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CCTV Accessories and Cables

CCTV Accessories and Cables
Security Camera King is the internets source for CCTV hardware, including security cameras, recorders as well as CCTV Accessories, and Cables!

Why should you take our word for it? With over a decade in the CCTV industry, that’s closed circuit television, we have the knowledge and experience in an array of security hardware products and services to provide you, the consumer, with the most cutting-edge security hardware and technologies! In addition, to makeing sure we always have the most advanced hardware for sale a the best prices, we also make sure to explore and utilize our own products with a team of tech support agents ready and willing to assist you with your purchase. We also use this knowledge to make guides and tutorials provided via youtube so you can watch hands-on setups with guided voiceovers and detailed process guides!

The primary equipment we carry is CCTV systems, composed of security cameras and recorders. there are two primary types of CCTV systems out there. The first is called HD over COAX. Utilizing COAX cable (more on that later), HD over Coax Cameras connect to a central recording station called a DVR or Digital Video Recorder. The other type of CCTV system we carry is IP-based CCTV. This utilizes the network, or IP cameras (IP from IP address, at networking term) which connect to a central recording station called an NVR or Network Video Recorder.

Both types of camera systems utilize various CCTV Accessories and Cables in order to make these connections possible.  While having the CCTV hardware is extremely important, none of it works without the proper CCTV Accessories and cables. Don’t worry though as security camera king is the best CCTV retailer in the USA!!! We have you covered when it comes to the accessories and cables that you need in order to get your CCTV hardware connected properly and working up to par! There’s no other retailer besides security camera king that can provide yoou with both the best technology on the market snd the best tools and know-how to use it!

So what types of CCTV Accessories and Cables does security camera King have to offer? Let’s check it out!

NVR and IP CCTV Accessories and Cables:

When you look at NVRs you might notice that some of them have built-in POE. POE is power over ethernet and it provides IP cameras a way to get their data to move over a network and to their NVR by way of this ethernet cable. Not only that but over the same ethernet cable you are also providing power to your IP cameras hence the term power over ethernet. Well, some NVRs have built-in power over ethernet ports, they have a number of ports usually equal to the maximum number of channels the recorder provides Though there are some exceptions to this rule. For instance, we carry a 32-channel recorder that has 16 onboard POE ports.

However, most larger channel recorders, 16, 32, and 64 channel units, won’t come with onboard POE. More channels results often in the need for traffic management, which is something that an onboard POE NVR’s internal router simply can’t do all that well past so many channels. With this in mind, you’ll want to use a router to provide network traffic management and an IP address scheme to the recorder’s ethernet port as well as any cameras that exist on the network. A router won’t have 16, 24, or 32 PoE ports though so how does one go about getting the PoE ports needed to power and provided a data channel for cameras? For that, you’d need a POE Switch!  For cameras that support extended distances using our amazing ePoE technology, we also carry ePoE Switches too!

Check our selection of POE switches here!

8 Port Poe

8 Port ePoE

16 Port ePoE

24 Port PoE

24 Port Managed ePoE

You’ll need cable to run those cameras. Check our selection of cat5e and cat6 cables (along with other CCTV cables) HERE!

DVR and COAX CCTV Accessories and Cables:

For DVRs and COAX cameras, cabling works differently. You’ll need an RG59 Cable connected to a BNC connector for the video cable on a camera. You’ll also need positive and negative power leads for each camera to connect to a power supply of some kind. Which of course, also means you’ll need a power supply!

Theres are a few ways to go about this. For a more professional setup on a larger install, we recommend a power distribution box. These metal cases come equipped with multi-channel power supplies ranging from 8-32 camera sources. They allow you to run cable from a sigle location to all the cameras for power.

We also carry small multichannel transformers and expanders which will add multi-channel functionality to the transformer. This is only recommended for camera systems with basic cameras, 8 or less.

Power Supplies

CCTV Cables

Other Great CCTV Accessories and Cables:

For on the fly troubleshooting nothing beats our portable COAX and IP cameras tester. Equipped with a screen and all the needed connections for PoE and COAx cameras this device can help troubleshoot issues or set configs on site. This includes testing the cable, the camera, and access to IP camera menus.

CCTV Camera and Cable Tester

When Making Cable you’ll need crimp tools. We have one for both Compression and Crimp BNC, check below!

BNC Compression

BNC Crimp

Thanks for joining us and reading our article showcasing some of our CCTV Accessories and Cables! For any more info or presales questions give us a call today at 561 288 5258! Thanks again and until next time- stay safe!

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