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Why Security Cameras Are the Best Business Investment You’ll Ever Make

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Monday, January 13th, 2014

business surveillance cameras

Starting a business is extremely difficult. You have an idea of a product, service, or delivering both in a new way. You have worked out how to execute the new business to be profitable. Either you or another 3rd party company has done the research to find your niche in the marketplace. Finding the best location for a business is critical in any business open to the public. It needs to be visible on a major road with easy access to get into and out of. Then getting the location renovated and redecorated to the theme of the new business all costs money and lots of it. Don’t forget about permits and licenses to operate, since the government always gets their cut. Now you have tools and inventory to purchase before opening the doors. Finding the right employees and training them takes more time and money. Up to this point you as the owner have a very large investment in your new baby, so can you really afford to take a lock and key approach to protecting your new business? I think not.

As a society we have many methods to protect our businesses. Law enforcement and threat of imprisonment has been the standard forever. As a prevention method they do not do well. In most instances law enforcement springs into action after something has already happened. That is too late for many people. In some cases if no one is there to see the crime committed it is difficult to even get an arrest. Then in many cases a criminal will get off on a technicality. A common technicality would be the accused having a “witness” seeing them elsewhere at the time of the crime. The prosecution can only attack credibility to try to sway opinion of the judge and jury. In a jury trial that has some affect. If the trial is only by judge facts are typically only considered and will be ruled on accordingly. If there is a lack of evidence getting a conviction will be next to impossible. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, a video is worth peace of mind.

Security cameras offer a level of protection that has not been available to the small business. Cameras have come a long way from ten years ago. It used to be the only way you could really identify a person was if you actually knew and saw that person on a regular basis. Now cameras have such a crisp picture that you can run them through facial recognition software and the police can identify the person. Being able to expand on the amount of TV lines in a camera has improved the resolution of the image. Another technology wide dynamic range (WDR) allows the CCTV camera to adjust to light conditions. Thereby allowing more light to enter the iris and delivering a crisper image. Backlight compensation adjusts to light that is behind an object being recorded so the object is illuminated instead of appearing dark. All recording devices are susceptible to interference or noise on the signal. Digital noise reduction (DNR) technology reduces scattered light and electromagnetic interference on the video feed. DNR filters out the external interference from other sources thereby improving overall picture quality. Vary-focal lenses create the zoom feature on cameras. With Vary-focal a camera can be used at greater distances to monitor an area of interest.

CCTV cameras are very good in doing the same thing as an armed guard. When in plain sight people know they are on camera. These people will think twice before acting unethically forcing them to take their criminal intentions elsewhere. The best part about cameras is they don’t need breaks. They do not go home at the end of the day. 24 hours a day they record what is happening. There is no bias in what is recorded ensuring no prejudice one way or the other. Just as guard on duty lets people know we are watching, you will be caught, and you will be turned into law enforcement. Security camera systems put the fear of being caught back in the front of people’s minds. Audio microphones are now available in addition to the cameras provide you the ability to listen in on anything that is happening inside your business. Just like the cameras they can be used almost anywhere. This takes you from the digital age to the age of knowledge.

These new technologies implemented in CCTV cameras give you the owner the ability to seek damages against unscrupulous customers and employees. The better images deliver undisputed proof of malicious actions. This data can be used with local law enforcement as evidence in court to recover losses. As much you want to believe you hired the right people bad apples always slip through, and will cause damage to your company instead of making it better. Solid video images give you the ability to take action for compensation from theft or intentional damage to your property. The audio feed can help add to the proof of intent to damage the company. Whereas before all you could do is question a person as to where or what happened to an item. Now you can say I have you on camera stealing from me. I have you on camera intentionally causing problems in my company. With video evidence the wrongs can be righted, and more importantly leaving no grey area to be questioned. The investigation is simplified to watching a video recording. In a few minutes a determination can be made and you can be confident you made the right choice.

The steps you take to protect your company are as important as the services and products you provide. There are people that have made it their business to steal from others to make money. It is on you to let your customers and employees know that theft and damage to company property will not be tolerated, and has repercussions. CCTV cameras let those individuals know that you are serious in protecting your investment.


Basic Port Forwarding for the DVR & NVR

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Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

security system support groupsToday we will be exploring a simple world of port forwarding. For those of you who like to be hands on and grasp the “What, Why, and How to do” or you simply want to complete this segment of your job or project and Tech Support is unavailable I welcome you to proceed reading. I will begin with, “Make sure you have a PC, DVR/NVR, router and/or modem all [plugged in and ready to go. Also please obtain all passwords to each device (if necessary) to ensure flawless setup as we go from procedure to procedure. Once you have done so please access your START MENU on your PC.

basic port forwarding for nvrs

{Depending on what operating system you have, the above picture may vary.)

Choose the RUN option and then type in the command CMD. Then hit the enter key and you should have a window like the following:

setting up your security system

In this window, type in the command IPCONFIG and hit the enter key, this will pull up your LAN (Local Area Network) IP scheme. The one you will see my network in is a scheme. If yours is different, PLEASE DO NOT DESPAIR**, following along with the same process while subsitutuing my scheme with yours, will provide you with the SAME results. You should have now the following window:

As you see in the picture above my gateway (which is my network scheme). The IP address of the PC I am using is This is the unique IP belonging only to my device (my computer). This is the name, if you will, that the LAN knows my PC as. Every device that is attached to my network is issued its own unique IP address. Now our DVR/NVR and IP Mega Pixel cameras all have a default IP address of On my network is already taken so I will establish the IP of the DVR to I suggest anyhow, to always change the IP address of any our devices to a known open IP on your network. You can see if an IP is open or not by pinging your network. You can check this in Command Prompt by typing in PING (hit the space bar once) and then the desired IP based on your established scheme. It will look like so:

how to manage your security system

(Above you can see this IP address is assigned to another device due to the com packet replies)

(Above you can see the IP address is not in use)

Now that we have established an open IP to assign to the device lets change it. If you right click on the mouse of the DVR, chose the following:

Main Menu -> Settings -> Network. Configure your network to the chosen IP in the IP address field. Make sure to change the Default Gateway in the respected field as well if your network requires. While we are still in this menu, let’s go ahead and assign our desired ports for the HTTP and TCP. I for instance will change the HTTP to 88 and keep the TCP port as it defaults of 37777. I now will save my configuration. (If the DVR prompts you that it wants to reboot, this is fine and a necessary function. Just hit okay.) Now let’s move onto creating PORT FOWARDING rules on our network. Normally you can just open up any browser and type in the DEFAULT GATEWAY of your IP scheme. Please refer to the picture below:

how to set up port forwarding for NVRs


port forwarding set up for security systems


I will now access my router by putting in the password. Once Inside I can now create port forwarding rules for my device. Based on your router and/or modem the following pictures will not look the same. The current router I am using is a Linksys 1750AC.

(Main Menu once you log into the Linksys 1750AC)
single port forwarding for security cameras

I will now go to the Security tab at the bottom left hand corner, then choose the APPS & GAMING tab, and then SINGLE PORT FORWARDING.

double port forwarding for security systemsecurity system set up

As you can see in the above I have created (3) different port forwarding rules for the IP address which is my DVR. You WILL have to only create two, the HTTP PORT & TCP PORT. Once completed be sure to save the configuration and now let’s check to see if our external is now connected to our internal with this two ports. We are going to proceed use a website known as:

security system port forwarding support

Once on this page proceed to enter in the HTTP & TCP ports you assigned to your device and opened on your LAN in the box like so:

security camera help forum

I hope you got the same results as I did! If all was successful you ports should have shown a SUCCESS: I can see your service on (your external IP here) on port (your desired port you choose). If not, again do not despair***, please try following the same process over or contact us for your free technical support on OUR products. Please see the below for the DVR view on a browser:

best security camera system support

best security system help


What To Consider When Purchasing A Security System

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Friday, April 26th, 2013

What To Consider When Purchasing A Security System Purchasing a new security system can be confusing. That’s because there are so many systems on the market that it is hard to decide which one you need. The first step is to determine what you want to accomplish in your security plan. Do you want to protect just the inside of your home or do you want to include the outside? This will help you determine how large of a security system you need. Choose a complete security system that includes everything you need to install the system. You have to figure out what type of security camera you want.

There are a variety of security cameras available. You can choose wired or wireless camera systems. The wireless camera systems are the easiest to install. Determine where you will place your cameras in your home. You will want to install enough cameras to cover the inside of your home. If you have decided to add cameras to the outdoor areas of your home, then you will need a different type of camera. Outdoor cameras are built to withstand extreme weather conditions whether it is rain, wind or hail. Once you have all of your cameras mounted, you will need to test your video quality.

The quality of the camera you buy will also affect the images. The higher the costs of the security system, the clearer the images. Consider buying other security equipment to work with your cameras such as window and door sensors. These sensors will trip an alarm if someone tries to enter your home through these areas. You can also buy security devices that will turn on and off your lights, television and other electronics. This is helpful to use when you are away from home for an extended amount of time. Security systems work together to keep your home safe from intruders. Security cameras are available with audible sounds that can be recorded.

Determine if you need that kind of camera. If not, then test your security equipment and make sure everything works properly. The door and window sensors are easy to install. The next decision you need to make is whether or not you want a professional company to monitor your system. You probably will not be able to watch the video feed from your home while you are at work. You can find a security company that will monitor your home for a small monthly fee. These companies will send you a text or give you a call if the alarm is tripped.

You have to give the alarm company a secret code that you set up in the beginning. If you don’t give them the proper code, then they will call the local law enforcement office. Make sure you don’t have too many false alarms. Many counties and cities across the nation charge a fee for false alarms. It is frustrating for law enforcement officers to respond to a false alarm when there may be someone else in need of their services. To find an alarm company in your area, you can search online. Enter the name of the company in your search engine to check for complaints against the company. You don’t want to sign a long contract with an alarm company who provides poor customer service.

Take advantage of seasonal sales and promotions. Most alarm companies have times of the year when they discount their services. These promotions can include free installation and free monitoring for the first month. That’s not always the case, but if you spend the time researching the alarm companies, you may be surprised at how much money you can save. Make sure you think of a password or code that is not easily guessed. An intruder could potentially guess your code and disarm your security system. The keypad and the code you provide the security company should be different. If you have any questions about operating your security system, you can call the customer service number. If you plan on monitoring your system on your own, then leave your phone number with a trusted neighbor. Most home alarms are loud and it is likely that your neighbors will hear it. You will want them to call you if they see anything suspicious or the alarm goes off.

Home intrusion is a common event that happens every day around the country. If you plan for the worst and hope for the best, then you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of theft. Make sure you have home insurance and consider video taping your belongings. Most home insurance companies will give you a discount for having an alarm system. Technology advances has improved security cameras and their accessories. They also are not as expensive as they once were. Take advantage of their low prices and buy a security system that will put your mind at ease. If you have a smartphone, there are security companies who have apps that allow you to lock and unlock your doors. You can also arm and disarm your security system from any remote location using your smartphone. This is a convenient way to check on school children, babysitters or even pets. You must sign up with the alarm company that offers the apps. Check in your local area to see if any of the companies offer this new technology.

There are other areas of your home where you may be vulnerable to intrusion. Check your garage doors and the door that leads into your home. These areas must be secure or an intruder can easily enter your home. Even if you have the alarm set, they can be in and out very quickly. Families who run busy households often think they don’t have time to set their alarms. Teach everyone in the household the importance of home security. If everyone understands the fact that thefts do occur in your neighborhood, then they are more likely to cooperate. No family member wants to lose their prized electronics, jewelry or other items of value. Most burglars want items in your home that are easy for them to sell. These items include electronics, jewelry and sports equipment. Make it difficult for someone to break in and also make it difficult for them to sell your items. You should have your electronics engraved with a number that is unique to your home.

This can help prevent a thief from selling your items to the local pawn shop. Thieves also want items that can’t be traced. Consider putting your driver’s license number on these items. At least that way, the police may be able to return your items to you. The common thief also just wants to get inside as quick as possible. If you make it hard to break your doors down, then you may succeed in deterring a criminal from breaking into your home. Install the best locks you can afford on all your doors. The doors should be made of the highest quality materials. Hard woods and steel doors make it more difficult to kick down a door. Consider hiring a locksmith to install deadbolt locks on your entry doors. Deadbolt locks only work if they are installed correctly. A locksmith will know how to install a deadbolt to prevent theft.

Develop your home security plan around your family’s schedule. Your home alarm system should be turned on even when everyone is at home. Many people don’t arm their system when they are at home. This could be a mistake if you find yourself confronting a stranger. Check the windows in your home to be sure they are locked at all times. Locking the doors in your home should be done automatically when you unlock them. You and your family can learn more security tips from your local police department. Most city police departments have a crime prevention department. This department is responsible for developing community programs that improve safety. You can research the police website to learn more. Community involvement goes a long way in crime prevention. Find out if you have a neighborhood watch program in your area.

These programs improve neighborhood safety by making people aware of their surroundings. If you or your neighbors see suspicious people or vehicles in the neighborhood, you are encouraged to call the police department. Suspicious person calls are a great way to deter crime. Once you have lived in a neighborhood for a short period of time, you get used to seeing the same vehicles and people. Don’t hesitate to call the police when something doesn’t look right. Many burglars drive into neighborhoods just to study homes they want to break into. When everyone in the community joins together, you can make a big difference in neighborhood safety. Look at your home the way an intruder looks at your home. Do you see any areas that look like it would be easy to break into? You can also hire a security auditor to find areas where your security needs to be improved. Some city police departments offer this service. Find out about all the safety programs your city offers.

Take a look at where you store your valuables inside your home. Are they clearly visible to anyone who walks into the room? All valuables should be locked in a safe, jewelry box or stored in a safety deposit box at the bank. Don’t leave large amounts of cash in your bedroom drawers. This is the first place an intruder will look. They often go straight to the master bedroom. They know this is the place where people store the things they are looking for. Wall safes that can be hidden are a great place to store your valuables. Make sure your safe is fireproof and insure the contents. These safes are easily hidden behind picture frames, furniture or shelving. You can buy elaborate safes but all you need is a fireproof safe that is hidden. You can go online and look at security retail stores to find the latest security devices. The industry is constantly adding new devices and merchandise that deters theft.

When social media first became popular a few years ago, many people didn’t think twice about posting their vacation photos while they were gone. However, some people have learned that social media sites can make you a target while you are on vacation. Wait until you get home to post those vacation photos. The same goes for who you tell that you are going away. Tell only your close friends and relatives about your vacation plans. It is surprising how often a thief who has been caught reveals that they knew someone would be gone through a friend of a friend. Many people are a victim of theft when they leave their home for extended periods of time. Thieves often reveal that they watch a home for days before they make their move. This is also where a neighborhood crime watch program is helpful. Timers that can be purchased at your local hardware store will allow you to program when they go on and off.

They can give the illusion of someone being at home. You can also leave a key with a trusted neighbor. Ask them to check on your home while you are gone. If you have pets that need to be cared for, then this is a good way to make your home look lived in. Thieves do not want to confront a dog when they enter your residence. Even small dogs cause too much noise for thieves. They want to enter and leave your home as quietly as possible. A loud, barking dog will make a thief think twice about breaking into your home. If you don’t own a dog, you can buy devices that sound like a barking dog. Offer to watch your neighbor’s home when they go on vacation and they can watch yours. Reporting suspicious neighborhood activity will go a long way in preventing burglaries. Report anyone that makes you feel nervous.


Study – Security Systems Proven to Decrease Crime Rates

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Friday, April 26th, 2013

Positive Effects of Security CameraStudy - Security Systems Proven to Decrease Crime Ratess Relating to Criminal Activity

Many experts believe that security cameras help to discourage crime where the offender decides to take advantage of a particular situation on a whim. This particular method for deterring crime is based upon the rational theory and speculation that people are more than likely going to commit a crime if they believe they are not going to be caught in the act. When you employ a security system around your property, you will have the confidence that the criminal will be rattled at the potential thought of being caught in the act. Since they are unsure whether the cameras are on and monitoring them, they will think twice before breaking into your property and stealing from you. The last thing they want is to be arrested and spend time behind bars for their activities. Thanks to the security camera being in place, the criminal will often walk away from your property and seek out another property that is not as protected.

CCTV systems help to reduce the likelihood of a crime being committed. It helps to thwart the criminal by increasing the chance that they are going to be caught in the act. People who are not thinking about criminal activity will tend to stay in an area with ample security in place. They want to help minimize the chance of their property being broken into or vandalized. The peace of mind that comes with these protected environments is something that you simply cannot put a price on. Properly applying a security system helps to deter any criminals and reduce the rate of crime in the area.

You can help to save yourself a significant amount of time and energy during the investigation and prosecution process. Using the footage from your security system allows the law enforcement officials to do their job quickly and easily. Quality videos help to identify the suspect and provide authorities with the evidence they need to locate the person responsible for the crime. Law enforcement officials say that CCTV footage is as meaningful as the changes that erupted with the DNA technology because it is able to catch the suspect and provide them with the evidence they need in the case.

Using a CCTV system throughout the courtrooms have proven to be effective in clearing someone who was wrongly accused of committing a crime. Security footage is changing the manner in which people are convicted of crimes when presented in the courtroom. Once someone is aware of the fact that they have been caught committing the offense on camera, they will normally enter into a plea agreement and confess to the act. When you have quality security footage in place, you will be able to see the crime take place from the beginning to the end. This is great for being able to illustrate the exact nature of the crime. Video evidence is a great way to demonstrate just how severe the crime really was. It could provide the jury with the evidence they need to see how brutal the crime was that occurred, which can play a big role in the sentence the individual receives.

If people see a security camera installed around the property, they tend to act better than they would otherwise. They know that everything they do is being recorded on tape, which means that they are going to have to be the one to answer for their actions. If the individual ends up committing the crime in front of the security camera, it will be relatively simple to bring them to justice. Direct video footage of the crime being committed in the act is one of the best methods for ensuring the individual pays for their actions. Video footage is often better than that of an eyewitness because there is no discrepancy in what transpired at the scene of the crime. Cameras record exactly what it is that happened. You won’t have to worry about any bias transpiring. There really is no better evidence than that of the security camera. They have the potential to transform the manner in which society behaves and ensure more people are paying attention to the law.

Benefits of a Security Camera

Choosing the perfect security camera for your home is a vital decision. The peace of mind that accompanies having a security system in place is something that you simply cannot put a price on for your family. Crime rates show that homes with a security system in place are far less likely to become the victim of a burglary. They offer an amazing deterrent against any criminal activity. As you consider what type of security system to purchase, don’t discount how important a quality surveillance system is for your property.

When you have a security system in place, it helps to ward off any potential intruders from entering into your home. If someone does end up breaking into your home and triggers the alarm, there is the chance that they will be able to escape before the law enforcement officials arrive. For those who have a security system installed in their homes, the intruder will be caught on tape. This tape can then be turned over to law enforcement to aid in the prosecution of the individual who committed the crime.

Another great benefit to security systems is that you will be able to watch what is going on outside of your property without ever having to step outside and into harm’s way. If you notice a disturbance outside, you will be able to use your security camera to see who is involved and exactly what is transpiring.

One of the factors to consider when shopping for a security camera is that of the frame rate for recording purposes. You need the frame rate to be able to keep up with what it is that you plan on recording. If you are planning to survey an area that has a lot of fast movement, you will want a camera that can handle an advanced frame rate. For those who end up purchasing a system with a slower rate of recording, you will get video that is choppy and the pictures will take longer to be delivered. If you want images that are smooth and clear, you will want to invest your money in a camera that can provide you with a full range of motion functions. Even though the end choice is yours, you will want to choose something that is going to meet your needs in security systems.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Security Cameras

In today’s world, crime rates are on the rise at such a pace that people are worried about how to keep their homes safe. CCTV systems allow you to monitor your home without having to be in the direct vicinity to see what is happening. A security camera can record everything that occurs in the area and store it onto the DVR. The DVR has its own hard drive like that of a computer, so you will be able to access the surveillance footage at any time. You have the option of accessing your footage through the Internet or on your mobile phone. Commercial buildings and stores are installing the latest in security cameras to help protect their belongings. They want to be able to monitor everything that happens when they are away and monitor their employees. These items are essential to those who are on the road travelling for work.

If you are away from the business, you will be able to monitor everything at the touch of a button. All it takes is a moment of your time to monitor your business, children and home while you are away. Accessing footage from an Internet device has never been as easy as it is today. Due to all of these security cameras, people are able to have the peace of mind they need in knowing that their belongings are being monitored around the clock in their absence.

As you prepare to purchase your security camera, you will want to make sure that it can handle your request with ease. You don’t have to opt for one of the most lavish models on the market, but you do want something that can do the job correctly. There are countless camera options online, so take the time to browse through all of the different features and see what they have for you. Since new models are always entering into the marketplace, you will be able to find an accurate description on what it is that the system has to offer you. Make sure that you choose something that you feel comfortable installing or have a professional ready to tackle the project for you. Ensure the camera has ample video quality to handle what it is that you desire.

Security systems play a vital role in the prevention of crime around you. Since the number of people who are unemployed continues to rise, more and more crime is taking place on a regular basis. Installing a security camera around your property will help to provide you with the level of protection you desire. Not only will your family be protected, but also so will all of your assets. Security systems serve the role of deterring any criminal activity from transpiring.

For some homeowners, they fail to understand the importance of protecting everything that they have worked so hard for over the years. They assume that nothing will ever happen to them, but there is no way to guarantee that. Even though you want to trust that everything is going to be okay, the best thing you can do is to take the proper measures to ensure you are not leaving anything to chance. If you leave yourself open to an attack, you never know how much or when criminal activity will occur. Thousands of homeowners are taken advantage of on a regular basis. Don’t let yourself be one of those individuals who have everything they worked hard for taken from them.

Ensure you are safe and secure inside of your home with a traditional security system in place. Statistics show just how much of a difference it can make in the safety of your home with a security system installed. Criminals want to be able to take the goods and run with them. They don’t want to be caught in the act with a security system to identify them. When you have one of these units installed at your home or business, it will make them think twice about stealing from you in the first place. They tend to move on to targets that are not protected to get their loot and leave the home or business without being detected in the first place.

If everyone took the time to get a security system installed around their home or business, criminals would not be left with anywhere to rob. They would be forced to hit the workplace and earn a living like everyone else in the country. If they did decide to steal from someone, the whole crime would be caught on tape. These individuals would be left facing the consequences of their actions for years to come. The more they try to partake in activities that are inappropriate, the more they are going to have to face the consequences of their actions. In the end, they are going to be stuck sitting behind bars for an extremely long time. Prevent the potential of your home or business becoming a victim and do everything you need to in order to ensure your belongings and loved ones are free from harm and destruction. In the end, you will be able to have the peace of mind you desire for your home and business. Nothing can replace the relief and satisfaction in knowing that you and all of your belongings are protected around the clock.


Best Security Cameras Available Online

Friday, August 31st, 2012

When searching for security cameras to implement into your CCTV surveillance system, the Internet is usually the best place to browse. Competition between online outlets flourishes as customers can compare prices within seconds, ensuring exclusively low prices for nearly any and all products. Security cameras and accessories are no exception and auction-style websites, like eBay and iOffer, continue to offer new and used surveillance equipment at what are usually the lowest possible online prices.

Though auction sites list very inexpensive security cameras and accessories, online classifieds often offer products that cost even less. Websites like Craigslist allow direct communication between buyer and seller, but most items are exclusively local and must be picked up in person rather than shipped. A brief browse through your local classifieds is always worth the time; you never know what may be for sale nearby.

A simple search query on a sales website will likely result in an unmanageable amount of results, so you must have somewhat of an idea regarding which cameras or systems you are interested in before browsing selections. You must consider wireless capabilities, portability, and recording mediums, among other things. The following is a list of the top-rated security cameras available online.



This is a business and home security camera that has many desirable features for its incredibly low price. For only $130, you get the following in a camera:

  • Sony image sensor that allows for 500 lines of viewing resolution
  • Weatherproof material able to endure outdoor surveillance
  • 30 LEDs allow for infrared observation in the dark up to 80 feet away when in night mode
  • Pre-focused 3.6mm lens that provides a complete field of view of 90 degrees
  • Different modes for observation during the day and night
  • Bracket mount with three axes, allowing great flexibility
  • Mount allows for the feeding through of cables, making for a sleeker design safe from vandalism
  • Included power supply
  • Available in both silver and black


Being of the same brand and style as the BIPRO-9004, this camera has a comparable design but with many improvements and more features. At $200 this camera is very capable while remaining affordable. The features of this product include:

  • 36 LEDs that allow infrared nighttime vision up to 100 feet away
  • IR specification
  • Sony image processing that allows for 700 lines of resolution
  • Weatherproof material able to endure outdoor surveillance
  • Sun shield that eliminates irritating glare
  • Capable 3.6mm lens with 20 feet of viewing field
  • Included mount
  • Mounting bracket conceals power and video cables
  • Tri-axis bracket
  • Silver color

BIPRO-540LS Outdoor IR

This camera is very similar to the 540L4 IR, even boasting the same sale price. There are, however, several important differences between the two that make them more compatible for different purposes. This camera features the following:

  • 36 LEDs that allow infrared nighttime vision up to 100 feet away
  • IR specification
  • Sony image sensor that allows for 600 lines of resolution
  • Weatherproof material able to endure outdoor surveillance
  • Sun shield that eliminates irritating glare and protects the lens from UV damage
  • 6mm lens provides a closer image
  • Mounting bracket conceals power and video cables
  • Silver color


A significant upgrade when compared to the other BIPRO models listed, this camera has similar features but is also considerably more capable. For $300 you get the following:

  • High resolution viewing of 600 color lines or 700 black and white lines
  • 1/3″ Sony image sensor
  • Variable lens that can be adjusted between 2.8mm and 12mm
  • Weatherproof material able to endure outdoor surveillance
  • IR LED can be adjusted to provide either a narrow or wide infrared beam
  • Automatic switching between day and night modes
  • On-screen display on the underside of camera
  • Digital noise reduction system
  • Multiple power supplies


The most expensive surveillance camera on this list at $370, the S700VF50 is most similar to the S600VF12 but remains a considerable upgrade. It is a great night vision camera with a very sensitive image sensor. The following features come standard:

  • Sony high-sensitivity image sensor
  • IP66 outdoor rating
  • Variable lens that can be adjusted between 6mm and 50mm
  • 580 lines of color and 700 of black and white
  • 40 LEDs, providing up to 250 feet of illumination in the dark
  • Digital noise reduction system
  • Multple power sources
  • Silver color


The AS700 is a dome camera that fits both outdoor and indoor situations. At $290, this is a moderately priced and versatile camera that can be used for an array of applications. Included on this camera as standard are the following:

  • IP67 weatherproof rating
  • 24 infrared LEDs, allowing 90 feet of illumination in the dark
  • 600 lines of color resolution and 700 of black and white
  • Variable lens that can be adjusted between 2.8mm and 12mm
  • Vandal-repellent plastic dome
  • Can be mounted on a wall or ceiling
  • On-screen display

It may seem odd that most of these listed cameras are of the same brand, but BIPRO surveillance systems mostly dominate the entry level field because of their low prices, high build quality, and many standard features. Brand loyalists can perform custom searches to find the right camera of the desired name, and can also find products on the given company’s online store. This is a convenient, albeit usually more expensive, method of purchasing surveillance equipment.

There are many other types of cameras not listed that are worth researching. DPRO and PRO products are of the utmost quality but are usually slightly more expensive. There also is an array of security cameras made by popular manufacturers. These are decent cameras with comparable features but are almost always significantly more expensive, especially when purchased new from the manufacturer. All cameras listed above are also of the same mounting style and do not include any dome or box-style cameras.

Dome cameras are most often implemented by stores and businesses for indoor surveillance and are therefore much less expensive, not requiring weatherproofing or infrared abilities. Most people do not buy this type of camera, but those who own stores and other buildings must be made aware that they exist.

Choosing a camera

As you can see there are many features on security cameras that might prove more or less useful depending upon the situation. Before purchasing a surveillance system you must consider the conditions to which the camera will be subject to. Glance around the area in which you plan to implement a camera and consider what requirements must be met.

Outdoor cameras, for example, will probably be subject to the elements. A sun shield is necessary for outdoor applications as UV rays from the sun can damage the lens of a camera over time. Weatherproof material, which repels moisture and debris, is also an important feature for outdoor cameras. Surveillance cameras, if equipped, carry a weatherproof rating that assists in determining the amount of protection needed against the elements.

You also should take into consideration how much light will be present during observation. A majority of cameras must be able to see in the dark, requiring infrared (or IR) capabilities. The greater the amount of infrared LEDs in a camera the farther it will be able to see into the dark, which is among the most expensive options. If you don’t need a camera with IR capabilities you should definitely purchase one without, as this will be far less expensive.

Another important item to take into consideration is the value of what is being protected by the surveillance system. One should never purchase a security camera that costs more than what is being protected. Home security is by far the most common reason security cameras are implemented, for which you should splurge as much as you see fit. The safety of a home and its inhabitants is priceless, thus you should implement enough security measures to ensure no harm ever comes to your most valuable possession.

Many types of cameras, including the ones listed above, also feature mounts that allow cables to be fed through them, protecting them from vandalism. Many thieves attempt to disable security cameras by cutting the video and power cables if they are exposed. Feeding these cables through the bracket mount allows secrecy and protection as trespassers will have no way of going unseen. Many cameras also feature heavy-duty external shells that protect against vandalism while still allowing complete observation of the surrounding environment.

Regardless of which security cameras you choose to implement, you must ensure that they will adequately fulfill the requirements of your situation. Research any and all camera models you find of interest to determine which ones will best suit your needs. Customer reviews are the most useful resource you can use, as they illuminate the true nature of a camera based upon firsthand knowledge and experience.