a lot of people and that makes it easy for a thief to take someones purse or wallet. Parking lot thieves can quickly steal a purse and be on their way to safety. With the use of security cameras, mall security can review the images and help law enforcement track down the thief. Some shopping malls have security guards that drive around the parking areas. This presence can help reduce theft and other crimes. The presence of security vehicles patrolling the parking areas make shoppers feel more secure. It is important that all shopping malls use CCTV security cameras in their parking areas.

Emergency Management Planning

Mall security should develop their emergency management program with the help of local law enforcement agencies. These agencies have the knowledge and experience needed to develop a good plan. It is important that security guards work closely with law enforcement to improve response times. All security guards should know exactly what to do for a variety of emergencies. The shopping mall’s security director should coordinate emergency management training. A formal risk assessment should be used as a starting point. Emergency preparedness should also be practiced by store merchants and mall security.

Mall Fire Safety

Fire inside of the mall is a possible threat that requires preparation by mall security and store merchants. Individual store merchants should know which fire exits are the safest routes from their stores. A diagram of the shopping mall with all emergency exits should be given to all merchants. Fire safety drills should be performed on a regular basis. Some shopping malls are equipped with fire sprinklers that will put out the fire should one occur. However, it is still important that store merchants know what to expect and how to react. Store merchants can play a role in advising shoppers in case of fire. Way finding signs should be strategically placed in the mall to help shoppers recognize emergency exits.

Shoplifting Training

Shoplifting is a big problem in every shopping center and mall. The mall security force should be trained to respond to this type of threat. They should also know the shoplifting laws of their state. These laws can differ from state to state. Mall security personnel need to know when they should safely confront a shoplifter. CCTV cameras can help in this area by recording the event. This information can easily be turned over to local law enforcement.

Improving mall security is the goal of every security mall director. Training and hiring the best employees will result in a professional security workforce. Shopping centers and malls can improve their security methods by working closely with local law enforcement agencies. People go to the mall to have fun and enjoy themselves. It should be a place where safety issues have been resolved.

The Best Security Systems For Shopping Malls Choosing a Security Guard Company

Shopping center and mall owners may decide to hire a security guard company to handle their security needs. Choosing a security guard company gives mall owners access to security guards who have already been trained in security. A professional security guard company offers armed and unarmed security guards. Armed security guards are trained in the proper use of guns. They have been through hours of intense gun training. Unarmed guards are not authorized to carry guns. They are heavily trained on security methods and emergency response situations. The mall security director should choose a company that is professional, knowledgeable and performs background checks on all employees.

The background check should include drug testing and fingerprint search. This will ensure the employees are well-trained to perform mall security duties. The security director should look for a company that provides continuous security guard training for all security guards. They should also have a program for improving the security plan as needed. Security guards should be trained to handle a variety of potential security threats commonly found inside large shopping centers or malls. The security company should be authorized to provide security as required by the laws of the state. Most states require security guard companies to be licensed by the state.

A professional security guard company will require their security guards to wear uniforms. This will make it easy for store merchants and shoppers to recognize them. Most security guard companies require their security guards to carry two-way radios in order to communicate with each other. This helps to provide good communication between security guards. They should know which security threats requires the involvement of local law enforcement. Security guards and local law enforcement must work together to improve mall security. Most states require licensed security guards to enroll in continuing education courses to keep their licenses from expiring.

Different states have different training and licensing guidelines for security guards to follow. Choose a company that provides all of the equipment they need to perform their job. This includes uniforms, communication tools and protective gear. They should also provide programs that include reviewing security procedures and improving them. Armed security guards should be highly trained in weapons and emergency procedures. All security guards should know basic first aid, CPR and how to use a defibrillator. This will ensure the security company knows how to respond to basic medical emergencies until local emergency medical technicians arrive on the scene.

They should know how to recognize common threats such as juvenile violence and theft. The company should spell out their terms of service in a contract. These contracts are often for one to two years. A professional security guard company should include itemized charges on their bills sent to the mall owners or directors. If the security company is not performing their duties as determined by the contract, the security director should be contacted. Most security guard companies are highly trained and professional.


Effective Ways to Deal With School Security Challenges

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Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Effective Ways To Deal With School Security Challenges Public school systems are finding greater security challenges as budget concerns rise along with an increase in violence in schools. This can significantly impact a school districts ability to improve security. School districts must develop low-cost security measures. There are several ways to accomplish this goal.

Improve Student-Teacher Communication

Most of the violent acts that have been committed on school grounds were known by many students who had knowledge of the upcoming event. Improving communication and trust between students and teachers can improve security. Many students are afraid to speak out against their peers. Identifying ways to improve communication might be the answer. Developing a rewards program for tips by setting up a special tips hotline is one possible solution. You could also create anonymous tip boxes located throughout the school. You can find ways to communicate to students the importance of sharing potential threatening information. Develop helpful brochures that offer information about the dangers of school violence. Informative brochures about the dangers of bullying should also be developed. Bullying has become a significant problem in school districts around the nation.

Keep Parents Informed

Parents should be informed of security issues or violence problems found in their school district. If parents are made more aware of the issues the district faces, they are more likely to want to become involved. Community involvement regarding school district issues can lead to an improvement in security issues. If school budgets are an issue, community involvement can help. Every parent wants to send their child to a safe and secure school environment. Develop regular community meetings that inform the community about any potential security problems. Many school districts also form an alliance with their local law enforcement agency. This alliance can improve communication between students and local law enforcement. Educating students about the importance of school safety can lead to an improvement in security.

Install Security Cameras Throughout Campuses

A good way to send a message to students and parents about school safety issues is to install security cameras on every campus. The presence of security cameras will record events that can lead to the arrest of the students involved. Security footage can also be used as a tool to improve school security. Key areas that should be monitored include parking lots, hallways and lunchrooms. These are the areas where violence is most likely to occur. Of course, it is impossible to monitor every inch of every campus, but monitoring key areas can help improve security. Security cameras remain an important part of a school security plan. If your school district is large enough, you might consider having the key areas monitored by a professional security company. You will receive live notifications if there is a security threat or issue.

Effective Ways To Deal With School Security Challenges Monitor Entry Points

It is important to reduce the amount of traffic that is allowed inside the school during school hours. Keep the doors of the school locked and secured while students are learning. Monitor visitors by developing a check point that doesn’t allow them access to classrooms without first visiting the office. Require visitors to wear a badge that identifies them as a visitor and not faculty or staff. Many school districts have been doing this successfully for years. Reducing the amount of school traffic will help teachers and staff notice suspicious behaviors. Set firm guidelines that visitors must follow at all times.

Develop an Action Team

Developing an action team can improve response times and effectively work towards gaining control of a security issue as it occurs. The team members should have specific tasks they are responsible for during a crisis. The action team should also be ready for other emergencies such as inclement weather or any event that requires the team to stay in control of the situation. Practicing drills will help everyone on the team improve their response times. The action team must be prepared to handle a variety of emergency situations. Work with local law enforcement agencies to create an effective action team. The action team should also be responsible for identifying security issues and concerns within the school district. Evaluate your security plan and measure its success regularly. Hire a professional security auditor to help develop your security plan. A security auditor can help you identify common problems school districts face.

Teen Issues And Concerns

Improving the security in a middle or high school presents different challenges than an elementary school. There is the possible illegal drugs issues as well as potential violence issues. Consider installing metal detectors at the entry points in high schools. Metal detectors can prevent a student from bring unwanted weapons to school. Create a take-home brochure for parents about the importance of gun safety. Many times students live in a home with guns that are not locked up properly. Reducing the students ability to retrieve their parent’s weapons can help reduce security risks.

Illegal drugs are a concern in most public high schools across the nation. Illegal drugs cause many problems between students and teachers. Develop a plan to reduce illegal drug activities that involve parents, students and teachers. Ask your local law enforcement agency for tips and advice. Many times law enforcement will search a high school for illegal drugs using their drug unit canines. If students know they are subject to regular drug searches, then the drug problem can be reduced. Illegal drugs also cause students to act irrationally which can harm other students.

Hire School Resource Officers

Many high schools have school resource officers in place that are commissioned police officers. These highly trained officers can significantly reduce security issues. Not all communities can afford to utilize these officers, but they can hire armed security guards. Armed security guards are trained to react to security threats. They are certified and approved to carry a weapon. They have spent hours training at gun ranges and security guard training facilities. Consider hiring a professional security company if your school district is operating on limited security funds.

Effective Ways To Deal With School Security Challenges Student Safety Outside The Classroom

Develop informative brochures that educate students about the dangers of walking or riding their bicycles to school. Student security does not just involve the time they are in the classroom. It also involves making sure students understand the dangers when walking or riding their bicycles to school. Stranger danger information should be presented in a manner that is most comfortable for everyone. You don’t want to scare students, but informing them of stranger dangers is a real issue. Most parents tell their children not to go anywhere with people they don’t know. However, students should also be aware that strangers include people they don’t know very well. Some confusion could exist between complete strangers and a casual acquaintance.

Develop An Emergency Plan Students Understand

It is important that an emergency plan is developed and practiced with every student and faculty member. There are a number of emergencies that could arise in a school including flooding, tornadoes or security issues. Students should be familiar with the emergency exits in every area of the school. They need to know exactly what to do, if an emergency arises. Create an emergency plan that is easy to understand. Identify the different kinds of emergencies and the appropriate responses to each one. If students and teachers know what to do, there will be less chaos during an emergency. Students and faculty members must remain calm during any type of emergency. The important thing to remember when developing an emergency plan is that preparation can reduce confusion and stress.

Security Audits

A security audit from a law enforcement agency or professional security company will help your school identify unknown risk factors. It is much easier for someone that is trained in law enforcement or security issues to recognize weak security points. Consider hiring a security auditor at least once each year. The security auditor can review the security plans and determine which areas need improvement. Limiting access into the school building by installing security sensors on doors and windows can reduce access. A professional security company can install audible alarms on doors and windows to discourage possible intrusion after school hours. The outside of the school grounds should be well-lit at night. Installing motion detecting solar lights can reduce the energy bills. Motion detecting security cameras can also be installed that produces images even in low-light conditions. School security equipment should be maintained and inspected on a regular basis.

Emergency Management Training

There are several ways that school districts can use low-cost training methods to prepare school faculty for emergency management. The local Red Cross offers low-cost courses on how to effectively plan for emergencies. You may also find the local law enforcement or fire department can also help with training. Basic emergency training should include basic first aid and CPR. You may want to train only your action team on these types of medical training. Most schools have a nurse assigned, but during an emergency it is important that students have access to basic medical care. Emergency management training courses are found in almost every community. Rural areas may not have convenient access to medical care.

Reporting Security Issues

Every school district should monitor their security issues by documenting the facts. This data can be reviewed to help improve the level of security. There are software programs available that can make this job much easier. Incidents should be documented and reviewed by key personnel. The facts should be recorded swiftly and accurately. Develop a partnership between county courts and local law enforcement to report incidents that occurred as a result of a student’s behavior. The school district should report criminal incidents that occur inside the school. This partnership can help schools prepare an effective security system. Security events that are not criminal should be recorded by the designated security professional.

Supervising Students in the Hallways

Every school district should require teachers to be visible in school hallways during student classroom changes. When students leave one classroom and go to another one, students are usually unsupervised. The presence of teachers in the hallways could reduce the incidents of mischief that occurs during this time. Security cameras can monitor the traffic, but the presence of teachers can improve the level of security. Teachers should be able to text information to the school’s principal or security contact person, should an incident occur. Some schools use portable communication devices. This is a great way to report incidents as they occur.

Keeping Schools Safe

Reviewing the school security plan and analyzing data can significantly improve your schools security program. Effective communication between students, parents and teachers will also improve security. The security plans should be reviewed annually to be sure they are still effective. The reporting of incidents and analyzing information can help your school district improve upon the security plans. Maintaining safe schools is everyone’s responsibility. The combined use of security devices, access control and the development of an action team will help prepare your school for most emergencies. It is impossible to completely remove all security risks, but being proactive and getting involved can make a difference

Many school districts are constantly striving to improve their security policies. Being aware of possible security issues through improved communication with students will also help. Students need to be able to trust school authorities to provide for their safety. Make students aware of the need to open the lines of communication between students and teachers. Many students may be aware of a particular security threat and they should know they can report the threat without being fearful.

Schools should be a place of learning and not a security threat. Develop student awareness about the dangers of bullying on social media sites. Many students are being bullied on social media sites and it is important to open the lines of communication regarding this issue. Learn about social media threats by creating an open communication environment between students and teachers. A secure environment takes the efforts of many people to create safer schools within the community. Contact us today to learn more about how to deal with school security challenges.


Security System Donations to Schools Increases

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Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Security System Donations to Schools IncreasesDonations to schools to pay for security system updates has increased due to the level of violence in recent school shootings. School districts are forced to reevaluate their school’s security systems in order to keep children safe. School security systems should include CCTV surveillance cameras, armed security guards or police and limiting access into the school buildings during classes. Improving school security can be a community project.

Security Plan Development

Ensuring your schools safety requires analyzing and developing a solid security plan. This plan should include developing an emergency response team. The emergency response team should meet regularly and participate in practice drills. These practice drills will ensure the entire team understands their individual responsibilities during an emergency. Emergency situations can include weather events, school violence situations and threats of violence against the school.

Threats of violence should always be taken seriously, and procedures should be in place to treat the threat as a real event. Team members should meet frequently to change and improve the overall security plan. Develop the security plan as further donations and budgets allow for improvements. Work with local police departments to develop a plan for different kinds of security threats. School faculty, students and staff should know how to respond and who to contact during any kind of emergency.

School Access Should be Limited

Many schools have a visitor policy that requires visitors to sign in at the school upon arrival. These methods control the amount of visitor traffic found inside the building. Controlling access will improve the security plan. CCTV surveillance cameras should be installed at the entrances of all schools. Real-time monitoring can prevent unauthorized people from entering the school buildings. Parking lots, playgrounds and other common areas where students meet should also be monitored. CCTV surveillance cameras should also be installed in the school hallways. Key cards and locks can be used to limit access into the school.

Parents and other visitors should not be able to gain entry unless they are buzzed in by the office. CCTV surveillance cameras can show a clear image of the person at the entrance. This can allow staff to determine whether they want to approve access. They also have an intercom system that allows for a two-way conversation. This way visitors can announce the reason for their visit. After school activities on campus should also have controlled access. Limiting the number of people into the school will create a safer environment for everyone.

Security System Donations to Schools IncreasesImprove Security With Community Involvement

Allowing the community to contribute to developing improvements in the security system is a great way to get new ideas. Community involvement brings everyone closer and the open lines of communication can improve relations. Everyone wants a safer environment for children when they are at school. Consider holding community meetings on a regular basis and ask for feedback and suggestions. Developing a security plan with the community is a great way to bring communities closer.

Security Alarms

Security alarms should be installed at all entrances into the buildings. They should also be installed on windows and include panic buttons located throughout the school. Emergency panic buttons could be placed in every classroom if your budget allows. Audible security alarms are very effective in preventing burglary when the school is closed. The common points of entry into school buildings are the doors and windows. Protecting these areas will minimize the chance of theft.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are a good tool for monitoring students, visitors and activities within the school. They should be installed to monitor areas of the school where students often gather. Wireless security cameras can be placed throughout the school because they don’t need to be wired to a phone system. The images they produce can be monitored from any camera. Use wired CCTV cameras in areas of concern. They produce quality images and can be routed through the phone system or police department. CCTV security cameras produce quality images and are extremely reliable.

The images they produce must be monitored through a closed circuit system. Most schools use CCTV security cameras to monitor lunchrooms, hallways and parking lots. CCTV cameras can also produce images through motion detecting devices installed inside them. This means that when the camera senses movement, it starts recording. This type of security camera can be used to protect the outside area of the school. They are especially helpful for nighttime recording in low-light situations.

There are a variety of security cameras that are perfect for recording when close-up images need to be clear. This type of camera is often used to monitor visitor traffic at the school’s entrance. A security camera that produces clear images allows the office staff to easily recognize the person at the front door of the school. A variety of types of cameras can be used to produce good results.

Hire a Security Auditor

Security auditors are experienced professionals who know what to look for when it comes to protecting lives and property. A security auditor will give you a full report on areas of the school that needs security improvements. You can also seek the advice of your local police department who may be willing to perform a security audit. Communication with the local police department is a great way to learn about crime in the school’s neighborhood. Seek advice and guidance from your local police department when developing a security plan.

Security System Donations to Schools IncreasesMetal Detectors

Metal detectors are a great tool to use to limit potentially harmful weapons from entering the school buildings. Many high schools use them because high school students are more likely to bring weapons to school. Some high schools also use drug dogs to regularly inspect lockers and other areas for illegal drugs. Illegal drug use in high school has risen dramatically in the last decade. Drugs can alter the way students behave and think. They can also make them more aggressive and combative.

Police Officers In Schools

Many schools have police officers assigned to their school on a full-time basis. These officers are trained in violence control and crime detection. The presence of police officers make students, staff and faculty members feel safer. Some schools simply cannot afford to hire police officers. With a rise in donations, many schools are now considering hiring full-time police officers. This can reduce the amount of crime at school. You can also use a security guard company to provide security. Security guards are also trained in preventing crime but they do not cost as much as police officers. If your school does not have police officers and security guards, consider bringing the subject up in the next school board meeting.

Student Education

Teaching students the importance of security will help them get involved in crime watch meetings or security system development. The input that students can provide is a valuable tool for improving school security. Many students know about potential threats long before police officers or a member of school faculty does. Opening up these lines of communication can enhance your security plan. The invent of social media has caused some security problems including bullying issues. Bullying has increased through social media because most high school students have access to social media through smartphones and the computer. Students are often not supervised when they log on to these types of media found on the Internet.

This gives a bully the opportunity to threaten a student. Encourage students to report threats and take them seriously. You could develop a school brochure that focuses on problems caused by social media sites. Encourage parents to monitor their child’s computer activities. Incidents of bullying should be reported immediately to a parent, law enforcement or school staff. Develop a safe reporting system for students to report threats anonymously. You can also develop programs that encourage students to report incidents through a hotline.

Electronic Notification Systems

Electronic notification systems are a great tool for sending emergency information to a vast number of students and parents. These notifications can be used for any emergency including weather emergencies and violent situations. Keeping parents and students informed will open up the lines of communication. An electronic notification system can also be used to communicate school events, cancellations and important reminders. Some schools are using a smartphone app to communicate with parents and students.

Training Faculty Members

Developing a security plan should include training faculty members on how to best respond to an emergency situation. Training should include different possible emergency scenarios to prepare everyone for the event of an emergency. Emergency preparedness results in a safer environment. Faculty members should know how to respond and who to notify in case of an emergency. They should also be trained in basic first aid, CPR and methods to reduce chaos in an emergency situation. You can notify your local law enforcement agency for help in training. Controlled chaos results in less injuries and stress. Students should be taught where to find emergency exits and when to use them.

Visitor ID Cards

Schools should develop a plan to accommodate visitors in a safe environment. Requiring ID cards for all school visitors will ensure that school faculty and staff understand who should or shouldn’t be in the building. If someone is roaming the halls without an ID card, they should be reported immediately. Visitor ID cards is the best way to determine if a person’s visit is legitimate or not. A sheet should also be provided for visitors to record their name, time and reason for visiting. If someone does not return to the office in a timely manner, then security can be notified.

Create a Student Advisory Board

A student advisory board offers helpful information to school faculty and staff that can improve a security plan. Students often have a different perspective than adults and their input can be valuable. Student advisory boards can also be a great way for students to feel they are contributing positively towards improving the security plans. This can lead to important information that faculty or staff may overlook. Advisory boards can also lead to opening up communication lines between students and law enforcement. When students are encouraged to participate in protecting their school, it creates a positive environment for everyone. Student advisory boards can also be used as a tool to create student security education programs. When students are informed and involved in creating a safer environment, it makes them feel better about contributing valuable information.

How Parents Can Help

Parents can talk to their children about school and whether or not someone is bothering them. It is important that children are made to feel safe at school. School should create wonderful memories and not nightmares. Parents can be sure their students get enough sleep and monitor their online activities. Getting involved in school matters and being proactive will send your children a powerful message. Let your children know it is never okay for someone to bully them. Bullying creates a low self-image and can result in a loss of enthusiasm for school. If your child does not like school, talk to them and find out why. There may be a good reason and it is important to get to the answer quickly.

Where To Learn More

There are many nonprofit and government organizations dedicated to developing better security systems for schools. You can research these organizations to learn more about school security issues. School security is an important topic because everyone wants schools to become safer. The recent tragedies in schools have brought a new awareness about the importance of school security. Children should go to school and receive a good education in a safe environment.

Nonprofit and government organizations and agencies work hard to get new laws passed regarding school safety issues. Developing better security devices and analyzing facts and figures can improve overall school safety issues. Professional security companies offer helpful security tips on their websites. Contact us today to learn as much as you can about school security and safety issues. Knowledge, development and planning are required to create a safer school environment for children to learn and grow.


Our Most Popular Security Systems for 2013

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Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Our Most Popular Security Systems for 2013Protecting your home with surveillance cameras, door and window sensors and other security devices can make you and your family feel safe. It is important to consider your security goals before choosing a security system. Popular security systems for 2013 include IP wireless cameras. These cameras are popular because the images can be viewed from any electronic device that has a connection to the Internet. Images can also be viewed from anywhere in the world. Convenience is key when it comes to selecting the right security system for your home. Here are a few of the most popular security systems for 2013.


Lorex is a leading manufacturer of security systems. This security system receives top marks for camera features, recording and viewing options and technical support. Their cameras offer high image quality and a one year warranty. Each camera system supports up to four cameras. The resolution is 640 x 480. DVR hard drive features 500GB of storage capacity. Their security systems are compatible with most smartphones.

SVAT – CV502-4CH-002

This camera system is a favorite for home surveillance systems. The hard drive offers over 500GB of storage space. You will find this system a favorite for people who prefer to install their own system. The resolution is remarkable at 720 x 480. This system is compatible with most electronic devices.

Security Labs

Security Labs is a top favorite because of the powerful features found in their security cameras. The company is known for its superior CCTV security cameras. Security Labs features security systems that prove they are dedicated to high-quality home security systems. The hard drive capacity comes in at 500GB of convenient storage space. They also offer technical support and their security systems are easy to use.


This top manufacturer of security cameras and systems is a favorite because their devices are easy to use. You will find image resolution comes in at 640 x 448. This system comes equipped with two domed cameras and two bullet cameras. They also offer a unique video that shows you how to set up the system.

Our Most Popular Security Systems for 2013Swann

Swann is a prominent player in the security camera industry because of their unusually long recording time. The company says this system can record up to two months using only one camera. The security system comes equipped with two bullet cameras. The resolution is lower than other systems at 640 x 224. It is still a favorite among home security system users.

Why You Need A Home Security System

Home security cameras and systems are constantly changing and improving the way they protect your home. You can now buy a security system that lets you monitor your home through your smartphone. This is a convenient way to check on family members or loved ones while you are away from home. Home intrusions are on the rise in every area of the country. Burglary and theft cost consumers billions of dollars in losses each year. Installing a home security system gives you an added advantage. Many intruders simply do not want to bother with a home that has cameras everywhere. There are several things you can do to make your home even more secure.

Outdoor Security

The outdoor area of your home should be equipped with motion detector lights that will come on if someone comes near your home. These lights will illuminate the area and can potentially scare off visitors. You can find these types of lights at your local home improvement store. A professional home security company will carry many security devices that will be helpful for improving your home security. You can find these companies online by searching the Internet.

They offer driveway alarms that will alert you to the presence of a vehicle. You can also buy door and window sensors for your home. These sensors will sound an audible alert if someone tries to break into your home. The doors and windows are a favorite target for home intruders. Make sure all outdoor landscaping is trimmed and not blocking your view. A home intruder may decide to hide in thick brushes or landscaping near the windows and doors.

Install high-quality entry doors that are made out of solid steel or wood. Cheap doors are an easy target for potential burglars. You should also install high-quality locks and deadbolts on all entry doors. Deadbolt locks should be installed to prevent someone from being able to kick the door in. If the deadbolt is not installed properly, then it won’t help protect your home.

Wired or Wireless Security Alarms

Some people prefer to equip their home with a wired security alarm system. The fact is wired security alarms are more difficult to install. Wireless security systems can be installed anywhere in your home. This makes them a cheaper and easier installation. If your wireless alarm system is connected to an IP camera, then you will be able to view the images from any electronic device. This means you can even view live images of your home from your smartphone. Another advantage is the fact that you can view images on any electronic device that is connected to the Internet.

Imagine how nice it would be to view your home while you are away on vacation. Many people also appreciate the fact that they can check on loved ones at home while they are gone. This can give peace of mind to many parents of small children who are being cared for in their home. Wireless security alarms are a popular choice for many people. The ease and convenience makes them more popular than wired security systems.

Self-Monitored versus Monitored Alarm Systems

Self-monitoring your home has its advantages. You will not have to pay a monthly fee to an alarm company. However, you will have to call law enforcement yourself if your alarm goes off. If someone breaks into your home, an audible alarm will sound. You may be able to count on your neighbors calling the police if you are not at home. However, most alarm systems can be set up to call you if the alarm goes off. A professional alarm company must call you and verify there is a problem before they call law enforcement.

This can cause time delays, but the intruder won’t know if it is monitored or not. However, the presence of the alarm will scare off most intruders. They simply don’t want to take the chance of being caught when they can move to another home without an alarm. Professional alarm companies charge a small monthly fee and the decision to use them is up to you. Weigh the disadvantages versus the advantages before you make your decision.

Our Most Popular Security Systems for 2013Tips For Home Safety

You should turn your alarm system on even when you are at home. Many people don’t want to bother with turning the system on and off. If your vehicle is in the garage, an intruder may think that no one is at home. Keep your alarm system on at all times. If you have teenagers who come and go often, they should understand how important it is to use the security alarm system. When you go away on vacation and leave your home empty, you should make it look like people are there.

You can buy light and stereo timers at your local hardwood store. These are simple to install and program. If you have a trusted neighbor to look after your home, then you can offer to do the same. Security professionals recommend getting to know all of your surrounding neighbors to improve your home safety. Never hide a spare house key outside of your home. Burglars are well aware of this old-fashioned trick. Instead, leave a spare key with a friend or neighbor.

Social media is a great way to stay connected with family and friends. However, when you are going on vacation, you should not reveal your plans on social media sites. Many people do this without understanding that a common thief could intercept this information and use it to gain access to your home. Find out if there is a neighborhood crime watch organization in your neighborhood. This is a great way for neighbors to look after each others home. Crime watch organization often place signs around the neighborhood warning potential burglars that this is a crime watch neighborhood.

This is a great way to deter crime in your area. Dogs make wonderful noisemakers, especially a small dog. Small dogs love to bark, and one thing a burglar does not want is a loud, barking dog. This noise can alert neighbors to their presence. Burglars will avoid homes with dogs. Consider putting a dog warning sign on your fence, even if you don’t have a dog. Aggressive dogs can cause you a lot of problems, if they get out of your yard. You can be held responsible if your dog gets out and bites someone.

If you currently own an aggressive dog, be sure your yard is secure. If you don’t have a dog, you can buy a device online that makes barking sounds. There are a variety of unique security items you can find by searching online. Protect your jewelry by keeping it out of sight. You should always lockup expensive jewelry or put them in a safe deposit box. Keep your blinds and curtains closed at night. Leaving them open makes it easy for someone to see inside your home and discover all the expensive electronics you have.

They may decide your home is worth the risk by burglarizing it while you are away. You can buy portable safes online that look like regular household items. Consider keeping your valuables inside one of these. It is rare that a burglar will go into the kitchen while inside your home. They usually go straight to the master bedroom where jewelry, guns and cash can be found. Consider hiding expensive items in the kitchen pantry. Most burglars are looking for items that can be converted into quick cash.

Consider marking your electronics with a unique code of numbers. You could mark them with your driver’s license number, and the police could call you if the items are pawned at the local pawn shop. Many potential burglars will monitor a home before they decide to target it. If you have a predictable schedule everyday, consider varying it from time to time. If your household owns more than one vehicle, you could change the one you drive everyday. These ideas may seem a little ridiculous, but you have to think like a burglar thinks in order to improve your safety at home.

Install audible alarm sensors on your windows and doors to alert you if someone tries to break into your home. If you use a professional alarm company, they will likely include these in their security systems. You can also have motion detectors inside specific rooms of your home that will detect movement and sound an alarm. These motion detectors can be programmed to overlook small pets. Install a few panic buttons throughout your home. Panic buttons can also be routed directly to the local fire or police station. They are also helpful for people who have a medical condition.

Home security involves using a number of methods to improve your safety at home. These methods combine and create a number of layers of protection. You need to make your home as difficult to break into as you possibly can. Anything you add to slow down a potential burglar buys you more time. The typical burglar wants to be inside your home no more than five minutes. If it takes a long time to get inside, they may decide to move on to another neighborhood. Home security also involves educating everyone in the home about the dangers of burglary and theft. Make sure every family member knows what to do in case of an emergency. Practice emergency drills on a regular basis to improve emergency response times for everyone. Contact us today to find out how to purchase one of the popular security systems for this year.